3AGO Zombkin, Charkin & Milky by 3A Toys for Helloween Festival

Teased only just yesterday, 3A Toys reveals further product details of one of their "Helloween" releases, with 3AGO ZOMBKIN and CHARKIN editions each priced at US$45, while the 3AA Set 3-Pack includes the exclusive MILKY, priced at US$120 (including shipping).

October 31st @ 9AM Hong Kong time via Bambalandstore.com.

Argonaut Resins' Halloween Resin Release featuring Soko Cat & Adam Pratt

Available online via the Argonaut Resins online store on Oct 30th at 12 noon. are this Halloween resins, courtesy of customs from Soko Cat (The Mummies Set) and Adam Pratt (aka Small Angry Monster - The Darth Maul and Glow in the dark Spirits sets), all sets featuring Tuttz Mini, Pharaoh Hound Mini and Sucio Mouse. Gosh but they look rad!


Helloween Festival Releases from 3A Toys

3A Toys prepares to celebrate "HELLOWEEN" with a skew of releases online via Bambalandstore.com - probably from 9AM Hong Kong time on October 31t - including the following products:

- 1/6 Doctor Doom.
- 1/6 HEX by Crystal Jade Vaughan (accompanied by a comicbook maybe?)
- SYOUPEE release: NISE. Designed and sculpted by Siuyin.
- Pumpkin-headed CHARKIN figures from the 8" tall 3AGO line - in a trio of editions.

Pop Culture Personalities Announced for #ITGCC 2014

PRESS: "Jakarta, 30 October 2014 – In less than one month, ITGCC, the most anticipated toy, game and comic convention will be held on November 22-23 at JIExpo, Jakarta. ITGCC is a spin off event of Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) and is part of the Reed POP events, which includes New York Comic Con and Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo." (www.indotgcc.com /www.facebook.com/indotgcc)

Invited Guests (AKA "Pop Culture Personalities") currently include Cosplayer "Vampy Bit Me", sculptor/artist Jesse Yu aka J★RYU, Graphic Designer from Bangkok, Parinya Pichetsiriporn AKA Benzilla, and the previously announced Simone Legno from tokidoki, and MARVEL's C.B. Cebulski.

J*RYU will also be holding a sculpting workshop "where fans can witness his skills and gain insights about the creative process behind his work."

Seems Pobber will also be attending the event (Booth #AA71, AA73), so it would be interesting if indeed they will debut their "3Balls" collectible with Benzilla? Purely speculation on my part, of course :p

Teaser for "ERIC the DEVILISH CAPTAIN" 1/6 ARTION FIGURE from Eric So

"ERIC the DEVILISH CAPTAIN" Limited Edition "1/6 ARTION FIGURE" is an upcoming new work from Eric So, to be released via his / Pamamamason's new apparel brand "Referee". Wouldn't be too surprised if their embroidered brand logo makes an appearance on the figure's clothes tho :p

GID Bad Brain Editions from Unbox Industries

KARLATOS and MCCULLOCH Edition BAD BRAIN GIDs are currently available from Unbox Industries for US$50 each.

Featuring glow-in-the-dark, these root molded soft vinyl includes an operable bar (to fit in jellies and candies oh yummy), and are perfect for Halloween gifting, methinks! Measuring pprox 20cmx20cmx20cm, the come polybagged and ever ready to "suck and feast on your brainwaves" LOL

"Station to Station" by David Stegmann @ Pretty Portal (Oct 31-Nov 28)

EVENT PRESS: "From 31st of October to 28th of November 2014 Pretty Portal shows works of Swiss-German artist David Stegmann AKA "dust". In the exhibition "STATION TO STATION" David Stegmann presents new works on glass and pieces on canvas and paper. Opening reception is on 31st of October 2014 at 7pm."

EVENT PRESS CONTINUED: "In his work David Stegmann deals with questions of coexistence of humans and the environment. His works, which combine abstract painting and neosurrealism, are partially apocalyptic and visionary. They provide an insight into a fragile, organic microcosm. In the eye of the beholder concrete and fantastic flows together, to dissolve again in the next moment. Nature, with her absolute passion for perfection, color and shape is the source of David Stegmann's inspiration.

