FRIGHTBITE by Peter Kato

On first sight, I admit I wasn't a huge fan of Peter Kato's FRIGHT-BITE. Having blogged about they for the first time circa NYCC 2011, he looks somewhat "flimsy" and "kitschy" … but when I received a sample and held it in my hand (still in it's bagged+tag), I simply fell for the figurine!


Self-cast in colored resin, I was enamored by it's exact kitschness and candy-hues, and in some cases; painted faces, and especially the duo-layed colors shown below - which I had the exceptionally good fortune to secure a limited number of (alongside Big Broccoli from Peter's "Pocket Powers"-line) to make available in my Go-Gashapon-Power-Go capsules - alongside a single Bits-n-Bytes SPROG figurine from Cris Rose.

Two figurines within a single capsule - is something which folks can't find the combination of anywhere else - which I enjoy and hope to share with folks. It was not coincidence that I decided to out them together in my capsule LOL


The allure of a self-made resin figurine, was an exceptional notion to me, and perhaps embody the spirit of indie-toymaking in this crazy frantic art toy culture we choose to live in. But perhaps that notion went past quite a few heads here in Singapore. Nevertheless, I stand by them as they are - and the fact that they remind me of old-skool Japanese-toys in plastic-bags in corner convenience-stores back in the day, is irresistible for me!

Peter's FRIGHTBITE has recently traveled too to Japan, for the I LOVE POCKET POWERS show in Studio Uamou. As well look out for an upcoming new colorway to be released online soon too!

IMG_4096 IMG_6030

Truth be told, it is looking at Peter's b&t's, was one of the reasons that has spurred me on to host an entire collection of bag-n-tags for my upcoming tenure at Singapore Toy Games and Comic Con in 2012!