Judge Dredd: SUPERFIEND - Teaser & Poster

Animated Judge Dredd needs Animated Toys / Action Figures - 'Nuff Said!

From producer Adi Shankar (Dredd 3D) comes a web-series featuring Judge Dredd, Judge Death and the denizens of Mega-City One (I so assume) titled; "SUPERFIEND". And in short succession, a poster (above), a teaser trailer (up top) and scenes from the animated series have been released!
io9.com reports; "The full trailer will be released on Oct. 23rd and the actual miniseries will be released shortly after on Oct. 27th."

Still #IWantDredd2 tho … and I remain ever hopeful :)

DC Comics Mystery Minis from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light-bulb? None. They like the dark. DC's most powerful superhero team and mightiest villains have gone miniature! This series features a line of classic DC characters! Each PDQ contains 12 pieces. See below for the character rarity scale."
To be available in January 2015, do check in with your fav retailer(s) for price and availability details!

The Masked Diggler rides again... thanks to Splurrt x Devils Head Productions

"Splurrt and Devils Head Productions are teaming up for what is becoming a Halloween tradition. Here are a couple teaser pics and the header card. More info soon...stay tuned..." -shares Toby Dutkiewicz.

1/6 IRIMI TQ - TKLUB by 3A Toys for Oct 24 Release

Releasing October 24th on Bambalandstore.com is IRIMI TQ in two versions: the long skirted "Fuyu", or the short skirted "Natsu" - each priced at US$120. Undeniably, 3A still releases the most economically priced 1/6th in the market, IMHO. "Irimi" is the second of four TKCLUB releases towards a "classic TQ 1/6 figure".

coarse x Amanda Visell for Bloom Art Fair Cologne (Oct 24-27)

I can't wait to see the "original" artwork / painting from which these sculpts come from (I am assuming that there IS a painting, much like this burning cottage example), from coarse & Amanda Visell, to be exhibited in the coming Bloom Art Fair Cologne presented by Artscouting Gallery. Wouldn't be surprised if the full reveal happens very soon too! Keep this post bookmarked and check back for updates!

... "proof" that bunnies also like to "blow sh*t up"! LOL

Candie Bolton x Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnies

With the reveal of these sketches, Candie Bolton reveals that she is one of the artists collaborating with Peter Kato on his Bedtime Bunnies resin figures! (The previous series featured Andrea Kang). Totally looks to be an awesome curated series of collabos- Kudos, Peter! And looking forward to where Candie next takes what looks to be an "Alice-in-Wonderland"-themed series!

#MONSTERDUNNY 2014 by ZombieMonkie - Revealed: The Creation (Frankenstein)

Revealed today is result of the mad schemes of "The Doctor": "The Creation" (insert ominous echoooo…).

The latest #MONSTERDUNNY reveal from the even madder (AKA "insane", not "angry" :p) toy-schemes of Mikie Graham AKA ZombieMonkie - both DIY Unpainted Editions (US$15 per) and Painted Versions (US$45 per) will be available for your purchasing considerations via zombiemonkie.storenvy.com. Counting down to the end of the month of October where a Monster Dunny is released a day…

"As an added bonus, for every 3 customs purchased you will receive a free Pumpkin Dunny figure only available through multiple purchases. Buy 3 get 1 free, buy 6 get a 2nd special edition pumpkin, buy 9 total and receive another.... and so on. There are 5 total special edition pumpkin styles to collect. Collect all 15 monster customs to uncover what the Mystery pumpkin design will be!"-shared Mikie Graham.

#INKTOBER2014 Feature: Elvin Ching

WHAT: *#INKTOBER is essentially an art challenge whereby folks draw an ink illustration each day for everyday in the month of October. In this series of blog-features, TOYSREVIL will showcase an artist each day(-ish) and their works for Inktober 2014 - Along with a lil' Q&A, of course!*

WHO: Elvin Ching
WHAT: Illustrator / Storyboard Artist / Concept Artist
WHERE: elvinching.tumblr.com
SELECT STYLE for INKTOBER: "Markers and Fountain Pens. Clean shapes and fine lines mostly."

TOYSREVIL: Why did you start Inktober for 2014? Did you do the previous years?
ELVIN CHING: This is my first Inktober. I’ve heard about it before but never had time to participate either because I was too busy or I didn’t have enough motivation. It takes discipline haha! Anyway, I really wasn’t aware this year until a friend’s post reminded me. I just decided at that point that I was going to do it because it’s a fantastic self-discipline exercise for an artist.

TOYSREVIL: Is there any specific "theme" you are going for, for this year's Inktober?
ELVIN CHING: Just whatever that feels me. Mostly mainstream comic book superheroes, but I like to throw in a few odds and ends like a personal portrait or an 80s cartoon character from my childhood.

TOYSREVIL: What are you hoping to achieve with executing this project? Do you intend to finish it?
ELVIN CHING: I started out just wanting the achievement of finishing it. But after I really got into it, I’m challenging myself to really improve with each drawing instead of just doing casual sketches. It’s been so addictive that I find myself anxious and a tad depressed when I can’t do my daily inktober. (I spend the following few days catching up by doing extra inktobers if that happens). That in itself makes me happy - that I’m now officially an inktober junkie haha. And yes, one way or another, I’m going to complete 31 drawings.

