'Kartika Yudha' ('Wayang Kulit Star Wars') by Is Yuniarto

From artist Is Yuniarto comes 'Kartika Yudha' = A "Wayang Kulit"-themed depiction of the infamous Sith Lord, with it's counterpart in Luke Skywalker seen on display at the weekend 'Star Wars Day Jakarta' (posted below / pic via @BongzBerry)! Loving the notion of a tradition/heritage mashup with western sci-fi.
"'Kartika Yudha', is a Star Wars character creation project in the form of visual Indonesian shadow puppets. Inspired by a similar idea from the neighboring country, 'Kartika Yudha' is intended as a cross-cultural experiment and bridges for the younger generation to know the shape of the traditional shadow play through a modern theme. This project is expected to give a new color to Indonesian shadow puppet performances." -Facebooked Is Yuniarto.

A Cute Wookiee Is A Good Wookiee! Barney the Wookiee from UME Toys (May 4th Sale)

BARNEY THE WOOKIEE by UME Toys ready to be unleashed May 4th at 9pm GMT (London) over on (Previously Featured) - with 20pcs each priced at £35.00.
"Measuring just over 3 hairy inches this little fella is hand made/cast and painted making each one a one off. He will come signed and numbered transported to you in bagged header carded intergalactic bag with a signed collectors card."
(Pics from IG @richpage)

Reverse Power Nibblers by The Tarantulas (May 4th Sale)

"To mark Star Wars Day, a handful of leftovers from ToyCon UK will be available from Fishtank Castle tonight at 11pm UK time (6pm EDT). Reverse Power Nibblers will be limited to one per customer at £20 plus shipping." -blogged The Tarantulas.

(*vintage power droid not included)

Pop! Star Wars: Series 6 by Funko

Available in June, is Funko's 6th Series in their "Pop! Star Wars" line, featuring a Biker Scout (who really needs a Bike by his side), Hammerhead, Bossk, The Emperor and a Luke Skywalker in Hoth gear! And not to mention a splendid 6-inch tall WAMPA, which'll be absolutely perfect next to Luke … although would be fun if it came with a detachable arm tho LOL

Do check in with fav retailers for availability, and May The 4th Be With You All muahahahaha

"THE REMBRANDT" VADERBOY custom by JeAA #StarWarsDay

John Eugene Atendido Avila AKA JeAA shares with us snaps of his Vader Boy custom dubbed "THE REMBRANDT", made from the original reuse collectible made by Imagine Nation Studios. Check out this piece in person at the Vader Boy show tonight happening at Secret Fresh Gallery, RONAC Art Center (from 6pm).

Battle Damaged LORD DINO by The Yellow Dino #StarWarsDay

And while I've previously gawked at and featured The Yellow Dino's DINO VADER custom, shown here is the Battle Damaged LORD DINO, on display at Star Wars Day Jakarta! Alongside his Dino Fett and Dino Trooper, it looks to be yet another wining MegaMunny custom! *BURN, ANARKIN, BUUURRRN!* LOL



"Starring a small band of heroes - Sabine, Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper - Star Wars Rebels is set in a time where the Empire rules through fear and shrouds the galaxy in darkness. This trailer offers many new glimpses at sequences from the show, including the starship Ghost chased by TIE Fighters; young Ezra watching as a Star Destroyer looms overhead; Stormtroopers marching; a zero-g fight between our heroes and Imperials; and Kanan, a secret Jedi, assembling his lightsaber and preparing for battle. It ends, however, with an Imperial officer reporting to the Inquisitor - the Empire's Jedi hunter, seen and heard here for the first time.

Star Wars Rebels takes place between Star Wars: Episode III and IV as the Empire tightens its grip on the galaxy and a rebellion begins to form. The series, executive produced by Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, and Greg Weisman, is scheduled to premiere in fall 2014 as a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel and will be followed by a series on Disney XD."
(Text via)

Launched on StarWars Day May 4th, is this full 1-minute trailer for the animated "Star Wars Rebels", a much needed "fix" after the demise of "Clone Wars", methinks! Follow @StarWars and @DisneyChannelPR for up-to-date news on #StarWarsRebels.

Source: © Lucasfilm

"Madonna & Child" Art Hustle Trading Card (A/Ps) from Lou Pimentel for May 4th Sales #StarWarsDay

New York City Artist Lou Pimentel's "Madonna and Child" was previously available as a print (back in 2011), and for this year, he will be releasing his "Art Hustle" Trading Card Artist Proofs, featuring said image! Pretty darn apt for #StarWarsDay, methinks!

To be made available Sunday (May 4th) at 3PM EST via, only 20pcs of the A/Ps will be listed for US$13 (shipped in the US). Each card will be signed and numbered.

Lord Vader Project by Wetworks #StarWarsDay

And while I've previously featured customizer/toy-creator Wetwork's HERO TROOPER (since Sold Out), day we have a look at another finished piece is his "Hero Cosplay Series", this time featuring LORD VADER leading the pack! And while this may have been a commissioned piece by a private collector, you would do well to go bug Carlo Cacho for your own Sith Lord custom!

