Artwork Preview for 8th Post-It Show @ Giant Robot (Dec 8)


And while I've featured Post-It-art from Mark Nagata and J*RYU, there is a look at more art from folks like Jerome Lu (of Hyperactive Monkey), Nathan Hamill, Audrey Kawasaki, and a montage of art from Tessar Lo, Stella Im Hultberg, Dan-ah Kim, Ping Zhu, Souther Salazar, Mari Inukai, and Yoskay Yamamoto (courtesy of Ms Kawasaki)


Priced at only US$25 per piece across the board, the artwork are essentially on a sized 3-inch x 3-inch colored paper pad! The 8th Post-It Show launches December 8th at Giant Robot and exhibits thru December 16th. View the full list of participating artists here.


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