God Complex: Inari 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure by Foxbox Studio


Foxbox Studio will be offering their 1/6th-scaled God Complex: Inari with pre-ordering starting at Thailand Toy Expo 2013 Bangkok during the event itself, and web-orders will be made available subsequently in early February 2013. Will update with product and availability details when I have them!

Inari will be the 3rd figure to be released from this Indonesia-brand, and I could not be more excited for it! Featring Inari's staff and what looks t be a fiery beam coming from his wrist, the excitement is heightened with an addition of a FOX figurine "accessory" (Don't tell the fox I called him an "accessory" tho, he might bite my head off lol) CLICK HERE to view individual images mirrored on my FB-album.


Check out my toy reviews of HADES and HERMES, and go read about the origins of "The God of Fortune & Speed" Inari on (Last seen as WIPs).


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