about hot toys' star wars chubby series 2

they never really went away, did they?

hawt on the heels of Star Wars Chubby Series One in '06 (actually, i don't really know if it's "hawt", but it seems like a nice para-starter, dunnit? :p) - comes Star Wars Chubby Series TWO.

each of the Star Wars Chubby consists of 3 different doll-sizes, with each doll representing the different stages of the particular character in each Episode of the entire Star Wars saga. there are a total of SIX Chubby designs in this cycle, with each Chubby measuring 8.5cm(L), 5.7cm(M) and 4.5cm(S) tall (or basically between 1 1/2"ers to 3"-ers tall) all housed in a window-box which shows all 3-figures in a set - and there's an added feature: magnetic feets = now you can recreate battles vertically along your kitchen refrigerator! whoo-hoo! (heh) scheduled for a 2nd quarter-drop with a SRP of US$12-per [via] - here are the various sets to consider (to add to the above Storm / Clone Trooper-set):

Jango Fett/Boba Fett

Luke Skywalker

Starfighter Pilots (gotta dig the helmet)

Ewoks (this is for You, Ayleen! :p)

Princess Leia (rawkin'!)

and in addition to this series, is the 24-cm tall JUMBO FETT... eerr... i mean; JUMBO JANGO FETT - featuring a removable helmet and still with magnetic-feets. yep, the chubs never goes away.... heh.

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