13 x 2013: Otto Bjornik

WHAT: 13 Creators to Look Out for in 2013. The challenge was simple: Identify 13 x Artists / Creators / Designers who will be taking the year two thousand and thirteen by storm, and quiz them! About half of them were also nominated by their fellow practitioner in this endeavor, so it'll be a swell mix indeed! Read what they have to say, and check out the URL-links to their sites to check out more of their works!

Introducing: Otto Bjornik!
BIO: "I am more than an illustrator. I am a storyteller. My tales are a rich mixture of precious childhood memories and fairy tales. I weave together lines to celebrate the beauty and elegance of nature and human form. And sprinkled within that tapestry are touches of whimsy that bring to mind the wonderment of childhood and play. It is my way of rekindling youth with a wink and infinite mirth.

An architect by training, I create works in pen and ink that are filled with intricate detail and influenced by stringent rules of design. The elements I choose often hold symbolic meaning, and I take care to piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle to tell an overall story.

I have drawn millions of lines as an artist and have told many stories, from my initial scenes of houses to the Yahoo! Purplescape campaign to more experimental pieces that have won international competitions and garnered gallery exhibitions. But I still feel that I have many more stories to tell and a million more lines to draw."
/////////////////////////FLASHBACK FIVE////////////////////////
TOYSREVIL: Describe how 2012 has been for you, in thirteen words!

BJORNIK: Busy, Collaborative, Competitive, Creative, Exhilarating, Fun, Hopeful, Invigorating, Liberating, Perfect, Productive, Rewarding and Supportive. 

TOYSREVIL: What is the one thing folks might not know you did in 2012.

BJORNIK: That I designed more toys than what I posted online. There were commissioned pieces that I didn’t have the time to upload and some that I can’t show yet. 

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TOYSREVIL: Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2012.

BJORNIK: It’s very difficult to choose one since a lot of great things happened to me in 2012. So I’d have to say that I was able to pursue my art and be rewarded for it. 

TOYSREVIL: What is your most favorite toy or piece of art you've seen in 2012?

BJORNIK: Definitely, the Bad Apple by Goin and Mighty Jaxx. Aside from B&W, I also love Pink!lol

TOYSREVIL: Which is your single most favorite non-toy-related website in 2012.

BJORNIK: I like checking out the traditional artworks showcased at http://www.thisiscolossal.com. It pushes me think creatively and inspires me to do big things.

/////////////////////////LOOKING FORWARD/////////////////////////

TOYSREVIL: What is that one single word you would use to describe what you expect in 2013?

BJORNIK: Momentous

TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

BJORNIK: I’m excited about everything! Hopefully, 2013 will be filled with exciting releases. I’m hoping to see fresh talents like the amazing artists of Stranger Factory. I also recently became a Kronk fan so I'm excited to see what he has in store for 2013. 

TOYSREVIL: Are You A Jedi Master or A Sith Lord?

BJORNIK: A Jedi Master. Villains look cool but I’d rather be one of the good guys. 

TOYSREVIL: Better to Tweet It? or Instagram It? or Facebook It?

BJORNIK: Facebook work best for me because I find it easiest to respond to people there. Though I use Instagram for posting WIPs and random pictures and Twitter to keep up with blogs and other artists' work. 

TOYSREVIL: Describe your own work/art in thirteen words. 

BJORNIK: A picture is worth a thousand words so I hope the readers will find 13 adjectives in this.:)


TOYSREVIL: What should folks look out from you in 2013? And why?

BJORNIK: Surprises! I guess I've created a decent number of customs already to gain the confidence of other people. So they can expect collaborations and partnerships. Hopefully, I can also get back to doing illustrations and paintings.


TOYSREVIL: What is that ONE word you hope to achieve for yourself by the end of 2013?


TOYSREVIL: Okay this is more of a challenge: Draw A Self Portrait With You As A "Snake" - interpret what you may!