"The Miner" print by JonPaul Kaiser Drops May 30th

"On Monday May 30th I'll be releasing the next Workers Project print, this time it's the Miner. Celebrating the careers that are now mostly lost, the miner explores this vein (pun intended). The miner is quite personal to me as I grew up in an old mining community and a lot of my family were coal miners, the stories, buildings and scars upon the landscape telling the tales of how the industry changed whole areas.

The print will be A3 sized (slightly smaller than US Tabloid size) and is printed on 380gsm Heavy Pulp paper which is 100% recycled. Each comes signed and numbered and will be available here for £20.00 each."

Wave 2 of Horrible Adorables Mini Vinyls Has Been Unleashed!

"Wave 2" of the Horrible Adorables Vinyl Series has since launched (May 27th) and is currently available on for US$24.99 apiece. Both "Shrewdipede" and "Yippey Yak" are limited to 1000pcs each, and will be followed by Wave 3: (Haremus, Pufferhedge and Foxolot) in July! And if you've not gotten Tangled Twins & Spruce Spricket yet, now would be well to snag them ALL!

Each mini figure measures approximately 4" tall and come's packaged in a window box.

"Forbidden TEQ63" by QUICCS for Philippines ToyCon 2016

Check out these images of "Forbidden TEQ63" by QUICCS (above) and the "Ghost White Edition" (seen below), with news that a "pre-release" batch of these will be up for grabs this June exclusively at the Phillippines ToyCon weekend @ Booth 113 ( / June 10-12), with a (tentative) main online release for July (early August delivery target).

First seen as a WIP custom Pop!Vinyl back in July 2015, stay tuned for further updates of these resin casted toy-ness, or stay connected with Instagram @quiccs for updates! But don't expect the "box" to be coming too, as it might well constitute MORE of a licensing issue, yeah? :)

Luke Chueh's BatBear Drops June 4th on

A photo posted by Mighty Jaxx (@mightyjaxx) on

The last we saw of this figure was STGCC 2015, with news now that Luke Chueh's BAT BEAR will drop for order this coming weekend on! Stay tuned to further updates here #onTOYSREVIL, or stay connected to Instagrams @mightyjaxx and @lukechueh!

It has been interesting to see the subtle changes in the figure (based on IG'd images, anyways), from a more rounded body sculpt, to a more angular aspect, and now back to smoother edges, IMHO.


The Making of #Overwatch's Colossal Collectibles

"After countless hours from a team of real-life heroes at Alliance, three Overwatch agents became larger than life. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of these colossal collectibles—assembled in Busan, Hollywood, and Paris!"
.. and meanwhile in Singapore, folks queued up to lay their hands on this game (video below) launched May 24th, which frankly showed nothing of any "Colossal Collectibles" in sight, and instead I get to have a peek at indie of Capitol building hahahaha … would have been nice if folks did custom 1/6th-scaled action figures with box, for display tho… juz saying'!

ThreeA Toys' Mortis Mobile Infantry Mark 6 TK HUNTERS Drop May 30th

And while I'd previously featured the TK HUNTER DEATH MASK HACK, that will not be the ONLY Edition hreeA Toys is releasing on May 30th, at - as there is another version of their 24-inch tall "Mortis Mobile Infantry Mark 6 TK Hunter" to be had: the orange hued "VALI"!

Here are some snaps (MORE on Facebook), and check out the "TK HUNTER DEPOSIT PROGRAM" listed below;

USD $588 (Price includes Free Worldwide Shipping). And we have deposit program for this release:

Non-Refundable Deposit
USD $200 *Please be noted before checkout the cart*

This Non-Refundable Deposit will not be returned upon cancellation of the order. Deposit $200 will be applied to your order.
You will be informed by our Sales dept by Email for balance payment 1 month before goods is ready to ship.

Balance is due when the Official announcement from 3A.
Estimated Shipping Date : 4th Quarter 2016.

