The Reveal of the Blind Cowboy & Ghost Horse from 3A Toys


UPDATED: More pics of Blind Cowboy and price! Single figure is US$120 per (shipped) will the Ghost Horse & Blind Cowboy Superset is US$270 (shipped). And as the new images of the Blind Cowboy reveals, he sure is totting a whole lotto pistols for a blind guy! LOL = *Awesome*



The long-n-short of it was, I was corralling mini-images of the Blind Cowboy and his horse into a montage (sneaked over the weekend), when THESE appeared on the the 3A production-blog, so yes, screw that noise and let's all of us gawk along at this release - the existence of which might be a surprise for folks previously only familiar with the mecha, clones and zombies being released by 3A Toys (but of course Popbot-fans know of this character's existence) and perhaps accessible to loads other collects of 1/6th out there, in particular the Ghost Horse!


Pre-order is scheduled for an August 15th @ 9AM Hong Kong time via available in two versions: With and without horse. More details will be posted if we get them …and oh yes, not to put any images to waste, the montage I was talking about was this:


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