The Reveal of Lime BLK APO Frog from Twelvedot

Korean's Twelvedot reveals a new APO Frog colorway (and there's more to come too), and LIME BLK is getting me all excited! Seen here facing off the Pepto BLK colorway (Black + Pink) - who was last on sale at STGCC2014, look fr them both at the coming Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014)! Check out the Twelvedot Facebook page for further availability details … meanwhile there be Frogs chillin' in the TOYSREVIL-crib :)

RE-MOLED Custom Toy Show @ Loading Bar (Dec 6)

Kerry Dyer send sword that she is organizing a custom toy show for the beginning of December called RE-MOLED, and will be a collection of customs and 2D prints/paintings based the Mole XL resin toys she had earlier released at ToyConUK this year.

It will be at Loading Bar (a video game bar in London) on the 6th of December 2014, and features artists such as; A Little Stranger, Dr Barbados, Zukaty Toyz, ibreaktoys, David Stevenson, Ume Toys,Kerry Dyer, DMS, Okkle, FarkFk, Lunartik, Mr Lister, Zombiekel, Pocket Wookie, Uncle Absinthe, Sneaky Raccoon, Zro Toys, RunDMB, Robotic Industries, Mark Treharne, Mike Strick, Jenn & Tony Bot, Hoakser, Emily Bee,Triclops, Luke Hyde,Dani Abram, Ian Mathews, Flatties,Lex Luthor, STAE, Map Map,Mimic, Jam Factory, Nicola Welbourne, iNKBOTz, Sam Horton, Octopus Jam, Bianca Ansems, Oduarpa, Nicola Robertson, Lize Meddings, Leemo626, A4man, a secret club.

Note that all ll remaining customs will go for sale online the day after the show 7th Dec 10am GMT at www.kerrydyer.bigcartel.com.

New Customs from Kasey Tararuj AKA One-Eyed Girl

Kasey Tararuj shares with us 5 new pieces done for Clutter Gallery's "Color Theory" show which opened Sept 13th, all of whom are available for purchase here.
"Dorkosaurus "Dorko" Rex and Neandersloth are my prehistoric pet and owner. Dorko is a custom Raaar and Neandersloth is made from some random micro munnyworld figure. I'm obsessed with dinosaurs so I'm really excited about them, especially Dorko's dumb looking smile.

Porcey the Horsie is a Custom Tokidoki Unicorno. I've been itching to make a carousel horse for years so i'm stoked to have finally done so.

Bizmo and Buddy are a Custom 7" and Micro Munny. A personal favorite. Camo Cameron is a 4" Custom Foomi, my silly little chameleon. Neddy Needlenose is a 4" Custom Rooz, my cute little chubby hummingbird."

Print Review: Gotham Royal Flush prints from Noval N. Hernawan

I've had the honor and privilege to own one of the last Gotham Royal Flush print sets from Noval N. Hernawan released at STGCC2014, and it is without hype I exclaim the lushness of the set! From the print quality and matt surface laminate/finish on these thick cards, to the simple artist "branding" (at back of the card/print) is quite simply; "class". letting his art and the DC Comic characters speak for themselves.

FYI: Gotham Royal Flush print sets has since Sold Out :)

Noval will be in Jakarta the next few days for Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 9-12) -specifically on Friday and Saturday only at the IUSCC booth - where he'll have his comicbook illustration prints, "HATCH" printed sketchbooks and other splendidness I have come to truly like and collect, IMHO. Drop by, grab some goodies and commission some sketches, and tell him TOYSREVIL sent ya!

David The Killer @ Popcon Asia 2014

David The Killer is likened to an "assassin specializing in networks", because without much warning, he is EVERYWHERE in Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 9-12)! From collabos with Jouwe, a collabo-robo with @thespacewanderer_, to plush with Castella Natalia, he will have (1) A Dunny The Killer resin collabo with Toy Kultur, and (2) multiple stickers … the question now is, "WHERE" to find his goodies at Popcon???