Uglydoll x Thunderbirds in Japan

Uglydoll x Thunderbirds plush has been spotted in Tokyo! Specifically at the Tokyo Game Center, via the "claw crane Machine" (above image via @saitomotoko - who also first shared with folks the Uglydoll x Sanrio plush), with David Horvath adding; "Ultraman not far behind."

And while I'm not a huge TBird-fan to fawn over the plush brand collabo (first announced in 2015), I am much more keen for the Ultraman collabos! I'd just have to be ultra-patient for that … and hoping they'll reach Singapore in time for STGCC in September tho… :)

Uglydoll x Thunderbirds plush has been spotted in Tokyo! Ultraman not far behind.

A photo posted by David Horvath (@davidzhorvath) on

New #EVALIFE by Ajee from on on May 28th

New "Eva Life" from Mighty Jaxx for Ajee x BonusToyz's half-torso collectible, dropping Saturday May 28th on (timing: Singapore 10pm | New York 10am | London 3pm). Standing 6.5 inches tall, this polystone collectible comes in black and tea green, each priced at US$80 here on, in an edition of 60pcs.

Making it's debut in 2014 with two editions, this version looks to incorporate both matt black and GID accents. Looks like it's "time to Get A LIFE", people! :)

AJEE PRESS: "This bust is sculpted by Ajee, and co-edited by BonustoyZ and Mighty Jaxx, produced by Mighty Jaxx. The early bird edition is NEW EVA Black and Pink. The LIFE! graphic design is how Ajee first imagined it in her sketchbook and inspired her the sculpture project in 2013. The LIFE! artworks are available with a bonus art collectible on Ajee's website on the special occasion of the release."

WIP of The Dark Crystal ReAction Figure Set

And while we've just seen the announcement for Pop!Vinyls of "The Dark Crystal", check out this WIP of the ReAction figures adaptation of the revered 1982 featured film, featuring a "Landstrider" with a "Gelfling" (whom I assume to be the main protagonist; "Jen"?) standing in front of it - which makes it all uber-exciting, as far as I am concerned!

(Image above posted on @reisobrien = Reis O'Brien Senior Product Designer at Funko / below movie still via the

#StarTrekBeyond Pop!Vinyls by Funko To Be Available in July 2016

[ Individual images HERE on #popcornX ]
FUNKO PRESS: "The latest Star Trek film strands Kirk and his crew on a remote planet during the first leg of the USS Enterprise’s five year mission! Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, medical officer Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy encounter new species and characters like the warrior Jaylah! They’ll need all the help they can get from Sulu, Chekov, Scotty, and Uhura to face the great unknown! Little is known about Krall the assassin, but one thing is for sure: he’s up to no good! Coming in July!"


The Moiister Kaiju Project by Kabuki Master TGU On Pre-Order Now

The "Moiister Kaiju Project is a 4-inch tall giant of a resin figure crated by Treetana Vee Tgu, AKA Kabuki Master TGU of Thailand, and he is poised to be unleashed upon humanity, with pre-orders started just!

In a run number of 1 to 50, folks interested to snag this indie-made collectible are to DM the man on his Facebook for pricing and availability.

(Cheers for the headsup, Treetana)

LIMPEH Wood Print from SKL0

A photo posted by Sam Lo (@skl0_) on

"Oh hi there I'm just holding this wood print up to let y'all know that I'm making these cos some of you have been asking and I like you. Will be capping these to an edition of 50, reach out if you'd like one."
Teased Samantha LO AKA SKL0. DM her on Instagram (click on above image linked) or hit up "" to check for pricing and availability … go get sum LIMPEH!

WHAT-IS: "LIMPEH" by Sam Lo started as a sticker in the wild, depicting the late Lee Kuan Yew ala the visual aesthetics of OBEY, which became a calling card for the local artist, and has since led to a solo show and various merchandize including a limited run of tees and silk screened prints.

"LIMPEH" is Hokkien for "Your Father", used as a Singapore colloquial slang meaning "Your Father, Me".

