"Infiltrator" by Sam De Jesus (for TOYSREVIL's Black Friday 2012)


From Sam De Jesus comes "INFILTRATOR"! And for his effort in this Advance Team Reconnaissance mission, the Alien Overlords have rewarded his claim over California to rule over!
"The Infiltrator is drawn to California because of the high amounts of electromagnetic waves detected emanating from the area known as Hollywood. It has mistakenly identified television and reality show actors and actresses for terran military commanders. The Infiltrator observes and studies the noises and grumbles they make via radio and television. Realizing that many other terrans listen and take commands from these tv/radio leaders, it scouts and marks locations where these electromagnetic signals come from so that it can destroy and knock out the entire network. Invasion will easier when these leaders have no way to communicate to their masses."

A custom 4-inch Munny with an intense sculpted face, this one-of-one custom is priced at only US$100 (plus shipping) and can be purchased HERE. Note that 20% of sales proceeds will be going towards the American Red Cross for 'Disaster Relief' (www) to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This item is valid for purchase starting November 23rd, 2012, thru to January 23rd, 2013.

Check out more of Sam De Jesus' work via!

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