David Stegmann has consistently developed his work. After shows in 2008 and 2009, we are happy to show his latest pieces at Pretty Portal."
(Text source: prettyportal)

Mr Munk for #DCON2014

"i am back an i will be at designercon this year with almost 40 customs.i will have a 5 dollar raffle for a custom . people can just look for the display case with my logo."
Shared Mr Munk, and you can look for his booth #518 at DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9), and feel free to head on thru to THIS FB album to view the pieces individually!

#MONSTERDUNNY 2014 by ZombieMonkie - Revealed: Vlad

And the very last #MONSTERDUNNY-reveal from Mikie Graham AKA ZombieMonkie, is the Count himself; bow down to VLAD, and offer your supple bare neck for him to feast on your blood!

Available as DIY Unpainted Editions (US$15 per) and Painted Versions (US$45 per) online via zombiemonkie.storenvy.com, VLAD also features Glow-in-the-Dark! Stay tuned for VERY LAST reveal, of this series on TOYSREVIL!

"As an added bonus, for every 3 customs purchased you will receive a free Pumpkin Dunny figure only available through multiple purchases. Buy 3 get 1 free, buy 6 get a 2nd special edition pumpkin, buy 9 total and receive another.... and so on. There are 5 total special edition pumpkin styles to collect. Collect all 15 monster customs to uncover what the Mystery pumpkin design will be!"-shared Mikie Graham.

Stay Puff Marshamellow Man by Clogtwo Is The Awesomeness.

Work in progress: "Stay Puft"
Ball point on bristol.
Commissioned piece.

Permit me to take some "time out" from all the buy-me-buy-me-buy-me posts (I lurves them tho, I do), and instead share this snap of Clogtwo's sketch of the Stay Puff Marshamellow man in peril, which frankly would make an utterly awesometastic print, even without being colored! That is all, thank you for your collective indulgence :)

Pop! Television: Firefly by Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "You can never have enough Firefly in your life! In follow up to our ReAction Figures Firefly line - we bring you the beloved sci-fi gang as a Pop! series. These Pop!'s are a darling take on the classic Serenity crew! Shiny! Available in December!"
Seriously tho, Wash with his dinosaur toy is mighty awesome, methinks LOL

Dunny Hecho en Mexico - Dia de Muertos On Sale Oct 30

Celebrate the "Day of the Dead" with Dunny Hecho en Mexico - Dia de Muertos with customs from a fantabulous list of participating artists, with each blind box pull priced at US$90 (plus shipping). With a total amount of 30pcs made available, and will be reduced as each order is paid. Sales begin October 30th at 12:00 pm GMT.
HOW: "To acquire a blindbox you just have to send an email to dunnyhechoenmexico@gmail.com, indicating the number of pieces required and a PayPal direction where a receipt will be sent, it has to be paid within 24 hours or the order will be canceled."

Above: Hooligan + Tadeo + Mahenta + Mr. Mitote

There will be three CHASE pieces (from cucaracha borracha, X83 and Mahenta) and 1 Golden Ticket (made by Jump jumper Ant - FYI: golden ticket winner will just have to cover shipping costs) to keep an eye out for!
"If you want to secure a complete set of 10 pieces, you can ask for it at the same email address, you will have to do it quickly, because sets will be taken from the 30 available pieces and if you get late it's probable you may not complete it. Complete set cost is US$900, free shipping."

Above: Yoste, Jump jumper ant y shiffa

Above: lupilu + cucaracha borracha + x83

#DCON exclusives from Circus Posterus: Heathen Snake Skelve & Brandan Styles

From Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peterscomes Micro edition Heathen Snake Skelve, with the RED/BLACK run in only 10pcs at US$300 each, and the WHITE also in an edition of only 10pcs but s priced at US$350 each. (Remember there's also the more "economically priced" Bitter Mantis editions?)