Hot Toys To Do Netflix's #DAREDEVIL & The Punisher

Daredevil Hot Toys

Hot Toys has announced earlier this week they will be doing collectibles based on the DAREDEVIL television series on Netflix, with both the Man Without Fear himself and "The Punisher" mentioned! Will we see more figures from the Marvel TV series, like Elektra of Kingpin in the future? (Unless Jessica Jones and Luke Cage or even Iron Fist gets "superhero uniforms…) … maybe see how these two guys fare first in 1/6th, yeah?

Don't know about you folks, but with moving into toy adaptations of characters from television, opens up a whole now bunch of possibilities and toy-horizons, IMO!

No scheduled dates for release nor further product info as yet for this pair tho, but do stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for updates, when I have them!
HOT TOYS PRESS: "Justice is blind. We are thrilled to officially announce today, Hot Toys' highly detailed and amazing collectibles based on the highly-popular Netflix Original series Marvel's Daredevil are coming real soon! Daredevil fans stay tuned. It’s time to get ready for the Man Without Fear and the deadly vigilante Punisher!"

A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on

Introducing Armored Trooper VOTOMS Scopedog from Threezero

threezero is currently developing a fully articulated figure of Scopedog from Armored Trooper VOTOMS. An unpainted prototype was first introduced at the Sunrise booth at WonderFest 2016 (see below), the Hong Kong-based collectible toy-makers shares with folks the prototype images along with the figure specs.
WHAT-IS: "Armored Trooper VOTOMS is a military science fiction mecha animation series first aired in Japan back in 1983, featuring mechanical designs by great Kunio Okawara."

With threezero doing extremely well with their articulated mecha/giant-robot releases, Scoredog seems like a perfect fit! Looking forward to the colorway reveal (weathered or unweathered? Battle-damaged or....?). Would I be wishing too much of threezero did "Patlabor" as well? Heh.

WHAT-IS: Scopedog is 1/12th scale collectible and stands approximately 13 inches / 33cm tall. Scopedog comes with a 1/12th scale fully articulated pilot figure, which can be placed inside the cockpit.

1/12th scale Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedog collectible details:

* Fully articulated 1/12th scale figure stands 13 inches / 33cm tall;
* Comes with GAT-22 Heavy Machinegun (the barrel and stock can be exchanged/detached to take the "short barrel" form);
* Can transform into crouching mode;
* Has the Arm Punch gimmick feature;
* Groin joints can be adjusted vertically in 3 steps to adjust the leg lengths;
* Comes with 1/12th scale fully articulated pilot figure, which can be placed inside the cockpit;
* Price and Sales date: TBD

(More event pics via)

Source: threezeroHK

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Kevin Eastman x threezero Teased In Color!

Hong Kong's threezero continues their TMNT 1/6th scale collectible figure series after their movie figures adaptation, with their collaboration with Kevin Eastman's version (previously seen unpainted), based on his unique, updated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles designs - seen in color in this recently released image!

Source: threezeroHK

Tug O' War JAWS edition by Retroband x Zectron x Unbox Drops May 28th

[ More images HERE on Facebook ]

PRODUCT PRESS: "Retroband got his hands on a batch of Zectron's Tug O' War vinyl mini-monsters and decided to pay respect to the film JAWS by painstakingly hand painting each one with v-color in a classic blood-soaked shark style. Unbox Industries was kind enough to create a batch of solid grey vinyl monsters for the project.

Each hand painted figure comes bagged with header art by Retroband himself and a sticker by Kotobuki-man. Limited to only 20 pieces and priced at 55 dollars each by sure to check his online shop at Saturday 12pm CST if you want to snag one before they are gone."

