Ninja Robos by Peter Kato for New York Comic Con 2012


The invasion continues with these Ninja-Robos following the TakoCube grunts as the second wave (as part of the invading "Space Army" series). Armed with red laser katanas as arms and a shuriken to the face these hunterkillers will always find their targets. As the TakoCubes from yesterday were responsible for capturing Little Pea (inside Turtle Tetsujins torso) these guys are responsible for exterminating the Tetsujin.
"This is my second figure sculpted digitally and like the Tako-Cubes I then molded/casted & painted them. They will come in a solid blue resin casting armed with twin clear-red katana blades." ~adds Peter Kato ~"I painted them two ways: one (which I started out with) focusing on their "teeth". Then half way through my run I wondered what it would look like if i painted the shuriken on the face, I liked both so i offer two styles. Neither is more rare than the other since the stock (of 50 pcs) is evenly divided. I'm curious to see which customers prefer."

The figures are 3 inches tall and will be priced (during NYCC) for an introductory price of US$20 - available both at the Onell Design booth #3216 as well as via Peter's online shop. After the convention the price will be US$25 each. But all is not done as yet, for we have yet another color variation of NINJA-ROBO, which Peter mentioned: "And since it is Comicon I could not resist making a "Stark" version of the character. I think the Iron man colors kinda work on him.".


Limited to 20 pieces, and will also be priced at US$20 at New York Comic Con, available via Onell Design booth #3216 as well as via Peter's online shop.

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