Event Images for The Hell Lotus Art Show


The Hell Lotus Art Show launched last night at SUP, and we get to view the event via a number of kind folks' snaps of the event, with Na En's coverage viewable here (above images via), and as well he shared some of his own impressions of the one-night-only event:
"Overall the event was tastefully done. There was a festive vibe, there was music blasting, live art and fans presents to support our local brand. I enjoyed it, they was literally dancing in the street."

Above we have some snaps of the custom Hell Lotus from Streething and Plastic Culture - no doubt both of them will be posting more detailed coverage soon. As well the customs are to move to another locale at Bien SG @ Sultan Arts Village, although the time is as yet ascertained, but they are to exhibit thru the month of November. More detailed pics of the customs when I have a chance to visit the exhibit in daylight :)

Folks interested to purchase the customs and artwork, are to refer to event organizer next week for when they are listed.

I'll end this post with a look at artist Clogtwo (creator of 'Hell Lotus') and his "live" painting of this 8ft x 8ft wood-panel canvas, for which the auction sales of, goes to a charity. Item has since been SOLD!


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