YEY by Axel Ascuy Kirsinger


Fromm Chile comes a designer toy form named "YEY" - designed and manufactured by Axel Ascuy Kirsinger. Made of resin epoxy, the figurine measures 3.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide, and weighs 145 grams. This limited edition figurine is priced extremely reasonably at US$16 per (+shipping with packaging). Currently the only way to order them is by emailing axel@yey.cl (tell'em TOYSREVIL sent you!) and subsequently when the purchase website goes 'live', folks can then go crazy with it.
"…its based on a typical Chilen folkcraft, its an native wood figure who shows his penis." ~mentions Axel.

A toy with an exposed 'dong'? I can get with that LOL ~ do check out more snaps via www.YEY.cl or it's Facebook!

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