Suity-Chan by Shane Haddy


SUITY-CHAN is the moniker for this seemingly "bashful" mermaid - one of two characters created by Shane Haddy of Hints and Spices, from his "Study Tour" of making sofubis in Japan (*gasp*). Let's take a closer look at this "Child of the Sea" SUITY-CHAN (Pronounced 'Sweety', 'Sui' is water in Japanese), shall we? (And no, the arms are not articulated, so get that mind outta the gutter, folks LOL).

"I never though I would be creating a Mermaid figure but after being surrounded by Sunguts designs and seeing his reference material it made me think of mythological creatures out there. I have always enjoyed the mythos of mermaids and find them intriguing. There are many beliefs of what mermaids 'are' but I prefer to believe they are creatures that seduce you into the water, drown you and then feast on your tasty tasty human flesh." ~blogged Shane.

Shown above are fully painted Suity-chan variants, to be made available February 7th to 8th at the coming 'Sofubi&Character Work Study Tour' Conclusion Exhibition held at Design Festa Gallery, and then subsequently at Wonder Festival on the 10th.

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