Auction+Sale for Stroke 2012

Last year we presented SGD$2,300 to the Singapore National Stroke Association, with the "Auction for Stroke" self-initiated project. This year, I will be holding a month long "Auction+Sale for Stroke", with 100% of the sales proceeds intended to benefit the Day Rehabilitation Center of St. Andrew's Community Hospital.


"Auction+Sale for Stroke" will begin on October 29th, designated "World Stroke Day", and items will be added gradually during the project period.

Items will be listed either for "Silent Auction", or "Sales". 'Silent Auction' will typically last between a week to two, while items for sale will last as long as they are sold, or will end on November 29th @ 12noon. Items listed now for auction include customs from local customizer Daniel Yu and international artist Todd Robertson!


Sales items currently listed are generously sponsored by Tomenosuke, and include a Shadow Edition Mictlan and a Grey Edition Art Daibutsu - both being Tomenosuke-exclusives! (Click on images below to purchase them direct from my webshop):


Do note that all items are priced without shipping+handling costs, which the buyer will bear, after winning/purchasing the item. The shipping+handling costs will go into sending the item to you, without being apart of the sales proceeds tally.

All items are to be paid via PAYPAL to my personal account, by which at the end of the event, I will write a personal cheque of the total amount of the proceeds out, and present to the DRC of St. Andrews before Christmas.

Items will be posted here on the TOYSREVIL-blog, and as well in THIS Events Page album. "Highest Bid Prices" for the Silent Auction aspect of this project will be updated at noon each day here (Singapore-time) as well.

Thank you for your considerations, purchases and bids.
Andy Heng
WHY DRC: "The Day Rehab Center at St. Andrews was actually the venue when I went twice a week for rehab, when I left the hospital for recovering Stroke on Christmas Eve of 2010. I had stayed in St. Andrews for a month of recovery, after staying a month in Changi Hospital's "Acute Stroke Ward".

My intention for this project is to be able to give a little bit back to the folks who helped me regain my ability to navigate the community. Beyond Stroke survivors, the Rehab Center also caters to accident victims and other folks who require rehabilitation services."

Folks interested to contribute items for this project are to DM me on FB, or email me direct at toysreviler [at] (Subject Title: "STROKE2012").

DISCLAIMER: This is not a solicitation for cash donations, but for items that are art toy-related, like artwork, custom-one-off toys, or even production toys, where I will determined whether they would be suitable to be put on Sales, or via Auctions.

100% of the proceeds are to benefit the Day Rehab Center at St. Andrews Community Hospital. This is a TOYSREVIL-initiative project.