Top 10 Toys To Look Forward To In 2013

A myriad of WIPs to help folks embrace 2103, has been humbly featured in this blog of mine - including unpainted prototypes from MiniCel from Rotobox x KusoVinyl and DODI from Gabriel Tiongson x Vinyl On Vinyl et al - and so it was indeed a hard pressed task to list the TOP 10 TOYS to kook forward to in 2013, so I've decided to go with the COLORED pieces, specifically for "production toys".

For sure, there are loads more "secret plans" in the making, figures being shaped in factories in far-way lands as we speak, and schemes yet be hustled, but listed here are what we "joe public" already know about (sort of), and what I personally am looking forward to be seeing more of (and perhaps even adding some to my ever humble collection) in the year to come … Looks to be an interesting year too!

What else have I missed here, folks? :)


#10: KRONK has a new toy! With a long list + portfolio of designs for Kidrobot, on a variety of forms and sizes, and even his own creations, South Africa-based Kronk now readies to release his own toy under his own label: PIN-UP GIRL! Looks to be in his clear concise character designs, with hot-to-trot tattoos - currently there are no further details as yet, but looking gnarly HAWT already! VAVAVOOM!


#9: PAPA SAMA by Erick Scarecrow x Scott Tolleson, dropping early 2013, with a teaser-peekie shown here to tempt and tease. ESC Toys' hyper-cartoon aesthetics with Tolleson's argyled-nerd-hip sensibilities? Looks intriguing already!


#8: FLIGHT DUNNY by KaNO x Kidrobot comes limited to 3000pcs with a SRP of US$14.95. This 3" Dunny was a "surprise" release from out of the blue, but well appreciated by a retro-head like me! Vibing an old-skool candykitsch-toy ala "Transformers" by way of "Saturday morning cartoons", the figure is set to take flight January 17th. Am trying hard not to think too much about the two all-black (silhouetted?) Dunnys flanking him … and hoping they are not "chase" editions … I am grateful it is 3" and within my affordability range though MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Although I'll be hard-pressed to recognize this as a KaNO design tho (besides the chest logo up front), juz sayin'!


#7: From Indonesia-based MyRoyalEgo comes this robot designed by Andri Widjaja aka customizer Kong Andri - with this sneak of the build at 80% done. I like robots, and chubby-tubby robots are WIN in my book! Not to mention the retro-kid-toy feel, which is appreciated in the glut of action go-getter characters in the culture today. Reminds me of "Iron Giant" too … and together with "Ultra Vader, looks to be an interesting plate of releases indeed from MRE!


#6: BAD APPLE by GOIN might be the second collectible release from fledgling Singapore-based toy-brand Mighty Jaxx, but from images thus far looks pretty much a shoo-in for an exquisite toy to be had! And yes, that Black with Pink Grenade looks awesome even when blurred! Expect to be placated in March for when the figure is released for public consumption! … And no, I had not forgotten about Love Bomb from PHUNK, but I remain to be converted, so that'll be a close "second", I reckon.


#5: Z0MZ [Programmable Minions] by Justin Rudy of Dynomight NYC - with the first CITRUS BRUTE being on sale January 16th, with this 4" tall resin figurine limited to 35 pieces and priced at US$35 (+S&H). Sculpted and manufactured by Bigshot Toyworks - the subsequent colorways will be released each subsequent month per design, all on the 16th! Count me in!


#4: BELLA DELAMARE by Arts Unknown featuring design by Doktor A. With three editions to look out for - the Original green and copper, the Members Only white and red, and a chase GID edition, the drama of the piece lies not just in the blade in hand behind the back, but of the story before and after that moment, when the figure stands before you! It is with sincere regret I had not ordered the White+Red edition before, but hope to one day lay my hands on the OG edition.


#3: MECHA AZTECA from RAJE Toys, designed by Jesse Hernandez. Technically released just, with the above figures already reaching Outland Store (buy here), we were fascinated when we saw WIPs, and now available in two main colorway editions (The Silver is the 'Chase".) - these monster mecha heralds the tail end of 2012, and is poised to conqueror collections in 2013!

Hey I'm a sucker for giant-robots, yeh? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA


#2: There exists a very special edition of FINGER FIVE from Fig-Lab, with exciting variations of colorways by a variety of folks to be had, including Paul Kaiju, Sucklord and MonstreHero (sneaked here). Can't wait for them to appear in 2013! And that's all I dare say about that ;p


#1: UNKNOWN. Yes I am "cheating", but frankly, what lays in front of collectors in 2013? How many plans are in effect we do not know of? (Or that I can fully reveal anyways :p). What other gems might await us next year? And for that, I leave this slot wide open to be filled, by an entire year's worth of TOYS! Have a Toy-ful 2013 to come, folks!