TOYSREVIL: Check out MORE Inktober works on Elvin's dedicated Facebook album here, where it'll be updated as the days of the month go along … And thanks for the recommendation, Jerry!

"Star Skull" by Ron English x POPaganda on Kickstarter

Ron English's Star Skull is on Kickstarter - with the aim to reproduce his Star Skull design as a three-dimensional 7" tall vinyl sculpture - available in a variety of limited edition colorways, including the exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark as well as Glitter colorways, both limited to a maximum of 120 pieces worldwide. I never truly thought I'd ever see Ron English on Kickstarter tho … a "sign of the times", I suppose…

Reveal of The Great Picklebaby by Leecifer (Oct 24 Drop)

Teased yesterday and revealed in full today is Leecifer's The GREAT PICKLEBABY! Scheduled for an October 24th drop via houseofleecifer.bigcartel.com (currently down for maintenance), price per black and orange marbled vinyl piece is US$60 (plus tax and shipping). Leecifer also warns; "Limited qty released over a few days off and on until Halloween" = So stay sharp, Picklebaby-loving People!

"Can't lose / Can't gain" Paintings of Animals with chainsaws for limbs by Eric Pause

Releasing October 23rd via pausedesigns.com is a new series of canvases by Eric Pause, titled "Can't lose / Can't gain".
"...it's a continuation on the Chainsaw Panda character, consisting of 10 paintings. Which are all vinyl acrylic on various sized canvas." -adds Eric.
You can check out the full array of images here on my Facebook album. Now someone needs to help Eric make these into miniature gashapon-styled figures ala "green army men" ala "Green Green Army"!


Baby Bark Pre-Orders from UME Toys

UMETOYS PRESS: "Baby Bark pre-order. Due to the huge interest for this little chap I am pleased to offer another 20 Baby Barks - these will be created once the pre-order finishes. This collectable resin will be signed and numbered on the base as a sequential ongoing release. If you fancy adding him to your collection head on over to umetoys.bigcartel.com"

"Marilla Blue and Orange" by Mari Inukai @ Giant Robot 2 (Oct 25-Nov 12)

Giant Robot is proud to present Marilla Blue and Orange, an exhibition of art by Mari Inukai. Opening Reception with the Artist is on Saturday, October 25 (6:30-10:00 PM) @ Giant Robot 2 (GR2) at 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90025 - with the exhibition happening thru to November 12th, 2014

Check out artwork previews on Facebook and Flickr. Her fascination with head-wear, is always fascinating to me :)

EVENT PRESS: "The Marilla Blue and Orange exhibition melds two worlds of Mari Inukai. Her expressionistic portraiture is now blurring and stepping into her other world, the imaginary. Her fictional characters, a team of illustrative creatures, which are part of her canon, appear as headdresses for her portraiture subjects. Facial expressions continue to appear pensive, yet inviting us to wonder. Inukai's pencil drawings continue in the same direction."

Misfortune Cat 8-inch: Black and Blue Retailer Edition & GID Chase

The Retailer Edition 8-inch Misfortune Cat: Black and Blue from FERG x Playge is currently available for preorder on myplasticheart (for a November ship-out) with a 1 in 8 chance to get a GID Blue Cat (seen above-right). Price per Vinyl & ABS kitty with a death wish is US$84.99.

Designer Con #DCON2014 Exclusives Round-up (Vol.1)


- A teaser for "Grumbus" by Scott Tolleson
- Blue Snagglepuss by Junk Fed (detailed pics here) available via DKE Toys at US$55 - in an edition of 20 hand cast & painted 3 3/4" resin figure on card.
- "Big Red" Edition MODERN HERO from MAD is limited to 200pcs and will be available at Booth #604
- Custom Dunny series. 'Blue Guardians'from Kool51Designs to be available at the Urban Vinyl Daily booth #921 for $50.

WHAT: DesignerCon 2014 happens between November 8th to 9th @ Pasadena Convention Center (Exhibit Hall A & B), on 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101 (www.designercon.com)

Kyle Kirwans NYCC leftovers online now

Kyle Kirwan has listed his NYCC exclusives online via www.kylewkirwan.storenvy.com, adding; "I just wanted to let everyone know that I've got leftovers for anyone who missed NYCC or just didn't get a chance to stop by my booth. Everything is up on my storenvy..."

"Gloomy Gummy Keiko - You're Expired" edition from Fools Paradise On Pre-order Now

The "Gloomy Gummy Keiko - You're Expired" edition is priced at US$239 (Including Global EMS Shipping) and limited to 100pcs worldwide, with 50pcs available via Fools Paradise currently available for pre-orders (with a scheduled November 2014 ship-out).

Standing 15cm tall (Transparent bear outer case) / 14.5cm height (Sitting pose Keiko), the outer casing is transparent PVC, while the internal figure is painted handcrafted resin.

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