Custom-Feature: Character Totem by Sneaky Raccoon for Inkygoodness @ Pictoplasma (April 6)

London-based artist Anna Mullin aka Sneaky Raccoon finishes her Totem design ~ featuring a woodpecker named "LouLee", and a beaver named "Norton" ~ bound for Berlin, Germany for Inkygoodness' Character Totem @ Pictoplasma, launching April 6th. We get to see snaps of this cutie via her tweets @SneakyRaccoon.

There are whole heck-loads of "other" designs seen on Inkygoodness' Facebook, but this post is about Sneaky's, so you'll just haveta wait for another post rounding up the rest. Included is the official flyer for the event tho, courtesy of design by Michelle Turton, and illustration by Kate Hindley & Muxxi.

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