Invicta Duo Custom Androids by JRYU

Available now at JRYU's brand new online store is his latest custom series named "INVICTA DUO CUSTOM ANDROID"- priced at US$170.00 and limited to 13 pieces per. now's your chance to score JRYU's work direct from the artist himself!
"Presenting the second edition in the Invicta series of Androids - "Invicta Duo". This second series features a new ghost girl, new sculpting and design elements that differentiates it from the ultra rare first series.

These custom toys were made with epoxy, metal, plastic and painted with acrylics. Each one is signed and numbered. Each comes packaged in a signed box. (Please specify the edition #'s you want during checkout.)"

Cometdebris x PangeaSeed 2014 Sametan Subscription

Cometdebris & PangeaSeed announces the 2014 Sametan Figure Subscription: The Year of the Shark. Price is US$400 per, purchasable via Proceeds directly benefit PangeaSeed's education and conservation efforts.
"For a limited time only, you can order and secure your complete set of 2014 Sametan figure releases. One figure every two months over the course of the year delivered to your doorstep. A total of 6 figures plus one FREE very special subscribers only edition! Regular releases are included in the subscription. Not included are customs, early bird or event exclusives etc." -added Koji Harmon.

Terminator Tuttz Mini Customs Series 2 by Argonaut Resins x Kilroy's Attic (Drops Dec 24)

Series 2 of the Terminator Tuttz Mini customs collaboration with artist Leroy Wilkes of Kilroy's Attic drops this Tuesday Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve) at 9PM EST time in the Argonaut Resins online store.
"The edition size of this series is 6 clear tint outer shell Tuttz cat figurine castings over - 1 pearlescent ghost styled glow in the dark, another 4 with metal cold cast skeletons and 1 x-ray styled beige bone colored casting.

The interior skeleton design was carved from an actual blank resin Tuttz Mini I gave to Leroy specifically for this custom project, so you get 2 sculptures in 1."
-added Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins

Each Terminator Tuttz Mini custom comes with signed and numbered custom packaging and certificates of authenticity and all six designs are different metals and styles. The first limited Series of Tuttz Terminators (edition of 4 - released at the NYC Comic Con this past October) and have sold out. Are you scheduled for Termination?

Storm King Machine + The Rebel Slayer by QUICCS x Egg Fiasco

I am exceptionally excited to bring you folks more looks at STORM KING MACHINE and THE REBEL SLAYER from QUICCS and Egg Fiasco (respectively), which debut at the "Trooper Boy" launch at Secret Fresh Sunday just!

QUICCS' Bulletpunk: STORM KING MACHINE stnads a whopping 20-inches tall, and is available for purchase at US$500 (+ shipping) and in a limited edition of 20pcs, while Egg's Hidden Fortress: THE REBEL SLAYER is available upon special request! For orders and inquiries email and tell'em TOYSREVIL sent'ya!

3AA 2014 Membership Sales on January 15 to Jan 16, 2014

And the 3AA 2014 membership enrollment has a date, scheduled for sales from January 15th @ 9AM in 2014, purchasable via Note that sales end 24hours later on january 16th @ 9AM. Neither price nor product details have been revealed as yet - will update once the 3AVOX newsletter comes in - meanwhile, check out the image of the box, wihciuh teases "LASSTRANUAT". Will YOU be getting a 3AA membership in 2014? WHY? or WHY NOT?

"MAKE FASHION NOT WAR" Prints by MAGO x K.Olin tribu

K.Olin tribu presents a new series of prints titled: "MAKE FASHION NOT WAR" - featuring the artwork of artist MAGO - purchasable here at 66.89 Euros per (80 euros for European buyers) with each design limited to only 20 prints.

"“Make Fashion not War” Is a Series, inspired by the infamous sentence “Make Art not War”. German based Russian Illustrator and Fashion Designer Mago Dovjenko fuses Clothes and Gear of the army together with Fashion and Streetwear Brands."

Custom-Feature: "Assassin Creed" Toasterboys by Erwin theMongar

Erwin Cahyono sends word of his new resin "Toasterboy" customs, based on the "Assassin Creed" series, of which 3 figures are currently available for sales:

1. Ezio, from assassin creed 2
2. Ezio, from assassin creed brotherhood
3. Connor, from assassin creed 3 (with hand axe)
"This my favorite game, and I play all of it, awesome! All of this exclusive series Toasterboy custom, come with basic stand, detail sculpt, paintings and all handmade. Price per figure @ US$150 (price includes shipping and handling). For ordering and other info just send email to" -added Erwin theMongar.

