Dolly Oblong's Baldwin Drops Feb 28

Baldwin_resin06 BALDWIN-DOLLYOBLONG-01

With bare-bums teased, Dolly Oblong's "BALDWIN" has since been revealed in full, along with his leafy-protect-"gear"! Limited to only 20 pieces, you can score your 3-inch tall handmade resin (by Muffinman) here at priced at 35 Euros each - dropping February 28th @ 8pm GMT.

"Baldwin" actually started toy-life as a knitted plush Dolly made a couple of years ago, "Baldwin traditionally means "bold friend" but with his pink bottoms in this case "bald friend" is more suitable... LOL " ~added Dolly. And yes Dolly, every bunny should start wearing fig leaf! LOL (Sorry, in-joke ;p)


Skull Brain from Emilio Garcia x K.OLin tribu


This is quite a "surprise" drop to come - scheduled for a Feb 28th release at 6pm French time at is Emilio Garcia's SKULL BRAIN in white porcelain by K.OLin tribu! Limited to 100 pieces, the porcelain skull brain measures 6.3 x 4.7 x 4.7” and will be priced at 200 Euros each.



RUN AT-AT Tees by XTROSPECTIV ARTCORE now available for your purchasing pleasures. Featuring printing services by Emprinstic Prints, you can order this mash-up of Run DMC and Star Wars' At-At apparel via DM on his Facebook (tell him TOYSREVIL sent ya!) featuring aides for both Adults and Children. Available In Singapore Only though :p


Afterglow & Get Lucky Beavers by Jeff Pidgeon for Emerald City ComicCon (March 1-3)


Jeff Pidgeon (www) showcases two "Lucky Beavers" to debut at the coming Emerald City ComicCon @ Washington State Convention Center from March 1st to 3rd, in Seattle: a 5-inch tall AFTERGLOW BEAVER that glows-in-the-dark (left), and a 1.5-inch tall Green variant GET LUCKY BEAVER (right … "Emerald"? Geddit? ;p)! Score them at Table #2701 and tell Jeff TOYSREVIL sent ya!

Toy-Review: Vinyl Cavey from A Little Stranger


Cavey first started life as a plush designed and created by A Little Stranger?, and now transitions into a vinyl figurine, standing 7-cm tall, ever ready to jump into your toy-loving-hearts!

Featuring a sculpt by Ali Coleman, who added a slight fold in the finished vinyl, providing further character to the ambiguous critter. A further nod to the plush origins, is the embroidered fabric tag embedded into the vinyl figure's side, and a nice touch indeed. Kudos to producers Unbox Industries for making this seamless.

Header-card art is provided by Ralph Niese (for which one day soon I would have to decipher what/whom the character holding Cavey is, actually).


Four colorways exist, with BRILLIANT WHITE and CAVEY PURPLE currently available for purchase via at £9.00 each, whereas we'll have to wait and see where BLACK and PINK turns up at.

Palm-sized and adorable, with the body ever so slightly squishable (meaning, it can be cut open for customization, and not to hug it to sleep lol), and has a solid flat base for the figure to stand steady (unlike it's plush-brethren).

Personally, the "thing" for me about Cavey's "charm", is the sheer simplicity of it's aesthetics, especially where the plush figure is concerned. Sure there are numerous moments of "cosplaying-fun", but the simple ones tug at the heartstrings. Currently the white one which I own, is extremely adorable by itself, and I can not really imagine it to be too overly customized (although I have in my KIV-folders a custom-piece by Jay222 that defies this LOL).

Is "cuteness" the only path accessible to Cavey? With the advent of this vinyl editions, perhaps it opens up a whole new world of "possibilities", innit? We'll see :)


**More images posted HERE on my dedicated Facebook-album!

Kwadro Kwin: Royal Couples by Bjornik Available Via Lottery


Otto Björnik announces that the 3-inch version of all the KWADRO KWIN Royal Couples (spade, heart, club and diamond) will be available for purchase on February 28th, via "lottery". Folks interested are to let Bjornik know by Feb 28th 11pm PST (via "") which suit they want and he will get back to them if they are picked. To increase their chances, you can also provide your "top choices" so if they missed out on their first choice, then they have another chance with the other.
"I will also have one slot for anyone who is interested in getting the entire set (all four pairs). Each pair will cost US$225 plus shipping fee and will be sent off starting March 4th." ~mentioned Otto, who also added; "Just a reminder, the pair they will get might not be the ones they see in the attached photo. So they can expect them to differ slightly."

Toy Break 251 : Suitable For Having

Sarah Jo of DKE Toys guest-hosts and the folks at Toy Break showcases Bunnywith figures, Jaguar Knight, Temper Tot (WANT), Touma x Phalanx's Mazinger-Z (WANT), and more.


Unpainted Sample for 'A Clockwork Carrot' by Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy


BlackBook Toy updated their blog with images of Frank Kozik's 'A Clockwork Carrot' with an Unpainted Sample, with the current sculpt now standing 29cm / almost 12-inches of a massive sofubi figure! Tentative drop-date is described as "…when cherry blossoms bloom."

