What's Happening In The Art & Toy World (Feb/13/2011)


Since our sole reveal of a Lunabee custom-Dunny, the complete preview list for GIRLS NIGHT OUT at Dragatomi is now available online. With it, we get to see the rest of the customs from Sarah, as well works from the other 2 ladies in the show: Julie West and Anna Mullin aka Sneaky Racoon, whose works are featured below. The show opens Saturday Feb 12th and exhibits thru …..

[Work by Sneaky Raccoon]

[Select Works by Julie West]

[Select Works by Lunabee]

Ilanena's 10th Anniversary Dai Kaiju Card Monsters Custom Show is currently underway and Andy of KaijuKorner has the customs on show, as well as the video posted above. On show are 73 unique sets from the Dai Kaiju Card Monsters series, as well as customs from 23 select Western Artists (Am still waiting to see the Jim Woodring x Ilanena collabo tho!). The pieces will be available or your procurement pleasures at the display venue itself aka the Alternative Cafe, and after the show ends, pieces unspoken for will be available thru fig-x.jp and fig-lab.com


As well posted here are irresistible custom-works from Ralph Niese for the above show, as showcased on Reduced Configuration which NEEDS to be posted! Digging the dioramic element to the pieces, reminiscent of the gasaphon setups from Japan, with a wry tinge of whimsy and anticipation. Well nice, these! Check out further details of the trio on Ralph's Flickr-stream.

[Daniel Goffin tweetered, I blogged]


Toy Art Gallery celebrates their Alien Argus release with an ALIEN ARGUS CUSTOM GROUP SHOW curated by Mark Nagata, scheduled for a Feb 26th launch. Show above-right is the new show poster, while we have other delightful sneaks to share, including sculpt by Mikie Graham aka ZombieMonkey (above-left) and below: a WIP-CU from Cris Rose, while Daniel Goffin's creation demands to be hugged (*shudder*). As well Leecifer goes whole-hog reveal with his BAT ARGUS. Nice one folks!


[8 x pics above / Full-screen viewing]


Launching om Feb 11th was "The Road To Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes" at Gallery1988: Venice  - featuring works inspired by the celebrated director, known for his teen angst flicks of the 80s, as seen from the small selection of artwork show here from N.C. Winters, Rich Pellegrino and Dave Perillo. Can you fellow old fogies recognize which image is for which show? Heh.


[36 x pics above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

Steve Talkowski, creator of Sketchbot was down at Toy Tokyo for "Toypocalypse: A Four Horsemen Retrospective" and shares these wonderful shelve-snaps! Recognize some of the action figure sculpts? Check out the exhibit in person if you're in NYC, with the show exhibiting thru Feb 17th.


Happening right now as I type this is Luke Chueh's solo show "Contemptorary Art" hosted by Corey Helford Gallery, specifically anticipated would be the unveiling of his 6-feet tall / 1000% POSSESSED Sculpture (produced by Munky King - in an edition of 15 pieces!) at the show. Check out the show - which also features 16 new paintings - until the event closes March 12th.


[Munky King FB'd, I blogged]

The "Omi Release, Signing and Trading Party" happens at Munky King on March 3rd (7-10pm) which will see the first series of Omi figures being released, including designs from Luke Chueh, Kozik, Buff Monster, Yoskay Yamamoto, Greg Simkins, Nathan Jurevicius, Dave Pressler and Ferg.  Artists will be here to sign their designs. Check out Omis via omiproject.com, as well the "Mystery Omis" revealed ere from Munky King (above) and Luke Chueh's.



British-plush HeyCavey prepares for his first birthday party happening May 26th @ Fleet River Bakery, in Holborn, UK. Along with the festivities, there will be one-off custom-plushies from 12 x top UK artists, which will be auctioned off on the night itself. Also do look out for a "special launch" happening that day (I say the tweet but not the snaps :p). Also check out the Facebook events page here.


We've previously posted about Doctor A's "Mr. Whistlecraft's Tarnished Daydreams" solo show @ Iksentrikbetween April 1st to 30th. Here are updated information for your digestion and consideration.

Where ?
Ik'sentrik, 3 George Street, Bath, BA1 2EH, UK
Tel : +44 (0)1225 316049 
web : www.iksentrik.co.uk

When ?
April 1st - 30th 2010
Reception opening Friday 1st, 6pm to 10pm. (Doktor A will be in attendance.)

Internationally known artist Bruce Whistlecraft (A.K.A Doktor A) has become synonymous with the creation of Victorian Futurist style Robot characters. Indeed, his popular ongoing Mechtorians series unravels the story of the retrobotic realm of Retropolis one artwork at a time. Brass moustachioed  Scientists rub copper plated elbows with polished metal Bank Managers and Socialites in this fantastical realm where humans play no part. Every aspect of our own world is reflected and filtered through the robot's ill informed perception, to the point where the absurdities of daily life are shown in sharp contrast. Social heirachy played out as theatre and consumer trends reflected as crippling exercises in vanity. When machines try and duplicate our world the nonsense of the everyday becomes magnified.

Having exhibited for the last six years in gallery shows set as far afield as Los Angeles and Hong Kong, Tarnished Daydreams marks Doktor A's debut UK show. His forth solo show to date, this will be the first in his home country and will feature illustrative works as well as his trademark dimensional pieces. His existing works have found homes in high profile private art collections around the world and new pieces are keenly anticipated. His characters have also reached a wider audience through the medium of toys. Short run collectible figures take on the role of three dimensional art prints, with rarer editions being highly sought after.

Doktor A is a member of the artist collective Circus Posterus, a group of cutting edge artists who have grown out of the Pop Surrealism movement centred in the USA. 

Urban Pop Culture gallery and store Ik'sentrik in the heart of Bath will host this intimate exhibition of mechanical whimsy. Ik'sentrik's owner Ryan Coyle has been a champion of the Art Toy movement in the UK for many years, previously mounting successful art shows in Bristol.