Menace Inc. Studios Kickstarter Project

Jeff Beck sends word of the launch of his Kickstarter project, to help fund the renovation of his upcoming Art Gallery and Resin Toy Shop, located at the back of Common Grounds Coffee Shop at 602 South Elam Ave in the Lindley Park area of Greensboro NC.

With a pledge goal of US$3,000 and 29 days to go, do check out this page to see what rewards await your support!

"Menace Inc. Studios is an artist owned Lowbrow (or Pop Surrealism if that makes you feel better) Art Gallery and Designer Vinyl and Resin Toy Shop located in the back of Common Grounds Coffee Shop at 602 South Elam Ave in the Lindley Park area of Greensboro NC. This will be the areas first Designer Toy Shop geared toward collectors of vinyl and resin toys that are more like pieces of art than play things. We will be having unique art shows and events, vinyl and resin toy artists come to the gallery to set up and have signings to coincide with the release of their toys, special release parties for new blind box toys where you can come out and get your hands on the newest series of vinyl toys from the artists you love as well as congregate with other toy collectors in the area and possibly trade opened blind boxes if you get doubles or if someone else gets the one you wanted! We will have live painting sessions from local artists as well as conducting art workshops and artists battles." -adds Jeff Beck of Menace Inc. Studios.

The Release of Mechtorians Collectible Card Set by Doktor A X Pobber

Since my earlier feature about Pobber's collectible card set made featuring the illustrations of Doktor A, they are currently listed online via for sales, with a Set of 4 going for US$16 + $5 shipping and handling. The cards themselves feature an illustration on one side, while the other features a write-up of the character, packed together with a handsome header-card (seen above). Also keep a keen eye put for glow-in-the-dark variants!
"All orders will be shipped in custom packaging. For added protection, each card will be inside individual plastic sleeves before placed into a top loader so no scratches or dents will happen in transit to your collection. On top of that, i will be supplying some Pobber sticker goodies for every order." (Find out more about the genesis if this project here)

Wolverine: The Epic Split!

BY now you might have seen that Van Damme Split, and perhaps even that parody Chuck Norris Split (Channing Tatum split doesn't really count, does it?) … but have you seen MARVEL's Wolverine doing the deed over two Sentinels?
"After being amazed by the Van Damme Epic Split and 3D animated Chuck Norris, we had to come up with our own with action figures of course! We at Reckless Abandonment Pictures extremely pumped for X-Men DOFP to come out this summer, and felt like this would be a fitting response!" (Kyle Roberts @ Facebook / Twitter)

About That TOYSREVIL Christmas Tree

I had been pretty fascinated with xmas trees this year, especially those hung with toys hahaha … I knew I had wanted to get a small mini Christmas tree as well, and had intended to hang gasaphons on them, and I knew where exactly I was going to place this...

[View Xmas Trees from Plaseebo / Japan / JEMTOYS]

I've not had much experience with Christmas Trees, least of them at home … remembering only in the past setting up surprises for ex-girlfriend(s), while they were at work and I conspired with their family/housemates to get into their rooms and set up the surprise hahaha … and while those seemed "foolish" now, I actually enjoyed doing up the surprises in the frost place, in an attempt to bring smiles to another person/s' face, seemed a worthwhile endeavor to execute then.

But no xmas trees at home, at least not by my hands.

This year was different. This year, I felt this was "needed". Before Dad's passing in late-October, he had accepted Christ while he was in Singapore General Hospital, and soon after his passing, Mum had converted to Christianity as well. My sister was the sole Christian in the family, and now she is joined by my parents (neither my brother nor myself are Christians.)

Christmas has always been a passing holiday for the Heng Household, and this year, I felt we needed a little "joy", for my mum, while mourning still the passing of Dad - so I reckon a little xmas tree might help lift the spirits, and also not such a "drastic" shift in household rituals, as it were.

Mum seems to love it, and has since bought even more decorative baubles, which I now have to figure out where to hang about at home LOL

I am extremely happy to see my mum smile and be happy as well, and perhaps this too will serve as a little homage to my dad as well, for I had not been able to give him a tree of lights in life, now placed next to him, a token of my love.

December 24th is exactly to the day 2 months since Dad's passing, so this seems quite apt a notion. As well Dad was born on May 24th as well, so the number has become "special" to me as well. And if I had my way, I'd have at least 24 pieces of decorative goodies hanging from the tree hahahaha.

So there we have it, a little slice of my personal life I share with you now - my dear readers now - of this little tree I've since hung with select gasaphons (I thought I had more actually, oh well ;p) and maybe next year I'll upsize the tree, and toys hanging from it haha

Wishing you folks an early Merry Christmas, and a splendid new year to come!


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