PRESS: "We here at Circus Posterus are excited to bring Brandan Styles with us for the first time to Designer Con. Some items he is bringing along for the ride to Circus Posterus Booth #700 (include) original hand woodcut pieces with prices going from $125-$200 for various sizes and detail. Also an exclusive wood Skull necklace for $35 each." -shared Brad Smith.

One-Eyed Girl @ #DCON 2014 - Booth #1133

"I'm excited to announce I'll be attending my first DesignerCon this year! I have been very busy creating new hand-sculpted and hand-painted pieces that will be for sale at Booth #1133. I'd like to share some mini series currently in the works." -shared Kasey Tararuj (One-Eyed Girl).
"Kritters and Cronies will be available, custom toys varying in size from Micro's to Mini's. Prices range from $50-100 per piece.

There will also be several Furry Monsters available. Custom toys specific to the Micro size priced at $65 per piece. What's cuter than a dapper monster that fits in the palm of your hand?

Along with all these little guys, I'll have a variety of other monsters, kritters, and creatures available, each original character with a unique personality. To be revealed soon!"

website - www.oneeyedgirl.com
instagram @kctararuj - http://instagram.com/kctararuj
facebook - https://www.facebook.com/oneeyedgirlart

David Choe at GR2 (Oct 28) - Launching "Snowman Monkey BBQ" (#NSFW Video)

"Giant Robot is proud to host David Choe in celebration of his new book, Snowman Monkey BBQ. David Choe’s first Los Angeles solo exhibition was at GR2 in 2003. We’re happy to host his LA book signing."
Check out the page-flip video below (WARNING: NSFW - NUDITY & ADULT CONTENT)

Giant Robot Presents: David Choe
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
7:00 PM
Giant Robot 2 (GR2)
2062 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90025

Buff Monster for #HelloKittyCon 2014

Hello Kitty Con happens this weekend, and besides the splendid PINK Hello Kitty Kaijus by Max Toy Co to be had, keep a kean eye out for Buff Monster's new resin figure!
"She stands 3 inches tall and is made of swirled clear pink and opaque white resin with glitter and gloss coat. I cast and painted them all myself. Each one is signed too! Come by the JapanLA booth at the convention to get one! (They actually look much better in person.) See you there!" -shared Buff Monster.
Also available at the JapanLA booth is the sweet melting kitty ice-cream design on a tee! FYI; Buff Monster will be signing at the JapanLA booth on Saturday November 1 at noon.

The Hello Kitty Con takes place at MOCA (Geffen Contemporary) and is a ticket entrance event. Red up more here.


Skelevex: Shallow Grave Mummy (Halloween Edition) from DMS

PRODUCT PRESS: "Freshly unearthed from a shallow grave, the remains of six victims have been recovered, from an ancient Cornish burial ground, in time for Halloween. Coming to the Skelevex store at 11.59pm on Friday 31st October (GMT).

Measuring at around 2" of distressed hand cast resin, hand painted in a weathered and bloody style with gory clear resin head wounds. Comes in a black body bag with printed header card. Limited to six pieces, priced at $29.99 plus shipping."
-shared DMS.

PLAYGE DOCTOR S004 [GRACKLE] from Ferg for Oct 31-Drop

Scheduled for a release on Halloween Day October 31st (12:00 noon central time) is PLAYGE DOCTOR S004 [GRACKLE] from Ferg. Priced at US$95 (Includes worldwide shipping) and available via store.projectsquadt.com - this 6" vinyl, fur and ABS figure is in an edition of 200pcs - and includes: clear grey lenses, fur topped cape, 2.1 and classic arms, jeweled clear grey sword-cane, clear grey katana and removable helmet. Black-on-black is always awesome, and this is no exception - with fur no less! "Pimp Doctor"! LOL

Star Wars: Episode IV: 1/6 Stormtroopers Collectible Set by Hot Toys

HOTTOYS PRESS: "After the official reveal of Hot Toys’ first wave of high-end Star Wars collectible figures featuring the infamous smuggler Han Solo and his best friend Chewbacca which were well-received by fans, we are moving the spotlight to the Galactic Empire for this new wave!
Today Hot Toys is thrilled to present the 1/6th scale collectible figures set of fans’ favorite faceless enforcer of the Galactic Empire - Stormtrooper!

