"Ultraman Ace" #Bootlego

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What I love about Bootlego (AKA "bootleg LEGO mini figures") are characters like ULTRAMAN getting some toy-action, although the quality of make is hardly top-notch, I am crossing my fingers to eventually see licenses like "Kamen Rider" and other childhood fictional heroes made toy! Of course if it was "officially licensed" it would be awesome-er .. *cough*

In a set of 6 x characters, I've seen these for quite sometime at Sunday Flea Market at CSC, and had long desired them, frankly speaking - but not at the price they are charging hahaha yes, I am being a cheapskate, and one of the "guilty-pleasures" of pursing bootlegs are also someway the price-points haha … But then again a fraction of the price found at HDB estates does not mean you can get the entire set, which in this case is this sole chainsaw wielding Ultraman I came home with … Win Some, Loose Some ... #toylife

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CNY MIYU Sale by 3A Toys On 1st Day of Chinese New Year Feb 19

3A Toys "celebrates" Chinese Lunar New Year with a CNY MIYU sale on February 19th (the first day of CNY) featuring a quartet of Isobelle and friends - designed by Siu Yin and Ashley Wood - in various garbs of auspicious red and orange, in cosplay with guns and dildos … No further product details besides these images released today :p

Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse Kickstater Push

Will the "Apocalypse" come on Chinese Lunar New Year this year? Or does it mean the beginning of the end when TOYSREVIL celebrates it's 10-Year WWW-Anniversary on February 19th? Or is it the deadline for when the Kickstarter for Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse collectible art toy figures end? On February 19th, 2015 @ 9:30 AM SGT, no less! And yes, the dates are exactly the same!

With less than $6K short of their pledge goal of US$60K (at time of this post), here's a peek at a few editions to tempt the parting of your monies with:

- Four Horsies Glow in the Dark colorway set (limited to 300 sets in this colorway)
- Four Horsies Spirit World clear colorway set (limited to 200 sets in this colorway)
- Headmistress Maddie resin bust
- Mock-up of Four Horsies "Pocalypse Now" Gift Set packaging

Little Ninja Panda (Mecha Version) by Yudesigns

From Derek Yu comes LITTLE NINJA PANDA = "a cheeky panda who specializes in the art of Ninja and camouflage." - with the figure shown here being Little Ninja Panda in the Mecha camouflage. Check out more images of the figure posted below, including turnarounds of the paint sample. *HI-YAAAAH*

Currently available to purchase here for US$30 per, the 4-inches tall PVC figurine comes boxed and ready for toy-action!

The Last Knight: Classical Edition from Andrew Bell

Coming to retail stores "soon" is Andrew Bell's 4th colorway for his LAST KNIGHT collectible, with this “The Classical” Edition riced at US$75 and limited to 200pcs. The gold and silver accents heighten the "classical" aspect of the style, reminiscent of sculptures of old, while the 'gold'-colored mane is likened to the "blonde grecian" stereotype haha

Source: Vinyl Pulse

“Ice in my Belly” by Lunabee Revealed for Androids Series 5

"We’re reaching across the pond for this design from UK based custom toy artist Lunabee! A dark heart powers the frosty breath of her “Ice in my Belly” dragon design. Winter is coming in a 1/16 ratio (*but maybe if you’re lucky you’ll come across his fiery brother)."
*Does this suggest a chase / variant colorway? Do check in with your fav realizer for availability of Dead Zebra Inc's Android Series 5.

Exclusives from Max Toy Co @ Wonder Festival Winter 2015 (Feb 8)

Wonder Festival Winter 2015 exclusives from Max Toy Co + Monster Boogie to be had at Booth 6-29-04 at this one-day event happening February 8th.

