David Flores Art Show "It's been a minute" @ Gallery Common (Dec 8-19)

Flores smurfs
itsbeenaminute-1 itsbeenaminute-2

BlackBook Toy announces that they will be hosting a David Flores Art Show to wrap up 1012. Titled "It's been a minute", the show launches December 8th and exhibits thru Dec. 19th @ Gallery Common in Harajuku. The show would include one off drawings on vintage LIFE magazine, Deathead on pop culture icons one-off drawings and some custom toys, as well there is a life-sized Daethsahead to look forward to. The sculpt show above-right of a possible new art toy is enticing indeed!

itsbeenaminute-3 itsbeenaminute-4

8.12 - 6pm-10pm Reception Party
9.12 - 4pm Live Painting
10.12 - 7pm-8pm Signing Session
11.12 - 7pm-8pm Artist at the gallery

(Facebook events page)


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