The Space Wanderer @ Popcon Asia 2014

Eric Wirjanata is a music enthusiast, a visual artist, a toy maker & collector, and most recently even a coffee beans dealer … and what he is also is, is a "wanderer", and as a Space Wanderer he will be setting up shop at the weekend's Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 9-12), specifically via booth AAH.06, where he might present WILSON, his latest paper robot, and other collabo-tributes to fellow Indonesia characters (check out OG images o IG @thespacewanderer_)

Castella Natalia for Popcon Asia 2014

Indonesian Artist Doll Maker Castella Natalia setting up show at Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 9-12) right now at her booth AAH.9! Be n the lookout for her plush-cushion creations, including collaborations with @davidthekiller and @thespacewanderer_, and some "famous characters" that might pop up :)

Marine Ramdhani's Jouwe capsule collection for Popcon Asia 2014

Presenting Marine Ramdhani's Jouwe capsule collection for Popcon Asia 2014 (Sept 9-12) with @davidthekiller @toysrevil @nakanari and @hellomuaw - to be available at booth AAH.11.

As well seen below are tees and single button packs with DTK, and with Hellomuaw, a spread of artprint on vinyl, artprint on paper, button and sticker, and tee. Go snag some awesomeness and tell'em TOYSREVIL sent ya! :)

Custom Skelevex skull series "PNEUMA" By The Graphix Chick - Release on 9.22.14

PRESS: "Officially releasing on 9.22.14 @ MIDNIGHT (12am) Eastern Standard Time exclusively at www.thegraphixchick.com is PNEUMA SKULLS by The Graphix Chick (Jessica Esper). This release series includes 9 one-of-a-kind Skelevex skulls, handpainted by The Graphix Chick. Each comes with its own signed and sealed certificate of authenticity and a TGC decal. Only one of each color way will ever be painted. Each skull is hand produced by Alto x DMS (www.skelevex.bigcartel.com) using resin, measuring in at 2.5". All skulls have been painted with acrylic paint (some with metallic) acrylic. They have each been clear coated (3 coats) using a high quality, non-yellowing, water resistant varnish. The PNEUMA series will retail at US$70.00 USD per piece."

#愛玩具故我在 Pobber Toys @ Taipet Toy Festival 2014

Singapore's Pobber Toys opts for a Mandarin-text based ad image for their upcoming tenure at Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014), where sweet toy-ness await folks at Booth A18!
"台北你好!柏樂 (Pobber)將首次在今年的台北玩具展亮相,希望為台北的收藏家帶來另一份驚喜!攤位號A18, 到時見! #愛玩具故我在

Hello Taipei! Pobber will be at this year’s Taipei Toy Festival. We are very excited to be travelling there for our first event in Taipei and can’t wait to meet everyone! Booth A18, see you there!"

Tony “Nakanari” Shiau Shares His Story : Creative Director of Mai Hiro to Speak at First Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia

PRESS: "Popcon Asia special guest star, Tony “Nakanari” Shiau, to speak at first speaking engagement in Jakarta, Indonesia. Breaking the Creative Industry presentation narrates “Building Your Creative Brand” by Mai Hiro Founder, Tony “Nakanari” Shiau and Untung Widjaya, creative director. Presentation will highlight most notable projects and personal story of both artists.

Backstage Talks series is an event that demonstrates and encourages what has been possible to achieve from personal accounts. Listen to Nakanari as he shares his passion of design and learn about his creative mission on his first speaking engagement at UIC Design College at Sequis Center, JI. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 71 Jakarta Pusat 12190, Indonesia. “Breaking the Creative Industry” will be held on Monday, Sep. 22, 2014 after Popcon Asia from 16:30 to 18:30. Tickets are IDR 200.000 per person or 350.000 for TWO. Limited seating available (70 seats).

Special promotion pricing includes both “Behind the Scene” workshop and “Backstage Talks” are IDR 500.000 or 900.000 for TWO but must purchase before Sep. 15, 2014. All participants get ONE free ticket to Popcon Asia. All payments made to Lembaga Pendidikan UniSadhuGuna, CIMB Niaga,Acc Number 064.01.64234.008 and proof payment email toami.sukesna@unisadhuguna.org or fax.

For more information please contact Aimee Sukesna at ami.
sukesna@unisadhuguna.org or call (62) 819 3299 1441."

