The Release of Four Boob Boz Wrangler by CUPCO & Group Show @ Grass Hut (June 7)


Luke Temby aka CUPCO prepares to release his first vinyl figure at a coming group customs show at Grass Hut launching June 7th - featuring a slew of artists' interpretation of the figure (click above-left image to see the list) - including sneaks shown here from (L-R clockwise): Le Merde, Cometdebris, Luke Rook, Liver Diet, and bottom right is from Cliff of Monstre Hero. Standing 7 inches tall - only 200 units of the vinyl figure has been produced - all self-financed by CUPCO himself! Expect the pricing to be around US$50 per. I'll update with packaging-pics and videos soon!

The FOUR BOOB BOZ WRANGLER is a splitting image of a CUPCO character and the 4 x exposed toy-boobies is - by itself - uninteresting add to the toy culture, IMHO :)

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BOZ_WANGLER_CUPCO_04 7526d75aaa8b11e1b00112313800c5e4_7

UPDATED: Pics of BOZWRANGLER customs viewable here (and replicated here ;p):

[Above: Oliver Hibert]
[Above: Spencer Hibert]
[Above: Play Tonto / WRECKS / Monstre Sean]
[Above: Julie Pinzur / MCA Evil]

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