Amanda Visell Resins & Giant Sized Test Shots for #SkeletorsLair Pop-Up Shop in Super7 SanDiego Store

New additions to the previously featured exclusives for Skeletor's Lair Pop Up Shop - first showcasing a collaboration with Amanda Visell resulting in handcrafted limited runs of SKELETOR and HE-MAN sculpts. While "size"" is as yet revealed, the price point is pegged at US$100 each - available only at "Skeletor's Lair" AKA the Super7 San Diego retail store circa San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Also available will be Giant Sized "Test Shots" of Skeletor and He-Man, "cast in unpainted mixed color injected plastic parts, recreating the process of the first shot figures created by factories as an injection mold test, using any color plastic on hand. Measuring 12 inches tall" No price mentioned.

Source: IG @super7sandiego / @amandavisell

The Haunted House ReAction Playset by Super7 for #SDCC2015

And a paper diorama it is! Super7 reveals their HAUNTED HOUSE ReAction playset, featuring 3 flights of play levels for ReAction action figures, available for US$75 each - limit one person - at their booth #4945 in the coming San Diego Comic Con.

PRESS: "Super7 presents the ultimate ReAction playset – The Haunted House! Our biggest playset to date, the Haunted House is designed to fit any and all 3 3/4 ReAction figures new or old. Measuring in at a whopping 25” wide and 20” tall, this three storied macabre mansion is packed with sinister secrets at every turn. From trap doors, concealed entrances, hidden rooms and secret passages, this playset packs a punch in every room. The Haunted House is three stories of fun and terror for your entire collection! Super7 spent almost an entire year developing this playset just like the vintage playsets of the 1970’s. Packed with over 60 individually painted panels and countless custom double-pass die-cuts on both sides of every board, the Haunted House may look simple, but this was the most complex toy Super7 has ever produced. Available exclusively from Super7, the Haunted House playset will be available for $75 each, limit one person. SDCC booth #4945" (Super7)

Munky King for #SDCC2015

Here's a quick roundup of exclusives Munky King has for the coming San Diego Comic Con - with these available via Booth ‪4851‬, thus far featuring works from Luke Chueh, Scott Wilkowski, Daniel Fleres and Dabsmyla. Head on to their instagram @munkykingtoys for updates and further reveals.

Above: HUNG by Luke Chueh probably in GOLD color (teased on IG @lukechueh), each priced at US$15 per "…these will be released in small amounts each day until Luke's signing Friday July 10th from 1-3pm // these will not be available online, only at the convention."

I've previously reviewed the OG Edition - for your reference :)

Above-left: Black on Black Bitch by Luke Chueh, in an edition of 30pcs, each priced at US$75. I'd previously reviewed the grey edition - for your reference :)

Above-right: The OG Colorway of TroubleTrouble by Dabsmyla - who also will be signing on Saturday July 11th between 1-3pm. Each will be priced at US$70. *Note: This figure will be made available at a later date via Munkyking.com.

Above-left: "Nemobito" customs by Daniel Fleres will be made available in an edition of 3, each priced at US$200.

Above-right: A one off "bad idea" custom by Daniel Fleres based on an original Luke Chueh painting. US$300.

Above: "Infected Target" by Scott Wilkowski - no info revealed yet, but looks hella good, dunnit? Heh :)

Toy Tokyo for #SDCC2015

Toy Tokyo will be joining Funko for San Diego Comic Con with booths #5339-5341 presenting the following exclusives to be had! Neither prices nor quantities revealed at this time, but feel free to stake out their instagram @toy_tokyo for updates.

Rotofugi for #SCC2015

Featured here are a selection of SDCC-exclusives to be had from Rotofugi (Booth 5248) for which further product details could be found on their Facebook page.

SDCC will see the debut of Coarse Omen Outburst - Loser Black and Loser Lemon. Limited to 500pcs per version, with a SRP of US$105 each (limit one per customer/household). 30pcs of each version will be available per day at SDCC at the designated release times including preview night (detailed times on Rotofugi.com).

