green and silver kumano gollo by akiyoshi chino x cross world connections

"From the deepest part of the mountains came a bear.  Moving to the city to master the way of Kumano Judo, he made himself a home in a quiet neighborhood playground. He lives there and trains every day using the colorful children's playground equipment he found there." ... CLICKETH TO READ THE REST

KUMANO GOLLO is 3-incher tall vinyl-figure sculpted by Akiyoshi Chino, and manufactured by Cross World Connections. Currently distributed by DKE Toys with a SRP of US$16-per, two new colorways have been added to the earlier BLACK and PINK, with GREEN and SILVER limited to 500-pcs each. (Would be nice if there were a standing Gollo tho, IMHO)

"Somehow it is only natural that this bear has a human girlfriend.  Her name is Linda.

He lives his life at his own pace and he is obnoxiously quiet. Linda often loses it and yells at him out of frustration.

During the day, he trains his judo students and throws them without mercy.  At night, Linda swings him around relentlessly.  These things are typical of their daily lives.
He loves nature.  He loves it so much that when he looks at a beautiful flower he can't stop from eating it.

Does he have longhair or is it just a windy day?  Or is it just that he has a bad case of bed head?  His hair is truly a mystery.

He dresses for every occasion in his judo gear and his distinctive body odor proves that he is the man."


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