Laz-EWOKS by Little Lazies #StarWarsDay

Available from Little Lazies' Leah Williams come May 4th, are these adorable handmade polymer clay "Laz-EWOKS"! Priced at US$30 per, each Laz-EWOK is 2.25-2.5" tall, with every figurine coming in with an Adoption Tag that displays Name, "Likes/Dislikes", and Number (#1-#30). *ADORABLE*, I say!

HUNTER + SOLDIER2: "GLOW series" CE by Boonluan Studio x TABUN Studio #StarWarsDay

Dubbed the "GLOW series" by Boonluan Studio x TABUN Studio (Produced by MAFIA Factory), are these articulated CE collectible figures, in an edition of 100 pieces. Featuring the armor and design of our favorite galactic bounty "HUNTER", and a cloned Imperial Trooper "SOLDIER 2" (Have you seen the first Soldier?) - each piece is priced at THB650, and comes blister carded.

This toy is only for sale by the Star Wars Thailand Fanclub, as a part of their annual charity purpose project "Toy for Nong", with sales primarily for Thai fans. But if you're really interested in scoring them, leave a comment on this Facebook image for shipping & handling enquiries!

(Cheers for the headsup, Napat!)

Lady Trooper by Forces of Dorkness x VinylGrrrl @ Dream In Plastic #StarWarsDay

This glorious looking 'Lady Trooper' is brought to you by @forceodorkness x @vinylgrrrl - with 5 of these 5.5" tall beauts releasing on May the 4th at 5:04pm on, while another 5pcs will be available at the @forcesofdorkness show "Masks & Minions" opening reception in the 'Dream In Plastic' gallery, on May 10th, 2014. I wonder what tune they are dancing to tho ... "The Imperial Waltz"? *NICENESS*

Custom Previews for VADERBOY SHOW: Imagine Nation Studios X Secret Fresh #StarWarsDay

Star Wars Day celebrations in The Philippines (dubbed as May-the-4th-PH) comes in the form of a launch and custom show for VADERBOY by Imagine Nation Studios @ Secret Fresh (Facebook Events Page). VADERHEADS D.I.Y. will also be available for purchase at the show, in a choice of both BLACK and WHITE!

VADERBOY stands at 14inches tall, produced in 30 limited pieces for the regular version, and one-of-a-kind exclusive version that are limited to 5 pieces only. One Vaderboy will also be on auctiona "special silent auction", with all proceeds benefitting "White Cross Children’s Home".

And with the abundance of customized Storm Trooper helmets, here instead isa look at custom-Vader helmets!

Above-left+right: Bryan Yabut
Bottom-Left: Gori Bautista
Bottom-Right: Michael Villagante

Above-Left: Sneak Peek by Arnold Acero Austria
Above-Right: WIP by Egg Fiasco
Bottom-Left+Right: WIPs by Epjey Pacheco

Above-Left: Bato
Above-Right: Soler Santos
Bottom: Custom Vaders ready to go!
Below: Initial vector art by Kean Karlo Pineda of Vecor x Vexel

Bulletpunk: Ghost of '43 LEGO by Quiccs #StarWarsDay

Topping off his Vader Custom for the INS x Secret Fresh Vader Boy Show is a micro version of Quicc's "Bulletpunk: Ghost of '43" done on an original Lego Torch Light! And while the big boy has since been sold (Congrat Juanito!), _ this guy's up for grabs at US$100 (+shipping). Email for availability details!

Pre-Orders for TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Scarlet Sabre Trooper Begins! #starwarsday

**Click on image above to go direct to purchase page! May The 4th Be With YOU!

Star Wars Day Celebrations In The East 2014

The notion of "Star Wars Day" had always been a "foreign concept" to me. Something to be celebrated "overseas", but hardly recognized in the East, much less Singapore. Perhaps there have been pockets of celebrations through the years, or perhaps even commercial enterprises / happenings which utilizes the event for promotional/retail purposes. I remember adidas' launch of their Star Wars themed collection, and even a group of Storm Troopers - lead by Darth Vader - marching down Orchard Road, promoting some event / happening.

But as a fan-driven public event? Specifically celebrating "Star War Day" on May 4th? Unheard of … until very recently.

(SWDJKT Pics via Andhika Paramartha Mapparessa + @loubelleshop)

Bandung started their SWDBDG celebrations back in 2012, which then lead to SWDJKT in 2013 (for which I was generously invited to), and this year SWDJKT continues forth in Jakarta with a weekend event, happening right now!

I remember lamenting the lack of such activities in Singapore, with friends back in SWDJKT 2013, and lo and behold, Singapore is holding a Star Wars Day celebration this year, in Jurong Regional Library(11am-7pm), in what might be the first ever in this tiny red dot island! *EXCITEMENT*

(Pics via #MAYTHE4THSG Facebook Page
Below: Splendid Poster photography by John Heng)

I'd not lament anymore the "whys" it took so long and so many years to have such an event (I am not oblivious to issues of "budgetary constraints" and "time commitment" hahaha ;p), but rather embrace and enjoy the notion, that such activities exist here and now! And with the Star Wars-lore continuing with new feature films on the way, it no longer is just about reminiscing the past "classics", but also continuing with the lore, for the next generation and beyond, and that certainly, leaves The Force by our side, always!

And while I am unable to physically enjoy either activities this weekend, I'll do my little bit online via my blog, with whole day today (and tomorrow) blog-postings all about STAR WARS!

May The 4th Be With YOU!
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