inc 22nd “The Devil” by INSTINCTOY for Pre-Release @ #STGCC2016 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con

inc 22nd “ THE DEVIL”

Only just slightly earlier I’d posted about Muckys and Vincents from INSTINCTOY for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con, and now this new hawtness is announced: 『inc 22nd “ THE DEVIL”』 will see a pre-release at STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016)!
"We use the rad G.I.D base on the body, and coating with purple gradation, the color wave is bright and new design. It looks like the red warning light when it in the dark." ~ Hiroto Ohkubo for INSTINCTOY
As the name suggests, this is the 22nd release for their “inc” bear vinyl. Limited to 50pcs worldwide, only FIVE will be made available at STGCC Booth AA73 & AA75 in Artist Alley!

inc 22nd “ THE DEVIL”

#JudgeDredd by Tom Whalen & Matt Ferguson for Vice Press @ NICE Comic Con 2016

Judge Dredd by Tom Whalen
Edition of 110
18" x 24" inch, 4 Colour Screen Print
Printed by DL Screenprinting on Cougar Natural French Paper

VICE PRESS PRESS: ”This weekend Vice Press will be attending NICE Comic Convention in Bedford and we will releasing a brand new Judge Dredd screen print by Tom Whalen ( / Twitter @StrongstuffTom) as well as a Judge Dredd handbill by Matt Ferguson ( / Twitter @Cakes_Comics)especially for the event.

Tom has brought is inimitable style to this truly unique Judge Dredd art print and both pieces will be first made available at the Vice Press booth at Nice Comic Con, where we can be found at table 68 in the Harpur Suite.

Remaining prints will go on sale at 6pm BST on Monday the 5th of September at Vice Press.”

Judge Dredd by Tom Whalen
Edition of 40
18" x 24" inch, 4 Colour Screen Print
Printed by DL Screenprinting on French Lemon Drop Paper

Justice Department Is Watching You by Matt Ferguson
Edition of 100
A5, 2 Colour Screen Print
Printed by Lady Lazarus on French Madero Beach Paper

(Cheers for the heads, James)

Martin Hsu Merch & Mark Nagata Customs for PowerCore @ #STGCC2016

PowerCore STGCC 2016 Exclusive Releases!

PowerCore has produced new Martin Hsu merchandise exclusive to STGCC2016 in very limited quantities that will only be available at the PowerCore Booth B20 - including apparel, lifestyle goods and more (Some of the items are limited to only 10 pieces). Plenty more surprise will be unveiled on the event days itself, but you are recommended to stay connected to Instagrams

PowerCore STGCC 2016 Exclusive Releases! PowerCore STGCC 2016 Exclusive Releases!
"His popular character Dragon Boy made its digital debut in the PowerCore Collector app as a set of Messenger stickers at San Diego Comic-con which were only unlockable via a secret PowerCore Smart Sticker at his booth. A limited run of Smart Stickers will again be available at our booth in Singapore free with purchase of Dragon Boy goods (while supplies last)! Dragon Boy will also be joined by a new set featuring his faithful companion Dragon Pup. Download the PowerCore Collector app before the show and unlock Free Messenger stickers today. Then come by the booth and unlock the rest!" ( / Cheers Don for the headsup)
Mark Nagata for PowerCore

And as well revealed by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co, that he is customising a slew of Martin character collectibles for the PowerCore booth - including Dragon Boys and Dragon Pups! No prices revealed as yet tho… Stay connected with @maxtoyco on Instagram to see the finished pieces!

Muckys, Vincent & King Korpse from INSTINCTOY for #STGCC2016 Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con

I remembered last year, when the convention hall doors opened on the first day of STGCC, I’d dashed in (s quick as my Stroke-ass-gaunt could take me lol) and made a beeline to the INSTINCTOY booth, specifically for the Byron Liquid, and having stood in line of a small queue (and met Alympu from Indonesia too!), with only one customer standing in front me me, taking the very last allocated Byron Liquid , and immediately impacted my entire Con-experience … even until now, a year later, and I am still whining about it … I can’t help it! I told myself not allow myself to go thru such a sense of toy-disappointement ever again…

Fast forward a year later, for the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), these are some of the goodies that INSTINCTOY has in store for fans at Booth AA73 & AA75 in Artist Alley!


