Living The 1/6 World: Monkey Play-Ground 'Threezero' by Jason Siu in 1/6

SDC12173 SDC12174 SDC12175
SDC12177 SDC12178 SDC12179

From Hong Kong designer Jason Siu comes a 1/6th-scale action figure which I has been on my personal WANTS-LIST since seeing it released from years back, totting a boombox-head and urban-vibe which embodied the street-style of the era of "urban vinyl movement" of the East in the early 2000s which resonated strong with much earlier collectors, IMHO.

Dubbed "Threezero" (yes, ala the revered toy company "threezero", which also made these figures), he was one of three figurines released under his "Monkey Play-Ground" series, and I was extremely luck to secure this figure (sans his watch accessory, and packaging box) just a few days ago. Am really liking the hand-peg is similar to that of Dragon Models' than early Hot Toys' too! Here is a slideshow of some images of my brand new "old" toy, to share! [CLICK for full-screen viewing]

SDC12183 SDC12182 SDC12184
Screen shot 2012-11-18 at PM 10.50.24

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