Colorways for Finger Likken' by Kozik x FLABSLAB

Colorway options for "Finger Likken'" (previously known as "Colonel Cock") from Frank Kozik reveals a collaboration with FLABSLAB for the production of this KFC-parody mascot (last seen in STGCC as prototypes). Sticking to the infamous red & white colors of the famous fast food brand, the final chosen hue remains to be confirmed.

cacooca Panda Riding A Hippo: In Black & Gray

Following ATC in Korea with the Red Hippo. Cacooca launched "Black+Gold" Hippo in STGCC and in October will release the limited gray models at Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014). Limited to 200pcs worldwide, both Black Gold and Gray are each priced at US$102 per, while a 2-Pack hippo panda (Black&Gray) is priced at US$170 a bundle. Price excludes shipping - email cacooca@hotmail.com for inquiries!

This Vinyl piece measures 20cm high x 21cm long and is utterly adorable!

Unpainted Green Mozilla by Ron English x Toy Art Gallery (Sept 19 Sale)

Available this Friday 9/19 at 12PM PST only at shop.toyartgallery.com and in-store at Toy Art Gallery; is the TAG x Ron English Modzilla Unpainted Green!

Extremely limited in number and retailing for US$175 each, this production Modzilla stands 13" tall and features over 20 individual soft vinyl parts, including removable Rabbbit and Bunnny figures! One day she will be mine, yes, one fine day …

Black & White Giant Larva Skulls for #TTF2014

Of the myriad of wants and toy-desires I had for STGCC, was the Giant Larva Skull from Skull Man x Gum Productions spotted at the Genesis4 booth, but alas was not for sale and escapes my grasp … now comes word that a pair of Black and White Giant Larva Skulls will be released in Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014), in "very limited number", and I think they are "cruel" indeed for making this possible, especially for someone who nearly had it back in SG… no price nor quantity revealed as yet, and I bid you all good luck in scoring one, or both.

FYI: Released August 1st, the first metallic skulls figures on vinyl were priced at US$45 (Asian region) US$65 (Rest of the world) for a 8 inches long x 6 inches tall figure (price includes shipping).

Game of Thrones: Eddard Stark 1/6 collectible from Threezero - Pre-Order Begins Sept 22nd

Threezero will offer their 1/6th-scale Game of Thrones Eddard Stark for pre-order at threezerostore.com for a limited time beginning September 22nd 9:00AM Hong Kong time, with the exclusive bonus accessory 'Ice,' Eddard Stark's greatsword. The standard release and Threezero exclusive release will both include his Stark cloak, additional hands, belt with sheathes, and his sword and dirk weapons. Collectible price at threezerostore.com: 160USD/1250HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

Eddard Stark is Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, and head of House Stark. This "Game of Thrones" collectible details include:

- 1/6th scale / 32cm (12.6") tall custom designed action figure body
- Head sculpt with realistic likeness
- Exchangeable hands
Tailored cloth costume and sculpted accessories:
• Trousers
• Cloak
• Gloved hands
• Gambeson
• Peascod
• Boots
• Sword and dirk
• Belt with sheathes

(More images here on Facebook)


KAWS:CLEAN SLATE @ Harbour City, Hong Kong (September 18 to October 19)

KAWS:CLEAN SLATE launched September 18th @ Harbour City, Hong Kong and exhibits thru October 19th, 2014. The highlight of this exhibition is the 7-meters tall sculpt seen here, and is as interesting as the mystic of KAWS' work is on popular culture, with this seemingly a commentary about societal life of a Companion holding unto to smaller Companions … and I am reaching the shallow depths of my analytical aspirations for which this blog is not known to be LOL

Enjoy the pictures … the internets will be filled with more of them soon :)

Source: www.harbourcity.com.hk

Sylvan Firecracker edition Drops Online Friday Sept 19 on Pobber.com

Gary Ham 's Sylvan Firecracker edition drops online this Friday Sep 19 on Pobber.com. In an edition of only 50pcs, this particularly fiery "Trickster" made it's debut at STGCC2014 not too long ago, and is a Pobber.com exclusive. I loved it, and reckon you might too :)
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