Featured above is the Clear VINCENT, looking utterly yummy (Will update when there is further info), while featured below are the Mini Muckey Rainbow 2 Editions. And while my eye is on the KING KORPSE figure (designed by James Groman), folks’ll have to make do instead with the limited edition Silver and Bronze emblem “rings”!

Stay tuned to Twitter @INSTINCTOY and Instrgam @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo for no doubt more updates of products to come, which I hope includes Re-Ret, as T9G is an Invited Guest this year at STGCC :)

"These two rainbow colors were very popular color waves in the Muckey series. Now we have remade the same color waves with the mini Muckey. The size is smaller, and in addition, it comes with two teeth designs. Of course, the mini-sized Muckeys have a rainbow glow-in-the-dark effect, just like the general-sized rainbow Muckey. Other than these two, there are many more new releases that will be ready later this week. We will announce them in turn, so please look forward to them." - shared Hiroto Ohkubo.
King Korpse Rings

Previews for #Bearly - Opening Sept 2nd @ Refine Gallery

With group art show “Bearly” opening this coming Saturday September 2nd at @ Redefine Arts (Announcement Post), here’s a quick look at a few customs and WIPs for the 2-day show.

All customs were made on the 7.5”-sized “"Everyone Needs A Lot of Head"” vinyl by Luke Chueh and produced by Clutter. The last time we saw these “bear heads” customised were for the “Bear In Mind” gallery show in May-June.

Do note that customs unspoken for during the weekend show will be made available online via on September 4th.

A photo posted by HX (@hxstudio) on

(Above: “Reborn” by Emelie Jensen AKA @tomodachiisland)

CurioCon Is Coming! Vendor Registration Now Open!

A photo posted by CurioCon (@curio_con) on

CurioCon Show Director; Ayleen Gaspar shares with us a new event coming up next year called “CurioCon”! With organising the annual DesignerCon, this event looks to be as interesting, and as well cater to a different timeline (in May), post-SDCC and pre-a whole lot of other annual events too, such as STGCC, NYCC, TTF et al.
WAT-IS: "CurioCon is a unique weekend full of toys, art, events, and much more in Pasadena, CA!

We invite you to join toy makers, artists, designers, and producers of unique and interesting goods from around the world for two days of exclusive goodies and distinctive fun! Join us at the Pasadena Convention Center May 13th & 14th, 2017 for our premiere event!

Vendor registration is currently open at”
(Facebook Events Page)
Stay connected via their social medias @ / /

Tuttz World Micros from Argonaut Resins Coming Soon!

Eric Nocella Diaz from Argonaut Resins gives us a headsup on a two new upcoming releases, that will be 3D printed directly off his 3D printer in limited colors and not cast and molded like he usually does! END shares;
"Up first I have the Tuttz mini cat shrunk down to 2 inches and it's CG modeled by the the amazing Steve Talkowski. Along with the new Tuttz micro there will be a micro 2.75 inch Pharaoh Hound CG modeled by me in scale to match the Tuttz."
Expect a limited pre-release soon and as well there will be an exclusive color way for the New York Comic Con in October.

Stay connected via Instagram @argonautresins and for further updates!

Looking awesome, buddy!

Strawberry Flavoured Shiek Happy Cone from WackyMons for #STGCC2016 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con

You’ve seen WackyMons’ SHIEK HAPPY CONE in it’s OG mustard yellow colorway (which I’d imagine is a “durian” flavoured yummy, altho Shenly says it is “Cempedak“/ Jackfruit :p) … here’s a peek at the Pink Strawberry flavour!

