Johan (Ankou) Revealed by 3A Toys


JOHAN is a 12" Ankou figure from 3A Toys, and while the mecha-imagery and mayhap even scaled banana prop might get folks' toy-loving hearts a'pumping, tis the collared tee with colored-strips that appeals to me greatly … reminding me of the salad days when I desperately collected casual wear / street wear for my 1/6-boys, when near everything else was "military"-themed. Back then, I would actually have bought this figure just for the clothes and shoes! Times sure have changed since .. haven't they? hhhmmm

JOHAN would be 3A's first carded 12" figure (that alone is strangely "intriguing"), available somewhen for a "limited time sale". And while the price is unrevealed, there is a "clue" about it's drop date "hidden" in this ad (posted HERE) that mentions the 'abduction' date on: "17th October @ 9am".

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