Quiccs on Tiger Translate Mongolia

Th Philippines-based artists Bjornik & Quiccs both went on to 'Tiger Translate Mongolia' not too long ago, and here's a lil Q&A with Quiccs himself on his experience:

QUESTION: What do you think of Mongolia?

QUICCS: I am very impressed by how much they have preserved their rich culture all throughout these years. Their nationalistic pride is inspiring to me. I also feel very fortunate that I felt very welcomed in their country, and that their people are very friendly once you gain their respect and trust.

QUESTION: Describe your experience working with Mongolian artists.

QUICCS: I was quite worried at first that we didn't seem to be as busy as the other teams in terms of planning and exchanging ideas (probably due to our language barriers). But this disappeared as soon as we started to work on our Double Vision mural, as i saw that the three of us had understood the direction we wanted to go for right from the start. This also was true for the neon live art battle, as we planned it simply and did what we planned smoothly. It was a fulfilling experience to work with Jargalsaihan Anunaran and Aabaa Batbayar, and as a cherry on top, I was really proud of them for winning both the Traditional and Digital categories. I wish them luck in their campaign during Tiger Translate: Dubai :)

[Above: Bjornik's artwork / View Tiger Translate Mongolia's official Album here]

QUESTION: What was your most important takeaway from this trip?

QUICCS: Immense Love and Pride for Nation and Culture. This is what impressed me most about Mongolians.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on Tiger Translate?

QUICCS: I think it is very, very noble for Tiger Beer and their associates to really actively pursue promoting artists around the world and binding them together through Tiger Translate. I don't think any other commercial entity has done what they are currently doing, and for this I am really very proud as an artist to be part of their efforts. Helping emerging artists to be exposed to other cultures and other artists from different parts of the world is really priceless when it comes to broadening their perspective of our planet and thus improving their own craft immensely.

[Final visual of live art mural using UV paint and pens]