Now I’d imagine a slew of flavours to come too! MUAHAHAHAHA

Look for Shenly Yee’s 9.5cm tall hand-painted resin to debut at the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), available via Artist Alley Booth AA53 - alongside her original paintings, handmade toys, and her Wackymons accessories!

Stay connected on Instagram @wackymons for further updates :)

Prophets of Light, Mystics of Night Customs by Martin Hsu for Sept 4th Release!

Prophets Mystics Martin Hsu 1

Martin Hsu introduces a new series of 10 x one-of-a-kind hand-painted charms dubbed “Prophets of Light, Mystics of Night”!

With Nathan Jurevicius' Nightriders Series figures as the base, these magical looking figures will be unleashed both online and in-studio (Time: 2pm-5pm / Address: 3150 18th St, Ste 420, San Francisco, California 94110) come September 4th!

Folks heading to the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - Fret Not! Pick -ups at the event is doable! Remember to indicate to Martin, yeah?

Martin is an Invited Guest at this year’s Con and will be hosted by PowerCore, so this would be an utter treat to receive the item from the artist by hand, innit?

HINT: *Email martinhsuart(at)gmail for preview & pre-order - NOW!

Prophets Mystics Martin Hsu 6


Artwork Previews for #HarvestMoon @ Stranger Factory - Opening Sept 2nd - featuring works by Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd

Harvest Moon” opens this coming Friday at Stranger Factory September 2nd (Previously Announced), and we have a few splendid peaks and previews at what to expect from artists Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayed - evoking the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve!
"Drawing from a mutual fondness of Halloween, the two have crafted a show that celebrates crunchy fallen leaves, crisp autumn air, and the spooky darkness of a moonless night." (Facebook Events)
Harvest Moon Amanda Louise Spayd
(Above artwork by Amada Spayd / Below artwork by Chris Ryniak)
Harvest Moon Chris Ryniak

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106 (map)

Mon: Closed or available by appointment
Tues: Closed or available by appointment
Wed–Thurs: 11am–6pm
Fri-Sat: 11am–7pm
Sun: 12pm–6pm
**Open until 9pm on First Friday

“Eye For An Eye” Timepiece & Collectible by Mighty Jaxx x HYPERGRAND

Previously featured as one of their numerous releases at the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - Mighty Jaxx has since revealed their “Eye For An Eye” collectible, to be a wrist watch holder!

Made in collaboration with HYPERGRAND, this is a “first” for MJ, who is currently known primarily as an “art toy collectibles” producer, and will be unleashing their first timepiece via Booth H3 at STGCC.

The timepiece itself features a custom cross bone watch face with yellow accents and is accompanied with a custom printed military grade Nato strap in Olive or Cream colour. Neither quantity nor price is revealed at this time, and will attempt to update this post as soon as details are revealed.

Stay connected to their respective Instagrams for updates at @migtyjaxx (all pics via) and @hypergrandofficial.


Stickup Monsters Group Custom Show for #TTF2016 Taipei Toy Festival

Stickup Monsters TTF2016

StickUp Monsters will have a booth at Taipei Toy Festival in October this year, where they will host a group custom show featuring the talents of 10 amazing artists working on Javier Jimenez’s creations, most notably Wananeko!

Artists featured include Candie Bolton, Cristina Ravenna, Frank Mystery, HX Studio, Jay222, Mark Nagata (of Max Toy Co), mechavirus, Squink, Yamazaru and Javier Jimenez!

The event will take place from the 7th to 10th of October, and you can check out the customs in-person at Booth A81! Meanwhile, here are previews of some WIPs and finished pieces for the show - with images linked back to the artist’s own Instagram streams!

Wip GasMask Wananeko!! sofvi ver!! #customtoy #sofvi #sofubi #gasmask #wananeko #javierjimenezxl

A photo posted by 山猿 (@yamazaru123) on

Mecha #Wananeko!!! @javierjimenezxl

A video posted by Todd Robertson (@mechavirus) on

Bake-Kujira: ECTOPLASM by Candie Bolton Unleashes September 2nd, 2016

Candie Bolton shares with us word and snaps of her BAKE-KUJIRA release the coming Friday September 2nd at 6:00pm PST via, where an excruciatingly limited edition of only 9 pieces will be made available!