Foofy by Candie Bolton x Grody Shogun

Pre-orders for the "Foofy" version of "Boshi Neko" from Candie Bolton x Grody Shogun had started not long ago on -although at time of this post, it is listed as "Sold Out"! Congrats, folks! Nevertheless, here are some more snaps and initial product info for reference.
LULUBELL TOY PRESS: "Foofy is lovingly painted in a Lisa Frank inspired colorway by Candie Bolton and named after her very own furry feline friend! Handpainted to order, each one will vary slightly. Stands approx. 6" tall, articulated in the neck. PRE-ORDER is open through June 1st at Noon Pacific Time, or while run allowance lasts. Current ETA is end of June/July & is always subject to change!"

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]

New SUCKADELIC Crowdfunding on PATREON

The Super Sucklord makes the case as to why you should join PATREON and give him your Money every Month!
SUCK-PRESS: "It is time now to come to you, Hat in Hand, and invite you to take a look at our new Crowdfunding effort on the exciting fundraising platform PATREON ! … This is a great way to show your support for all the delightful things SUCKADELIC has done to make you happy over the years, as well as insure that the magic and wonder continue for years to come! Become a Member, Get involved, and Make a Difference! We're Counting on you!"

GIRAFFAGON + WOOD ELEPHANT by Visell x Valigura Available Now

Released now and available on are two new resin pairs fromAmanda VVisell x Michelle Valgura - with both GIRAFFAGON (above) and WOOD ELEPHANT (below) in a limited edition of 25 sets, priced at US$90 per set.

FYI: This will be the first in a line of wood painted resins.


Pop! Movies: The Dark Crystal from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "Relive the majestic tale of Jen the Gelfling on his quest to reclaim the final crystal shard from Aughra the astronomer! He's joined by Kira and her pet Fizzgig, and must face many challenges including The Chamberlain Skeksis and UrSol the Chanter! Make sure to search for the chase variant closed mouth Fizzgig! Collect the whole set this summer! Coming in July!"

'UNDEROOS' by Tracy Tubera (Spider-Man in Sneakers Fanart Print)

'UNDEROOS' is the name of this 11 x 17 PRINT on archival watercolor paper, featuring the new Marvel Cinematic Universe's SPIDER-MAN (from CIVIL WAR), as illustrated by @tracytubera, rocking' a pair of "NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE PRO ‘SPIDERMAN’s"! Available here for US$35- each print comes signed, numbered, & hand embossed with Tracy's DOUBLE T logo. Limited to only 50 prints. #twirp

*This is for PRE-ORDER. Prints will ship 6/10/16.

Prototype Green Beastman #PowerCon Exclusive from Super7 Announced!

Besides the Slime Green M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. Trash Can Assortment exclusive planned for Power-Con, Super7 has announced another splendid surprise of a collectible; GREEN BEASTMAN!
SUPER7 PRESS: "Masters of the Universe was unleashed upon American audiences in the early-80's... but what if this had occurred in Japan instead?! Gargamel and Super7 answer this with the 4" tall Beastman soft vinyl figure! For this Power-Con exclusive, Beastman comes in prototype unpainted light green vinyl and armed with his imposing whip. The Prototype Green Beastman Vinyl will ONLY be available while supplies last at Power-Con in Los Angeles on June 4th & 5th." (

Splurrrt's GHOST OF BROKEN BONES Available May 27th

TAG PRESS:"The bones are back! Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the return of the Broken Bones from Splurrt! The GHOST OF BROKEN BONES is cast in beautiful clear soft vinyl with embedded glitter, giving it an unearthly shine. The Broken Bones stands 5 inches tall and features three points on articulation. Sculpted by Splurrt and made in Japan! Available this Friday 5/27 at 12PM PST at for US$70!"

The "GHOST" from Plaseebo (Custom "Warui Inu”) Drops May 31st

PLASEEBO PRESS: "The “GHOST” is a one of a kind custom of the Kaiju Coup / Medicom Toy "Warui Inu” figure in clear vinyl. At 6 inches high, he has red glass eye inserts and a switched color-changing LED uint, with replaceable batteries, that illuminates the color gel and GID guts. He is also chained to a concret block to slow him down. Hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays. Signed. The “GHOST” will be available on Tuesday May 31st from the Plaseebo web-shop on"

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]
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