Making it's rounds across numerous blogsites are these group of figurines dubbed YUM YUM from Beth and Jonny of, well, Yum Yum! 5 x figurines are currently available for pre-order at £60 for five x 12cm tall toys (plus shipping / "usual" price at £75 for the set) for a ship-out in August.

The world was introduced to the design stylings of Yum Yum via the video posted up top, and as well a series of character-renders for folks to "choose" t be made into figurines, way back in 2010, it seems! NICE.

The aesthetic reminds me of a James Jarvis vibe crossed with the clean stylings of Korea's Sticky Monster Lab and/or Japan's Groovisions - which essentially only means clean lines and solid colors - which I extremely like and enjoy (and have only just made my own pre-order for this set), and of course the last time we saw a hot dog toy worthy of mention was Will Sweeney's 'Helmut the Hot Dog Man' (one of my quasi-toy-grails). Always awesome to have another wiener to join the art toy culture! But of course I feel there should be more hot-dog-toys in the first place MUAHAHAHAHAHA


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