Pacific Rim Viral Marketing Begins!


The breaking movie news of today HAS to be the start of the viral promotions for PACIFC RIM! Two videos has been unleashed, pointed to via the "PPDC Crisis Map" on the Pan Pacific Defense Corps website (clicking on the red dot will reveal two videos - both posted here), so am expecting more red dots to pop-up (so exciting!).



Shown above is the Kaiju Emergency Alert System test (interesting), while the video below adopts a "breaking news" style format, which reveals partial body-pics of the kaiju (of course I screengrabbed them ;p) and an intriguing view of "something" being hauled on the deck of a ship…


What is also extremely cool too, is the tandem release of giant robot designs via "leaked blueprints", with this round seeing "US Jaeger Gipsy Danger" (via Wired) and his counter-part from PPDC Russia, "Jaeger Cherno Alpha"! And from comes Japan's "Coyote Tango"! (I LOVE that there are corps from around the world, the buttons/pins gave an indication of that previously).

ADDED: "Striker Eureka" from Australia (via

In addition to giving me the headsup about this viral, Latino Review has also an image of a classified document to the Great Britain Air Command, which feats the names of pilots for the Jaegers.

Expect the trailer to debut with the premiere of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (which Latino Review prophesied due to the countdown clock on the PPDC-website). “Pacific Rim” will hit theaters on July 12, 2013. *EXCITED, I AM*

I personally like the way the direction of the viral marketing is going, with the PPDC as the core of the action. And since I am based in Singapore in Asia, waking up to the video and news, is like literally waking up to news which happened while I was sleeping, and hell it is pretty "frightening" to see what I have "missed"! Looking forward to seeing how this plays out :)

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