- One-day-licensed item #1: Umibozu-no-kodomo (From GEGEGE-no-Kitaro comic) @ 3500 yen (Copyright: Mizuki production). *Event exclusive

- One-day-licensed item #2: Sara-Kozo (From GEGEGE-no-Kitaro comic) @ 3800 yen per (Copyright: Mizuki Production). *Event exclusive

- One-day-licensed item #3: Kami-Neko & Yamamaya (From Azumanga-Daio comic), priced at 2600 yen available as a set. *Event exclusive

- Nyagira blue GID version 6500 yen
- Micro Negora blue GID version 3000 yen

**Note that these are "event only" sales items, so time to settle your toy-mules, MaxToyCo-lovers! :)

ALEX by Michael Lau for GUMGUMGUM / GUM"JENG" 1st Anniversary

After the release excitement at Toy Soul at the end of December 2014, Michael Lau is pushing on with a (highly possible) new release, this time at GUMGUMGUM store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, with a "ALEX", for their GUMGUMGUM / GUM"JENG" 1st Anniversary event.

Featuring the likeness of Terry Richardson in a fur suit, with his plastic schlong sticking out - I reviewed the vinyl "I LOVE ZEX" before, although no current indication at all if it would be the same piece with a fur suit, or a Garden(PALM)er-sized release … further product details when I have them.

Iskandhar Shahril's Top 10 Toys for 2014

WHAT-IS: *Celebrating 2015 with a series of "TOP TEN TOYS FOR 2014" as picked by fellow plastic-crack-addicts … eerrr … I meant "fellow toy collectors"! It doesn't have to be released in 2014, it just has to be purchased / gifted / unboxed in 2014. Living my toy-dreams vicariously through you collections! Share Your Toy-Joy, people!* [CLICK to read all]
"I started out with collecting Androids from DeadZebra and just recently started to branch out into other designer vinyls. And oh boy am I in trouble! While there’s tons of cool stuff out there, I limit myself to one that I can afford and like and here are my top 10 picks for the year." -shared Iskandhar Shahril (IG @) AKA customizer Zander Customs!
(#10) 3.5" Omen Blink Monochrome Orb & Eclipse

WHY: "No doubt Coarse makes some of the coolest figures out there and their quality is not notch, but the price point has always been a hindrance for me. But these 3.5” Omens are not only affordable, they have the same quality and well, they’re pretty cute! So naturally, I gotta have ‘em!"
(#9) Muttpop Tequila Black Bean [ Blogged on TOYSREVIL ]

WHY: "This is an oldie but it is still one of the most awesome designer vinyls out there. There’s quite a number of designs/colorways but this has got to be my favorite one. What’s not to love about an all-black vinyl figure? Just dig the menacing look and stance of it!"
(#8) Storm King Machine (OG and Toysrevil Edition) [ Blogged on TOYSREVIL ]

WHY: "I’m a Star Wars fan and anything cool that’s related to it is a go for me. When I found out that Quiccs will be launching the resin figures at STGCC 2014, I knew I had to grab one. And you gotta support your homie, so I grabbed the Toysrevil Evil King Edition too! Again, they look awesome with the colorway and stance!"
(#7) APO Frogs (The Ghosts of Fallen Frogs Edition) [ APO Frogs on TOYSREVIL ]

WHY: "First saw them at STGCC 2014 and they look pretty cute with their pastel colorways. That and the lack of funds mainly prevented me of getting them then. But when they recently announced this black/white set, these little froggies just had to be in my collection. The addition of the raincoats is pretty rad too!"
(#6) Mini Trooper Boys

WHY: "These were already available from Flabslab but at 14”, I just do not have the space for them. These 4” versions were introduced at STGCC 2014 but somehow, I missed them even though they were right there at Quiccs’s booth! Been kicking myself ever since but they were re-released again and rejoice! Now I’m waiting for the Red/White Edition and hopefully they do a Mini Boba and Mini Darth!"
(#5) Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Captain Sturnbrau Mini Qee

WHY: "Also a fan of pirate related stuff, the Captain Sturnbrau Mini Qee was an instant favorite the moment I saw it. No longer available thru retail outlets and online stores, I was lucky to score this from eBay at less than retail price! And finally JPK is getting a production piece out on the Android platform and was stoked to find out it’s the Captain again! No pirate hat though but I think I can manage to make one for it!"
(#4) 10YR EDITION MAD*L SET [ Blogged on TOYSREVIL ]