FYI: These 7.5” tall figures will also be available for online sales by Rotofugi shortly after the convention as well as from select retailers in Asia.

Chris Ryniak's Snybora in vibrant green vinyl with silver and teal sprays, priced at US$35 (tax included), limit one per customer, while they last at SDCC Booth 5248.

"Night Mystic" Edition Dredge by Brian Morris @ US$65 each (sales tax included). Note that an online release will "follow shortly after the end of the convention."

Seven different exclusive Grumble Toy releases in small editions (2-7 of each figure) with these Made in Japan and painted in Canada soft vinyl figures for a series dubbed "Pastel Flourescence".

NekoMimi (3" tall figure in an edition of 7pcs priced at $33 / sales tax included)
Chou-Cho (3" tall figure in an edition of 5pcs priced at $33 / sales tax included)
Chubby Tough (3.5" tall figure in an edition of 6pcs priced at $38 (sales tax included).
Wormrah (3" tall figure in an edition of 7pcs priced at $33 / sales tax included).
Ishigon (3" tall figure in an edition of 4pcs priced at $33 / sales tax included).
Ilith (6" tall figure in an edition of 4 pieces priced at $38 / sales tax included).

A trio of Custom Kaijus by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co, including The Galaxy Custom Winged Kaiju Eyezon @ US$750 (tax included), Alien Argus @ US$220 (tax included), and Ultimate SaiKobi custom @ US$220 (Designed and sculpted by Japanese toy designer Pico Pico for the Max Toy / Monster Boogie line of figures).

"Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi is proud to have a project with Frank that will, if shipping doesn't fail us, debut at SDCC Booth 5248 this year....more information to come soon!" (Rotofugi)

Androids & Creature Drawing Books: Andrew Bell for #SDCC2015

Summer Edition ‎Android mini set from Andrew Bell to debut at Dumbrella booth #1335 San Diego Comic Con. No further product details revealed as yet tho (Price and Quantity), although I wonder what the Lifeguard Android would do to the faux-shark swimmer Android…? Looks to be a fun set to be had haha

This'll be Andrew's 13th year at SDCC and I am sure there'll be plenty more other goodies to be had, be it a (possible) new print, or his new book of creature drawings - titled "MAKE IT STOP" - which might or might not see a new collectible figure too?

Updates on IG @deadzebrainc.

The Force Awakens: Black Series "The First Order Stormtrooper" by Hasbro to debut at #SDCC2015

Making a debut at this year's San Diego Comic Con is this Black Series First Order Stormtrooper figure from Hasbro, with this 6" tall articulated action figure the based on the new Storm Trooper design seen in the upcoming Star Wars 7 / "The Force Awakens" movie directed by JJ Abrams! We've seen plenty of studio snaps circulating in the www for some time now, but StarWarsTheBlackSeries scored a sample and they have snaps galore to share, and frankly nothing beats in-hand pics, IMHO.

PRESS: "STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES 6-INCH FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $25.99/Available through HasbroToyShop.com or Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego) The very first Hasbro action figure from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS is landing at Comic-Con International in San Diego! This 6-inch highly articulated figure features the attention to detail that fans expect from STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES, as well as a special commemorative packaging presentation that won’t be available at retail. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on HasbroToyShop.com." (thefwoosh.com)


"GO SOFTLY" - JUNGOL - Multipack Playset from DLL Customs

Currently available for sales online at dllcustoms.storenvy.com is the "GO SOFTLY" - JUNGOL - Multipack Playset from Derrick Lauglaug AKA DLL Customs - priced at US$65 a piece plus shipping. I like this notion of a short film + toy package, and wish that I could see more of this type of cross-overs, IMHO.

"Edition of 2 pieces, features 7 resin figures blistered on 17.5" x 13.5" backer board. Comes ready to hang, signed and numbered. Originally sold as an edition of 3 pieces in April of 2014 at the Atlanta Film Festival screening of GO SOFTLY by JUNGOL. This internet only version is the last time these will be made." (Watch the short film at jungol.net/gosoftly)
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