:phunk studio X pixie's lei gong figure released

local design maestros :phunk studio and taiwan's Pixie's LEI GONG vinyl figure [previously blogged] is finally released and is available online now [via/via]

standing @ 6"-ers tall, LeiGong comes in two versions: phunkstudio Exclusive (red-heart bomb) @ 200 pcs limit / USD$50 and the Original Version (pink/blue-striped bomb) @ 400 pcs limit / USD$45.

- Shipping info: Asia/Pacific: USD$14.00/pc, Europe/North America: USD$17.50/pc and South America/Africa: USD$23.50/pc.
- enquiries and/or Paypal payment to pixie.mail@gmail.com (do indicate which version you want)

*read about the origin of Lei Gong and the variant editions of the vinyl duke of thunder to come, after the JUMP*

TOYSREVIL: who is Lei Gong? what does he do?

PHUNK: In Chinese mythology, Lei Gong (Chinese: Duke of Thunder), also called Lei Shen (Thunder God), is the Chinese Taoist deity who, when so ordered by heaven, punishes both earthly mortals guilty of secret crimes and evil spirits who have used their knowledge of Taoism to harm human beings. Classically, Lei Gong carries a drum and mallet to produce thunder and a chisel to punish evildoers. Lei Gong is depicted as a fearsome creature with claws, bat wings, and a blue body and wears only a loincloth. Temples dedicated to him are rare, but some persons do him special honor in the hope that he will take revenge on their personal enemies.

TRE: who is he in the hierachy of Control Chaos?

PHUNK: He is the God of Thunder in Control Chaos but visually interpreted in our very own way.

TRE: where did he originate from? what led to his conceptualization?

PHUNK: Lei Gong began life as a mortal. He encountered a peach tree that had come from Heaven, due to the struggle between the Fox Demon and one of the Celestial Warriors, and had become evil. When Lei Gong took a bite out of one of its peaches, he was turned into a human with bird wings. He soon received a mace and a hammer that could can create thunder. This is how he became the God of Thunder. 

Lei Gong is part of the Control Chaos' universe. Control Chaos is a place influenced by the pugilistic world of 80's Hong Kong TV serial and ancient mythology tales such as "Journey to the West" and "The 18 Chambers of Hell".  :Phunk has infused popular culture iconography into these tales. It renders :phunk's own dysfunctional/apocalyptic take on the classic tales of good versus evil set in the backdrop of heaven, earth and hell. :Phunk was inspired by the classic Chinese narrative handscroll paintings.These paintings are filled with detailed renderings of the characters and their environment. Depicting recordings from actual historical events and tales from mystical folklore, usually with a moral message conveyed through the stories told. Phunk based the social structure of the universe of the traditional Chinese folklore where Heaven, Earth and Hell co-exist in a symbolic and chaotic order. :Phunk questions this perfect eco-system and asks why we are living in "living hell" where our world is in constant chaos.

TRE: are there any further variants planned?

PHUNK: Yes, there is a Monotone version on sale at our UNIVERSALITY exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, (8th June - 22nd July 2007) And there's also an exclusive Metallic Gold version for Paris based toy retailer ARTOYZ.

TOYSREVIL: utter-coolness.

my thanks to William Chan of :PHUNK Studio for the time and effort to answer my queries - and my best to all @ :phunk and Lei Gong! :)