Rocket Raygun @ Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Kelvin Chan AKA RocketRaygun will not be boothing as a individual artist this year (since I've met him at STGCC 2010), but instead has joined forces with the folks at Kinetiquettes (where he is one of the 3 principals, duh) and can be found at Artist Alley Booth No: AA6 at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014).

He will be releasing a series of exclusive prints for STGCC featuring new art (digging the Ninja Turtle shown here), along with his sketchbooks and figures.

A Look at WIPs for Star Wars Print Series by Inkten for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Revealed on her IG @inkten are work-in-progress artwork by Inkten Sufina to be made available at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) as limited edition Star Wars Prints, in a series of 5 character designs. So far Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper is revealed … who do you think would make up the other 3 characters? :)

Stay tuned to instagram @inkten for updates, or head-on to Artist Alley for The Ink & Clog Studio Booth No: AA69 @ Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) to find out!

Monster Little for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

So who else will join the "skate-skate-skate-Hulk" at ZiQi Wu's Monster Little booth AA38 at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014)? Sure hope "claw-claw-claw-Wolvie" doesn't pick a fight with the green goliath cutie! My guesses are "Spider-Man", "Magneto", warring "Apes" and "Baby Groot"! Expect buttons/bagdes, postcards, and tees :)

Stay tuned to the Monsterlittle Facebook or for updates!

Will #RexRegrets Boothing @ Singapore Toy Games & Comic-Con 2014?

Singapore's *favourite T-Rex will be booting at Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) - but what will he have with him, to placate his legion of dino-loving fans? Pins? T-shirts (images from the "Singapore Tshirt Festival" @ the National Design Centre)? More acts of frustration? Stay tuned to the RexRegrets Facebook Page, and head on to Artist Alley booth AA62, where "RexRegrets" creator Jerry Teo will be boothing with fellow artist Annuendo; who will also be offering an art-book and merch.

"Game of Thrones" by Keh Choon Wee for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2014

"Winter is coming …" and local artist Keh Choon Wee AKA "K" will be in the thick of it! Not least with his "Game of Thrones" print (unpainted and painted tease shown above), plus oodles of posters, and possibly his third Sketchbook to look forward to (A page art previewed below)! Head on to Artist Alley booth no. AA37 at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) to find out! And stay tuned to his Artist Facebook for updates, and head on to Artist Alley booth AA37 @ STGCC!

Harvey M Tolibao & HMT Studios for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con 2014

Spotted on Harvey M Tolibao's Facebook page were these splendid depictions of the TMNT movie's "Leonardo" and "Michael Angelo" that will be released as prints at the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014), as illustrated by Mr Tolibao and colored by Ken of HMT Studios.

"HMT" stands for "Home of Multi-Talent", with this The Philippines-based studio releasing their own artbook at STGCC as well (orders to hmtstudios@gmail.com or theartofharveytolibao@gmail.com), along with the release of "The Rise of the Legend VOLT" Variant cover by Harvey M Tolibao to look forward to. *NICE*

Grey Skull Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Hikari from Funko

Interesting Funko uses the term "Grey Skull" depicting the editions of these new Hikari Sofubi Figures featuring Optimus Prime and Bumblebee … well, they are certainly "grey" in color, like aged skulls! And looking pretty sweet too!

Try for their weekly contest/giveaway via their social media channels @OriginalFunko to socre each #1s for FREE, or check in with your fav retailer for when they are available in September. Each design s limited t 1000pcs. I never did find out how much the Hikaris are going for retail tho …

LUMI on IndieGoGo

From Moscow, Russia, Maximilian shares with TOYSREVIL the just launched new campaign to raise money for a new toy production on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo. It’s called LUMI – do it yourself designer toy platform, resin toy made in Russia.
"There are two versions offered now, D.I.Y. Blank white and G.I.D. Glow in dark, plus there is a lottery running, and a contest will be starting next week for the best LUMI custom design, templates will be posted on indiegogo campaign page. The winner receives one LUMI toy. Also, this LUMI toy will be at the first ComicConRussia 2014, which is in Moscow, 2-4 October." -adds MAAX.

And while the light-bulb as a head reminds me of ouip by delitoys of Korea, the body is anything but … and hey, "bright ideads" need to start somewhere!

Lumi stands 5.3" tall and features articulated arms, while it's body is "compatible to lightbulbs with E27 (socket), so you can easily use a lightbulb instead of its head" = which can be somewhat fun for multiple customization, no? :)

Check out more on the indiegogo-page here http://igg.me/at/lumitoy, and stay updated on the Facebook Page :)

"First Dancing Baby Groot toy from @OriginalFunko" -James Gunn FB'd

This might well be the first "legitimate" / licensed product to be released by Funko for MARVEL's "Guardians of the Galaxy": Get ready for DANCING GROOT! And no, I doubt if it actually literally moves rhythmically to to music haha (Reposted the video below / previously posted … too cute not to repost, yo! LOL) … now he NEEDS to be with the entire Funko x GotG-Pop! Vinyl line-=up, right? (Below image via "World of Pop! Book Volume 3"). Availability details when I have them :)

Source: GoTG-director James Gunn FB'd it, so must be "legit", right? Right?


New 1/6 Jacket Edition Added To Reward Tier for Hotline Miami Kickstarter from ESC Toy

The Hotline Miami Kickstarter to fund the 1/6 figure from ESC Toy reached their initial pledge goal of $60K not long after the campaign launch (Congrats!), and they're now pushing on with more, even surpassing their Stretch Goal of US$75K - offering up a new "SOAKED" Edition of the Jacket figure (seen above-left, limited to 100pcs) with it being a "Kickstarter Exclusive", while shown above-right is the (previously seen but worthy of a post of it's own) "MIDNIGHT MIAMI MARAUDER" Edition, with this 100pcs run priced at US$200 each.

