Japan Charity Edition Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujin by Peter Kato


Peter Kato shares with us an "important project" for him personally, featuring a new series of his Turtle Tetsujins in crystal clear resin figures with a solid red resin circle floating inside its body - which represents "hinomaru" (Japan flag/ rising sun) which in turns represents Japan.

Hinomaru_Turtle_Tetsujin-02 Hinomaru_Turtle_Tetsujin-03
"With the help of My Plastic Heart(toystore & gallery) & the NY Japanese American Lion's Club Charities Inc, all proceeds from the sales of these guys will be donated to the people of Japan at the affected site who have suffered the earthquake/ tsunami disaster last year. They will be priced at $25 with the starting run at 40 pcs (if sales continue I will make more) at myplasticheart." ~mentioned Peter.
"This is my second Japan fundraising toy project. Last year for San Diego Comicon , Toy Tokyo sold my first toy series "The Pocket Powers" & all proceeds of sales went to Japan through the NY JALCC. So those first editions debuted as a donation series. 100 assorted pcs were made. Actually there is a small batch left at Toy Tokyo. I chose the Lion's Club Association because they had the means to make 100% of the profits go to Japan. I intend to do this every year with a new figure or series to raise money for donation." ~added Peter (Pocket Powers image posted below).

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