Tako-Cubes by Peter Kato for New York Comic Con 2012


Peter Kato offers news and images of his brand new figurine form; "Tako Cubes" - whom are the grunts of this invading space army (from his "Space Army" series). They will be available for an introductory price of US$10 each during New York Comic Con at both the Onell Design booth #3216 (where Peter will be in attendance, schedule TBC) and also via Peter's web-store. After the con they will be $15 each. Now let's get better acquainted with them, shall we?
"I was inspired by the Covenant Grunts from the video game Halo (which I play religiously with my friends on Fringe Friday nights). Small & tough but not too bright they are commonly used as cannon fodder in battles. They are more dangerous in numbers, large numbers." ~shared Peter.
"I always imagined they would come down as one single giant cube , which then breaks up into other mini cubes and then their head and appendages pop out from the individual cubes. Their target is to capture Little Pea, the sleeping alien baby inside Turtle Tetsujins torso."
"These pink variety known as Teknots are well rounded infantry capable of tasks ranging from ship navigations, communications and artillery. Not as physically strong as other taco-cubes but possess a very adaptable intelligence."
"These are the Red Guards, which are the elite commandoes which are experts in specialized security and weapons/tactics. They are a bit tougher than the average taco-cubes."
"I'm very proud of these figures because they are the first ones I sculpted digitally. I took two & a half , maybe three months(during that period where I was M.I.A from twitter, instagram, facebook, even my online shop) and studied Maya & Zbrush. Every waking moment of free time I had I dedicated to these studies. In the beginning I was having so much trouble that I didn't think I could get anything sculpted for NYCC, I was sooo frustrated then.

But I stuck with it and somewhere it sunk in and I began sculpting. I'm of course a novice still but like anything I look forward to getting better. After the physical print was done , it was a straight month of the physical molding, casting, cleaning and painting (I love~ this part the most, and because I had been studying for 3 months I had missed the feeling of it)."
~added Peter.
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