Post Apocalypse 3" Dunny Series by Huck Gee x kidrobot


I wanna shootout "KIDROBOT LOVES HUCK GEE!" - bu you know what? They have every right and reason to, and the incoming release of his POST APOCALYPSE 3" Dunny Series is a legit reason why! Fresh from his "FDOG" ? mMadmax-isque release from the recent Dunny Apocalypse series (I'll have you know, I knowingly procured TWO Dunnys of that hellyeah!), now there are a basic 13-piece set scheduled for a February 28th release!


Featuring "zombie hunting ninjas, cyborg geishas, evolved apes, mecha troopers, feral foxes, radiated rhinos, and super fly copter kids" - the Post Apocalypse Dunny Series is blind packed and has a SRP of US$9.95. This is not the first All-HuckGee series released thus far tho, with his "Gold Life" series featuring Samurais, Ronins and Geishas from before. I am truly excited for this series! Now the trick is to earn enough to pre-order/buy a whole box of this soon…

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