Toy-Review: Cai Shen Android by DYZ Plastic


The third Android-special to be released individually, was the CAI SHEN ANDROID! Themed with the Chinese traditional "Cai Shen Ye" God Of Wealth, this unique figure was released for Chinese New Year as an Asian-exclusive.

These 3" tall individually window-boxed figures were initially made for folks working for Google, Inc in Beijing, a limited number were made available in subsequent Eastern-based stores for sales.


WHAT: Google Android Mini Collectibles are vinyl toys possessing three points of articulation: one at the rotating head, and two with the arm joints. As well the figure includes an "ANDROID" text engraved unto the figure's side. Do check with your favorite retailer/s for availability.


This is the second time aspects of the Android-form were altered to suit the theme, and this figure had an abundance of! An additional gold-ingot accessory in one hand? While a fortune banner in another? And a cute crooked hat/accessory? How kitschy-cool is that?

Truth be told, I was really that "sold" when the figure was announced, frankly I was unimpressed and thought the figure cheesy. But recognizing the design was pretty applicable for fortune-loving Chinese-tastes, and as well holding the figure literally in hand, I was "turned" and am really enjoying this figure! I can only imagine if this figure had been a 12" or 8" figure, how may folks would actually have him at their toy-alter, to "pray" for toy-fortunes? LOL


Designer Andrew Bell blogged: "On February 3rd, over a Billion people will be celebrating the Chinese New Year! To commemorate the event and to help usher in a year of prosperity, we got together with our Asia distributor to create a new special edition Asia exclusive Android mini figure. Meet Cai Shen, the god of wealth! "

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