Q&A with & Toy-Photography of Alice Adrenochrome

What can I really need to say about the toy-photography of Alice Adrenochrome beyond what you can enjoy with your own eyes? Besides the 16th-scaled images I have posted here (seeing that it is 1/6-Hobby Week and all) you can also see the abundance of snaps on this dedicated Facebook age. Meanwhile, here's a lil Q&A with the photographer and collector, for both your reading and viewing pleasures :)


TOYSREVIL: 1/6-toy photography -What do you think makes you unique compared to others? What makes your visions special?

ALICE ADRENOCHROME: Hard to say. I think my pictures are pretty straightforward. I have a clear view on photography, and I try to convert that when ever I take pictures. Concept, framing, composition, lightning… no matter what's in the viewfinder, it's important. I pay a lot of attention to framing and lighting, yes. Not so much on what I can do with the picture afterwards, in an photo editing program. I just take photos, that's it. In regard to 1/6 scale figures, I try to get the most out of 'em. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it 'should have worked'!


TOYSREVIL: Why 1/6th? Are the toys you take pics of belong to you? (Same as loads of folks thinking toys I blog about all belong in my collection - I wish!)

ALICE ADRENOCHROME: I make photos, and I collect 1/6 scale figures. Good combination I find. Yes, the figures are mine. The reason why I like taking photos of 1/6 scale figures, is because you can pose them! There are countless possibilities to realize your ideas. When I'm not taking pictures, I spend a lot of time thinking about possible compositions, poses, and so on. So, most of the time, the picture is already fact in my head even before I pick up the camera. But once I'm doing a shoot, new ideas pop up - well most of the time.


TOYSREVIL: Do you collect 1/6th? Who do you collect?

ALICE ADRENOCHROME: I have a couple of art pieces, some polystone statues, and a few life size props. But, over the years, the 1/6 scale figures came out on top. Compared to other popular collectible formats, they are quite affordable. I should say, they where quite affordable: I think the price has about doubled since I started collecting! 


TOYSREVIL: What - to you - makes 3A 1/6 special above others?

ALICE ADRENOCHROME: Yes, ThreeA is special, to say the least! There are very few companies out there that compare, if any! What I like most of all about ThreeA, is of course the things they make: truly unique 1/6 scale and 1/12 scale collectibles that somehow hold the middle between designer toys and 1/6 scale (respectively 1/12 scale) collectible figures.

They have a truly unique design, based upon characters of the illustrious worlds (and books) of Australian Artist Ashley Wood. Quite different from most of the 1/6 scale figures you find out there. ThreeA gives you high quality figures at an outstanding price, which I also find very important.


ALICE ADRENOCHROME: Over the years ThreeA has build up a 'band' of loyal followers, that call themselves 'the legion'. You can find us here. Ashley stands pretty close to his fans, and so there's a real exchange there. Lastly, (but not least) the ThreeA customer service is just outstanding. Got a problem? Drop them a line, they help you, they are just awesome like that! Collectors know how important that is. 


TOYSREVIL: How long ago were you collecting 1/6?

ALICE ADRENOCHROME: I started collecting 12" figures back in 2005. First figure I bought was Sideshow Collectibles 12" Metaluna Mutant. Still one of my favourite figures to date!


TOYSREVIL: Where can we find you online?

ALICE ADRENOCHROME: I currently have a Facebook page. It's pretty new, and at this point I really have no idea where I want this to go, or where it's going to take me! I think going the FB route is good start. For now, I just hope that there are a few people out there enjoying my photography as much as I do.

On Twitter you can find me under @3AAlice. I also post my photos on collectibles boards such as the Sideshow Freaks board, Medi World, through the Lens Forum, the ThreeA discussion forum… . You can also find many other talented guys there!



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