Custom Toys Roundup Dec 3


Since his last WIP-snaps, dust has finished his MadL teddy tank lord. No product nor availability info for the time being, and will update accordingly. Meanwhile, check out individual snaps uploaded HERE on my Facebook-album!


Above are two WIPs of customs by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co for an upcoming show with Mecha Virus at the One-Store in Tokyo (Jan-Feb 2013) featuring all-things Negora! And for Negaora Show, Todd Robertson himself is working up a legion of mecha-negoras - from Micro to King sized - as seen in the WIPs!

The Five Poisoned Girls - Arsenic, Curare, Strychnine, Hemlock & Nightshade.  Post-It's for Post-it 8 show on Dec 8 @giantrobot @giantrobotstore in Los Angeles.  $25/each, signed. Hope those of you who can make it have fun.  #art #sculpture #ghost #ghostg

Shown above are two custom Post-Its from J*RYU, done for the 8th Post-Its Show for Giant Robot, launching December 8th/ Each of them are priced at US$25 each, and I reckon you'll not get a J*RYU-piece at that price anywhere else.

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