Toy-Release: Adventure Kartel Little Shadow by ThreeA Toys (March 19)

3A-NEWSLETTER: The latest punch from the world of Adventure Kartel, LITTLE SHADOW. The public face of the Shadow Family and part time girlfriend of Tommy Mission. With her trusty Skullboom at her side and possessor of the Cleopatra's fist attack, there isnt much that can stand in her way, whether its kicking a Zomb's head in, or stomping Tommy's choads!


Priced at US$80 (includes worldwide shipping), Little Shadow will be made available exclusively online via from March 19th @ 9:00AM (Hong Kong time). CLICK THRU for more snaps, including details on the 3AA-exclusive Shadow Mode Little Shadow (US$80) and the elusive 2Pack featuring Cherry Shadow and Sanakhete; The Zombot! (US$150 per set).


Little Shadow comes with both sneakers, heels, extra fist hand and a "tactical skull nuke" aka Skullboom! (Check out that blurred figure of Tommy Mission "Blood Nails" edition beside her) ... Shadow's "Cleopatra's Fist" to Tommy Mission's "Anthony" ~ heh.


Shown below-far-right is the 3AA-members-only exclusive; Shadow Mode Little Shadow; priced at US$80 (includes worldwide shipping). Figure comes with with both sneakers, heels, extra fist hand and a Skullboom.


Above-image shows the Cherry Shadow and Sanakhete 2pack (Nope his name wasn't "Theodore", innit?). Priced at US$150 (includes worldwide shipping) ~ the pack includes Cherry Shadow in skirt with sneakers, heels, extra fist hand. Also includes Sanakhete Zombot. This set is limited.


BigHatDino said…
No word on when the Cherry is gonna be released I see. Probably means us Europeans are either going to have to not bother or have a sleepless night so we can monitor Bambaland. Shame.
BigHatDino said…
Ironically, the set got released around the same time, and I managed to bag one. I'll stop moaning now, hehe :P
toysrevil said…
hahaha congrats on the score Kev! :)
DaSaru said…
paid. :P
any idea when they gonna ship out?