Robotones 2013 from Cris Rose


Cris Rose is offering up Subscriptions for his Robotone 2013 - featuring 10 months of colored Robotones (shown above were 2012-releases, blogged on TOYSREVIL). This is a gist of what has changed for this year's releases:

- Will no longer be an "Open Edition".
- Each Robotone will be limited "somewhere between 10 and 20 of each colour".
- It will be limited to just a single sculpt, instead of 2.
- A free, 12th Robotone Colourway if you pay entirely up front!

- 10 Subscription slots are available for 2013.
- Benefits: Guaranteed 1 of each colour to make the full set.
- Benefits: A vote in which sculpt is chosen for 2013
- Benefits: A free 11th colour Robotone
- An option to ship (A) Every month, (B) Every 3 months, and (C) in 2 packages every 6 months.

- Each Robotone resin will now be priced at US$45 each.
- Purchasable via March 7th at 18:00 London time.
- Folks interested to be a Subber to email Cris @ "" (Subject title: "Can i be a Subber please?")

Reveal of petit lapin odyssey by Mr Clement


Teased only just yesterday, Mr Clement's latest series is revealed and ready for your purchasing pleasures via!

In a limited edition of 30 pieces of each color - there are four to choose from: Yellow, Red, Orange and Green - price is £80 each, or £300 for a set of 4 figures (Shipping is 'Free'), each standing 25cm and features a removable lapin-head to reveal a skull beneath (from his petit lapin museum 2013 series)! As well you will receive a certificate of authenticity with signature of mr clement (edition no. 1- 30). Email "" with the color version and quantity of your order and Paypal address, then they will go on from there.


Customs by MechaVirus & Buff Monster for 'Isle Of Monsters Show' @ Clutter Gallery (March 9)


A couple of customs-action for an upcoming show at Clutter Gallery on March 9th, titled "Isle Of Monsters Show" (curated by @monsterisland) - with the above featuring WIPs of a micro run of Mecha Ammonaito from Todd Robertson aka MechaVirus, and shown below are custom "Baby Hells" from Buff Monster x LAMOUR Supreme. With a show name like "Isle Of Monsters", it looks to be a wild ride indeed!


AlterEGO GHOST & RAS2013 by dust x CREO Design


Germany-based designer Dust ( showcases his new AlterEGO Ghost - made by CREO Design ( and will officially be released at ToyCon UK in April! Standing 7.5cm tall, and in resin, AlterEGO Ghost will be made available in two editions: BLACK and WHITE!

And that's not all, the "other" Series to be released will be the RAS2013 (black and white edition) standing 7.5cm tall and made in resin - time to create your own army, folks! I reviewed the original RAS2010 and loved it, so it would be exciting to see how the new edition stands up to it :)


As well, here's a peek at an upcoming custom for his RAS2013 figure, shown below - whom comes with a thematic base "and shows the pilot climbing into the RAS, while a teammate holds the hatch for him, to get into the RAS cockpit…" ~teases dust. More pictures of the final custom when I have it!


Maintenance Sprogs Mk2 (Copper Edition) by Cris Rose


Cris Rose prepares to release, the first of the new Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s in the classic copper colourway, and different body-sizes (see above-left image) - on sale Wednesday at 18:00 London time via for US$65 - in an edition of 5 each.

[Above-right photo including Renold Mk1 and Rotund Mk2 are merely for scale as those editions sold out years ago]


The Coming of 'Mortimer the Mortician' by Brand Peters x Artoyz


Brandt Peters reveals that "Mortimer the Mortician" vinyl toy will be coming soon from Artoyz Originals! Last seen as a blind-boxed-figurine from Kidrobot's "The Carnies" series (seen below) from 2010, Mortimer now comes upsized in a medium format (whatever that means, it is going to be cool lol), and comes with a toy straight-razor and toy bottle of embalming fluid. *EXCITEMENT*

And from the colored sketch above, looks like Mortimer will come in color (compared to the gray-scaled mini-series from KR), and from Artoyz's track record, there might well be different colorways for specific vendors, like Artoyz-exclusive, Circus Posterus-exclusive, Retail-version etc … purely my speculation, of course.


Also expect another upsized Carnies-figure made with 3D-Retro too (more info and images when that is revealed).

Retailer Edition YOUNG GOHST 'CAP GUN' Version by Grody Shogun x FERG


If you (like me) had looked on in awe and toy-desire at the YOUNG GOSHT figurine from GRODY SHOGUN X FERG, and not had the opportunity to lay some in your hands, fret not! For toy-absolution is close at hand! Available to retailers soon is this YOUNG GOHST 'CAP GUN' Version - featuring 3-inch tall Flat Black and bright orange Japanese vinyl, with a suggested retail of US$35 each - distributed by DKE Toys, so remember to go bug your fav retailers/vendors for availability! I know I will! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

The orange "cap" on a black gun is to show that the gun itself is a "toy", and not a real firearm, and is required everywhere! Well, perhaps not on air-soft guns hahaha

"Dunny Fatale" (for Toysrevil Turns 8 Facebook Contest)


"Dunny Fatale" is one of the more memorable series released thus far, in my humble desires. Although I might not have the entire series (I have some posted HERE), this is one line-up where I wished I had them all LOL

*Do note this box has since been opened, and the Dunny within showcases Julie West's design! I hope you love it as much as I do mine :)

Click HERE to read and join the Toysrevil Turns 8 Facebook Contest - with deadline for submissions ending past 12noon on February 27th, 2013 (+8 GMT / Singapore-time).
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