Swing Out Sister "Live" In Singapore (Dec 16)


Swing Out Sister "Live" in Singapore (December 16th @ East Coast Park, by the beach)! Concert-snaps on my Facebook-album, and CLICK THRU for video-clips of SOS performing "Breakout" and "You On My Mind" (not my videos, but hella cool!) and what SOS means to me and my musical-journey thru life :)

I know this is not toy-related in any way, but Swing Out Sister has been a huge influence in my youth til my current "advanced age" (*cough*) and has kept me company on many a nights of blogging, so why not share with you folks my joy? :)

[Above: a slow-tempo version of "Breakout"]

Swing Out Sister was especially memorable as I'd discover them at the tail-end of the 80s, when synth-pop had gone saccharine-commercial, and the musical-mystique of androgyny wore off it's caked-facade (having dredged itself thin thru the late-70s), then all of a sudden BREAKOUT appeared out of nowhere, and the old-world glamour of blarring horns and catwalk struts was surprisingly refreshed! No doubt with crispness heightened by the advent of Compact Discs (in my personal life lol) ~ I devoured both their It's Better To Travel and Kaleidoscope World albums and their tracks with wanton aplomb.

Ironically, the musical-freedom and quasi-rebirth I had experienced then, was experienced alone (but for my siblings ~ I attended yesterday's concert with my sister, in fact!) with zero exceptions with friends and collegues, who were by then captivated with American-pop-rock (Hard Rock Cafe table-top-dancing anyone? hahaha) and crooners of the singer-songwriter-ilk, desperately reeling from the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack, which admittedly, help guide us boys thru the rigors of military service in the army circa 89-90-ish LOL

["You On My Mind" live in Singapore]

Near two decades later, my musical journey had suddenly come full-circle, with the live concert in Singapore (on December 16th 2009), the feeling now likened to when I first stepped out into the working world, wet behind the ears, ready to take on the world with SOS egging me on in the background. Wonderous.

Note: The above impressions are posted on my Flashback80s-blog / which also features selected embedded music videos from It's Better To Travel (1987) and Kaleidoscope World (1989)

ADDED: 02.01.10

[Not exactly "live" down by the beach, but an indication of how they sounded]