While the 11-inch tall Bake-Kujira vinyl / sofubi figure is produced by Toy Art Gallery, this “ECTOPLASM” Edition features Marbled GID/Black vinyl, and looks pretty darn amazing, doesn’t it?

“Seoul Station” - South Korean Animated Zombie Outbreak Film Coming To Singapore Screens

WIKI PLOT: "Taking place in and around Seoul station, a man sleeping rough is the catalyst for a zombie apocalypse. Through this a young runaway woman must try to survive in a world that sees her as disposable." (Wiki)

IMDB PLOT: ”Several groups of people try to survive a zombie pandemic that unleashes itself in downtown Seoul.” (IMDb)

Launched August 18th in South Korea is the animated movie “SEOUL STATION” - which is essentially a prequel to the live-action film Train to Busan by the same director, Sang-ho Yeon, with this an hour and a half animated feature starring the voices of Ryu Seung-ryong (as Dad), Shim Eun-kyung (as Daughter) and Lee Joon (as Boyfriend).

Prior to the launch, the film was shown at the 2016 Edinburgh Film Festival - circa June 2016 - and the 34th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF). The trailer is reposted below for your gawking pleasures…

“Animated Zomibes” = I’d like to watch that! With the success that Train To Busan has seen on Singapore’s screens, “Seoul Station” has since been scheduled to debut on SG screens (via Golden Village) on September 22nd! Would be extremely interesting to see how this viewing-experience combo works ... :)

Vampire Skulls & Cat Riders by 13ART & SHON for #STGCC2016 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con

Today we take a look at 13ART’s VAMPIRE SKULL (IG @skullman) and a gold-on-black edition CAT RIDER by SHON (IG @shonside) exclusives for the coming Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) - where they will be boothing under the “Genesis4” collective at Artist Alley AA89 & AA90 - alongside BanaNa ViruS (who also has a solo show with FLABSLAB), Ruinswork, Fanny Kao and our very own Daniel Yu.

No doubt there’ll be much more goodies to be had from the two gentlemen from Taiwan, and you’d do well to stay tuned to their respectively IGs and as well, and of course TOYSREVIL for updates!

Hand-Painted Byrons x Rangerons from FLABSLAB for #STGCC2016


And while we await further information on the “HOW MUCH?” and “HOW MANY?”, we can let you on on the “WHERE?” and possibly “WHAT?” - for Shoko Nakazawa x T9G’s BYRON and RANGEONS too be had at the coming Singapore Toy, games & Comic Con / STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016) via Booth B19 - with these white and gold on black swirls, and ??? on white (???) coloured by @zcxz & @natydnac for FLABSLAB.

Sorry folks, too many “???” and no answers for you just yet :p … meanwhile, stay connected to their Instagram @flabslab for updates :)


「Decade-Dent」BanaNa ViruS 10th Anniversary Exhibition @ FLABSLAB (Sept 12-22)

BanaNa ViruS 10th 3

Moving on from Taiwan (“More For Less” @ WRONG Gallery), and travelling to Singapore, is BanaNa ViruS 10th Anniversary Exhibition titled, “「Decade-Dent」” - with a 10-day long exhibition at FLABSLAB(1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-11 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544) from September 12th thru to Sept 22nd. Official opening is 5pm on the 12th, where the artist will be in attendance.

Organised by FLABSLAB x Concreate Goods - the show will feature customs on BanaNa ViruS’s “Loic” bear. This show happens a day after the STGCC2016 weekend (Sept 10-11, 2016), where your personal devourment of the art toy culture can continue!

Scroll down for some previews :)

Above: Custom by Black 13 Park
Below: 'The Caped Crusader & Boy Wonder' by Daniel Yu
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