TOYSREVIL's Auction+Sale For Stroke 2012-2013 to Relaunch December 24th, 2012


Launched in October 2012, the 'Auction+Sale for Stroke' event was put on hold as I then chosen to to dedicate 'Black Friday' as a charity cause to donate funds to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. As the cause draws to a close, I will yet again launch my charity-cause to benefit the Day Rehab Center of St Andrew's Community Hospital in Singapore - launching on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2012.

The date is significant to me, as I had discharged out of St. Andrew Community Hospital on Christmas Eve, 2010. Leaving the hospital for Stroke, I continued my recovery from home there onwards. This date might seem "selfish" of me, and no doubt self-serving, but I had wanted to mark this day, and for that, I apologize.


As well I realize the year end might not be the most fortuitous for folks to loosen their collective wallets, but I am hoping you will consider your year-end bonus and sheer generosity to come in 2013! There will be customs, artwork, production items and one-offs to look out for, and this will be the perfect time to snag them!

Some items will be for straight up-sales (For your purchasing considerations: for Stroke on TOYSREVIL-Shop / Site is currently on maintenance-mode, so hopefully things will be up and running by Dec 24th!), and some items will be up for Silent Auction (which means, you email me direct with your bid price/s, and as well you can choose to be anonymous).


Wave 1 of Sales and Auctions will be made available from December 24th @ 12noon (+8 GMT Singapore-time), and lasting thru the end of January 2013 / early-February, so that I can write a check out and present it in a ang-pao (red packet) to the recipients during Chinese New Year (and no I am imploring them not to buy new year yummies instead lol ;p)

In the days to come, I will be showcasing each and every item on the plate, so thanks for your patience and interests! Most importantly, thank you in advance for your support, folks!

Do feel free to share this and let as many people know as possible, and let's start a brand new year awesomely!

Andy Heng

P/S#1: I would also like to thank Shinji from Tomenosuke, Todd Robertson, , The Tarantulas and Paul Shih for their kind donations and generosity.

P/S#2: I am still open to folks donating their items, either by Christmas, or for the second wave of items to be announced in the new year. Do PM me direct, thanks in advance.