WHY: "Top notch production quality, great design and awesome price point! And oh yeah, it’s Black and White! What’s not to like? Like it so much I got 2 sets! Haha! One of the coolest platforms out there."
(#3) Secret Base Rebel Ink by Usugrow [ Rebel Ink on TOYSREVIL ]

WHY: "Another favorite theme of mine… Skulls and Bones! These Japanese Vinyl figures have some of the coolest colorways but as usual, it’s gotta be Black for me! Always released in limited numbers, the previous colorways are almost impossible to find. I’ll be keeping a lookout for the future releases for sure!"
(#2) Hell Lotus Mono [ Hell Lotus on TOYSREVIL ]

WHY: "Designed by a local artist, Clog Two and produced locally too by MightJaxx, there’s just something about the figure that screams awesomeness! A serene looking meditating body with a skull head, giving you the finger! Now isn’t that just serene and awesome at the same time? Big shout-out to Keegan of Trampt for putting this up for sale! I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for future releases of this bad boy!"

WHY: "The original release of the Last Knight is definitely the best designer vinyl from Andrew Bell, if not the best out there. That release showcases the awesome production quality and paintwork plus an awesome packaging too! When the Back to Back Black editions were teased on Instagram, I knew I had to get my hands on the Last Knight. And it does not disappoint! I hope Andrew does more colorways/designs in the future cos I’ll be all over it!"


Custom-Feature: Predator Dolor from Rich Page of UME Toys

"Last year at NYCC I meet up again with top chap Rich (great name) from Triplikid and was lucky enough to snag a blank Dolor of him - as soon as I'd seen the toy knew I needed to make him into one of my all time favourite film badasses PREDATOR. It's taken some time but here he is." -shared Rich Page of UME Toys.
"I must say I'm always blown away with the detail and quality of Triplikid's resins, so good! I was going to pop this guy in the store today but just received an email from ToyCon UK reminding me it's only a couple of months away - so I'm going to hold onto him until then. If you fancy seeing him make sure you pop over to the booth I'm sharing with Jon-Paul Kaiser. Cheers." -added Rich Page (IG @richpage).

Product Details & Images for 3A Toys' Transformers MEGATRON (Drops Jan 30)

Details for 3A Toys' MEGATRON Transformers "Premium Scale Collectible Figure" has been unveiled, with the above-shown Decepticon being a Bambaland Exclusive, towering over Bumblebee at 47cm tall!

Priced at US$430 per, he'll be on pre-order at www.bambalandstore.com from January 30th @ 9AM Hong Kong time. Click HERE for more images!

- Figure Stands 18.5-Inches (47cm) Tall
- Fully Posable With Over 70 Points of Articulation, Including Articulated Fingers
- Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Paint Application
- Featuring Realistic Weathering Effect
- Metal Chains Wrapped Around Torso
- Brute Shotgun Weapon Included
- LED Light-Up Feature on Eyes

- Matrix Of Leadership Accessory
- Tattered and Weathered Cloth Cloak

- Materials Used - ABS, PVC, POM
- Requires AG1 X 3 Button Cell Batteries (Batteries Not Included)

*Design and color may change on final shipping version

Rotofugi Exclusive Outburst Loop by coarse To Drop Jan 28th

ROTOFUGI PRESS: "This Wednesday, January 28 we will be offering two Rotofugi Exclusive 300 piece editions of Outburst Loop by coarse for online sales via our new limited edition website, Rotofugi Limited.

Limited to one of each edition per customer/household, Outburst Loop will be available on Wednesday, January 28 for US$99 each plus shipping on Rotofugi Limited at the following times:"
7:59 AM Los Angeles
9:59 AM Chicago
10:59 AM New York
4:59 PM Berlin
11:59 PM Hong Kong

Medicom Toy Edition SEXTOPIGON by Skinner x Unbox Industries

I have been seeing this intense dude up on Unbox Industries' Instagram for some time now, but am unsure if THIS is the first colorway of the 20cm tall vinyl to be released from Medicom Toy? Regardless, priced at US$109.98 (¥ 12,960) for a late-May 20145 ship is this Skinner-designed and David Arshawsky-sculpted piece, as produced by Unbox. Pre-order ends Feb 28th @ 23:59:00 JST tho, so stay razor sharp, people!