CLICK HERR to see the basic version of JACKET (and his 3 masks) that has been funded for production!

Pop! Television: The Walking Dead Series 5 from Funko

Truth be told, I lost my attention and desire for The Walking Dead by the middle of Season Two, after a spectacular binge-watching of Season One, and haven't made it back since … but then again, the "toys" never failed to interest me, even though I might not kow the depth of story for it LOL

Funko has been steadily doing pretty decent with their Pop! Vinyl-adaptations, and to help usher in Season 5 (returning on US-screens on October 12th), comes the latest series of character adaptations featuring both survivors and walkers, including their "first" pull-apart figure! *YEW-SWEET*

Available in September, so check in with your fav retailers for pricing and availability :)

Two Custom KR Mascot Bots from Infiniterabbits

"I've recently painted up two custom 3" Kidrobot Bots based on iconic album art/T-shirts from my youth -- Kid Misfit and Kid Pleasures. Both are available in my online store." shared Thomas /Infinite Rabbits/
And while the paint-app is certainly recognizable as IR's work, the "insane eye-twitch vibe" (or so I call his works ;p) is missing here, and somewhat "refreshing" to see his range, IMHO.

"NIGHTMARE UNCRWND" by Angry Woebots X Silent Stage Gallery

Dropping Tuesday, August 26th on SilentStageGallery.com at 11:00am PST is the latest limited run resin figure "NIGHTMARE UNCRWND" from Angry Woebots, in an edition of 30pcs, darkened and flowing in red! Email sales@silentstagegallery.com to get on the VIP preorder list for deets. You folks KNOW I am absolutely down with the color-scheme, right? *WOOT*

Source: IG @woes

SKL0's "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" for George Town Festival 2014 @ Singapore House

And while we've had a peek at the first part of Samantha Low AKA SKL0's "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" artwork for George Town Festival 2014 (now showing at the Singapore House @ 179 Victoria St), today we have a peek at a few more pieces, including the above "The Butcher" (the completion of the aforementioned peek at the WIP), and directly below this is "The Herd" - Mixed media sculpt Skyscrapers growing out of white elephants. And right at the base of this post is a vertical diorama named "Protocol". Check them out in person if you can! :)

Source: IG @skl0_

Clogtwo's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Prints from Mighty Jaxx

Clogtwo has since added "Leonardo" and "Splinter" to Michaelangelo, Donatello and Rapheal, and will be offering them up as PRINTS via Mighty Jaxx - available in single prints as well as a set of 5 (4 x Turtles + 1 x Splinter) at US$275, AND a *limited Shredder print comes FREE with all set purchases! Priced at US$60 per including Free shipping worldwide.

Limited Edition of 50 / Signed and Numbered / 16.5 X 23.4 Inches Archival Pigment Print / 300gsm Cotton Fine Art Paper / UPDATED: Available here now.

BTW, Clogtwo is also making available the original artwork for "Splinter" and "Krang" (Ink and rendering marker on 8" x 11" 220gsm cream paper) for sale. Interested folks are to email him direct at clog02@electrocaine.com!

Vinyl On Vinyl Moves To A New Home & Celebrates with inaugural artshow "Extended Play" on Aug 27

Vinyl on Vinyl from The Philippines are moving! And to celebrate their new home at 2135 warehouse II, 2nd floor Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, they will launch an inaugural group art show "Extended Play" - opening Wednesday August 27 at 8pm! Check out the flyer below for participating artists and TOYSREVIL wishes all at VoV a splendid time to be had!

BABY HORNS Series 2 (Original Version) by Hands in Factory on Pre-order & Available at Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con 2014

Korea's Hands in Factory has released and started pre-orders for their BABY HORNS Series 2 (Original Version) - first debut at Art Toy Culture in Korea - now priced at US$60 per figure/box, and US$170 per set of 3pcs. Limited to 250pcs per design. Folks interested are to e-mail tj_park@naver.com for pre-order with payment via paypal of 100% + shipping cost of the item/s.

For folks attending the coming Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014), Hands in Factory will be boothing at Artist Alley AA13 (alongside CoolRain and Twelvedot), AND they too too will be making available Baby Horns V.2 - at a sweet price of SGD$65 per box and SGD$180 per set of 3! I know where my monies' gonna end up at LOL

Also not that the price for them at the coming Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014) is 1,500 TWD per, and 4,300 TWD for the set of 3 :)

(Below: Baby Horns Series 1 & Series 2)

(Cheers for the info Uptempo! an't wait to meet you guys!)

Pre-orders are open for "Impundulu" - New Resin by Colus

Colus Havenga gained "art toy mainstream" consciousness with the release of his designs via Kidrobot (The Hunted / Harvester), and he now shares with us his latest self funded first resin run of his own designed highly-stylized figure named "IMPUNDULU", and as the production is getting into its final stages, he is opening pre-orders for this magnificent looking creation!
PRODUCT PRESS: "Impundulu is a 7inch resin figure in glossy black and limited to 55. They come signed and numbered. It is a self funded project and is being expertly made by Mana Studios. Pre-orders are now open and it is due for a mid September release. Pre-order price is $140 and regular price $150."

(Above-left: Initial 3D print / left: Graphic for Impundulu)
WHAT: "Impundulu - “Lightning Bird” is a mythological vampiric bird creature from South African tribal folklore. It can take on many forms, one of which a rooster like bird the size of a human. Believed to be a servant of witch doctors, it seduces woman and can summon thunder and lightning from its wings and talons. " -shared Colus.
Additional images via Colus Design
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