The highly-accurate collectible figures are specially crafted based on the image of Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope featuring bodies with two different heights just like how these non-clone soldiers appear in the film, meticulously crafted Stormtrooper armor and helmet, detailed weapons, and a specially designed figure stand. This collectible set will exclusively include an additional heavy blaster and a mouse droid as bonus accessories."

With Figure Painted by Lok Ho and Figure Art Directed by JC. Hong, scheduled release is 2nd to 3rd quarter of 2015. Interesting that they've decided to offer a two-pack, and folks intending on building armies/teams will have a two different contingents with two different heights (30cm and 28cm tall)! Not to mention if folks decide to mix in with their Sideshow Toy counterparts, this would make or an eclectic mix of soldiers! Glitch in the cloning process, perhaps? LOL

But fear not, non-completists, for apparently the Stormtrooper Collectible Figure is also available for pre-order separately (Do check in with your "plastic crack dealer" for pricing and availability!) … Wouldn't be fun if the 2-pack included interchangeable headsculpts of Luke and Han, innate? Well, one fanboy can wish…!

**MORE images uploaded on my dedicated Facebook album :)

The Art of the Tag @ myplasticheartnyc Opens Nov 1st

EVENT PRESS: "Boundless Brooklyn and myplasticheart will be hosting an art event on November 1, 2014, from 7PM-10PM featuring customized miniature water tower model kits from over 30 acclaimed local and international artists. As part of the BB/MPH venture, the event is co-curated by both companies, with water tower kits provided by Boundless Brooklyn and the event held at the myplasticheart store and gallery on the Lower East Side, NYC.

This venture provides a unique opportunity to blend the fast growing do-it-yourself water tower platform from Boundless Brooklyn and artist-focused approach of myplasticheart into a full-fledged homegrown art/design experience."

Read up more on the show via their Facebook events Page, including participating artists list! The previews featured here today are from @zamart @chrisrwk @kanokid and @reactor88, and as well you can scope out more via IG @boundlessbrooklyn.

Opening night of “The Art of the Tag” show is Saturday November 1, from 7-10PM, at 210 Forsyth St,. New York NY 10002, and the show runs until Friday, November 21st.

"The Truth about Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling" from Art Toy Gama Collective @ GKO Gallery (An Art Toy & Designer Exhibition in Spain)

EVENT PRESS: "Art Toy Gama Collective is proud to present an Art Toy & Designer Exhibition entitled “The Truth about Pinocchio. A different way of storytelling”. It is going to celebrate between the days 22-29 November during the International Puppet Festival in the city of Tolosa (Basque Country, Spain), “Titirijai 2014”.

It has been organized in GKO Gallery and will participate over 30 artists from Japan, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and Spain. An Artistic Project related to Art Toys in addition to artistic photography, illustration, animation and other technologies also linked to this type of contemporary design."

The previews featured here were provided via email, but you can check out the rest of the amazing pieces here on Facebook! Always jazzed to see art from all corners of the world, and this looks to be an amazing showing!
"As promoter of the Exhibition is one emerging Collective born with the purpose of promoting the artistic movement of the Art Toys in all its aspects: Art Toy Gama Collective. A group of artists, with different backgrounds and professional experiences, all Spanish speakers from Spain, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, and linked to the Movement or tendency in contemporary design based in Art with Toys – Antu, Judas Arrieta, Artefacto Inc., La Maison de Mageritdoll and C├ęsar Zanardi. With the ambition of celebrate and participate Artistic Projects - and other activities - associated with Art Toys and with the intention of getting involved with international artists.” -shared Sergio at La Maison de Mageritdoll

Brutherford Releases For Halloween Oct 31

"So it's been a long time since I've been in touch with anyone and even longer since I released anything new. Here's a huge list of stuff thats going to drop on my website www.brutherford.com this friday, Halloween, at noon EST. And there are two more surprises that will appear on my site along with all of this on friday afternoon." -brutherford.com

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