Here's a look at the unpainted figure from Unbox, seen on display that recent HK Toy Fair, who in turn with their own version on sale via store.unboxindustries.info somewhen too :)

MARVEL RETRO SOFUBI Collection Wave 3 from Medicom Toy: The Vision, Ghost Rider & Venom!

I have not been following up on reportage of Medicom Toy's RETRO SOFUBI lines for some time now, with their earlier releases being characters from DC Comics ... but a scan thru their Twitter brought my attention to new MARVEL Comics characters, the Third Wave of releases, in fact!

The latest trio includes classic costumes from THE VISION, GHOST RIDER (in "Johnny Blaze" outfit whoo-hoo) and VENOM - all of whom have started pre-orders until Feb 28th, with a May 2015-drop. Price is US$73.32 (¥ 8,640) per, purchase-links included, or check in with your fav retailers for availability as well.

Previous releases include IRON MAN and ULTRON (February drop too), and classic SPIDERMAN! Oh My! Sorry folks, in this instance, Make Mine Marvel! :)

Sync. PUSHEAD snotblower Teal Blue Version

A mass produced PUSHEAD figure to be had online? YES, please! And there are two colorway editions too: Sync. PUSHEAD snotblower Teal Blue Ver. and Sync. PUSHEAD snotblower Copper Ver. - both of whom are priced at ¥14,800 each. both standing 26cm tall, and made from ABS/PVC/SOFT VINYL.

Teal Blue is the newest colorway to be released on Jan 24th, while Copper was unleashed in October 2014. I used to wish to own a PUSHEAD figure (most notably the KAWS Companion PUSHEAD) but has since woken up from my stupor, faced toy-reality and have since given up on a toy-grail muahahaha*

(Source / *bitter laughter)

ALE GIORGINI Prints on ArtandToys.com

Available to purchase now on www.artandtoys.com are prints fearturing the art of ALE GIORGINI! You've seen his work in themed exhibitions from folks like Hero Complex Gallery and Bottleneck Gallery, and now they can be had via ART AND TOYS. While the above image on a cult fav movie is obvious (I've not seen a "single character" depiction from him so far too :p), can you recognize the other two featured below? :)

WHO-IS: "Ale Giorgini specialises in fun, colour-saturated illustrations that pay homage to iconic movies, musicians and TV shows. The sought-after Italian artist, whose high-profile clients include MTV, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures. has a distinctive style that blends Cubism together with retro cartoons. A permanent fixture in Italian magazines, his slick, entertaining work has been exhibited in L.A, New York, Rome and Sydney."

RAMPAGE STUDIOS Goodies: Mixed Parts Manotaur & Customs Lottery

RAMPAGE STUDIOS offers up some goodies to be had (via their email list), featuring:

(1) ONE-OFF Mixed Parts Manotaur (US$115 shipped via EMS worldwide - first come first served!). I am personally not a huge fan of "mixed parts", but THIS is pretty awesome!

(2) RAMPAGE CUSTOM ZOOMOTH SAMHAIL (via a 'best offer silent auction' - with a starting bid of $250 - Bidding commences immediately and lasts until Wednesday at 9 AM, Japan time)

(3) RAMPAGE x @nerdoneorg M.O.T.U.L.O.S. (24 hour lottery to purchase @ $80 shipped worldwide) - includes handpainted castle in box packaging with one full set of the RAMPAGE x @ericnilla Nekos Fortress Keshi.
"To enter, shoot me an email ("rampage.toys@gmail.com"). Subject line should be: MOTULOS. Include your Paypal email for invoicing. Entries accepted for 24 hours starting now. Winners ONLY notified the morning of 1/27. Payment is due by the end of the day on Tuesday 1/27. (All Japan date/time)." (Emailer)
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