13 x 2013: QUICCS

WHAT: 13 Creators to Look Out for in 2013. The challenge was simple: Identify 13 x Artists / Creators / Designers who will be taking the year two thousand and thirteen by storm, and quiz them! Some of them were also nominated by their fellow practitioners in this endeavor, so it'll be a swell mix indeed! Read what they have to say, and check out the URL-links to their sites to check out more of their works!

Introducing: Juanito Maiquez aka QUICCS!
BIO: 'Quiccs has won several awards in the field of visual arts since his childhood years. He firmly believes in the fusion of graffiti art and electronic media. He wishes to push visual boundaries in his own, unique way. He is currently working as the Art Director for Burnwater Art X Design (www.burnwater.com.ph.) … and he likes robots.'
TOYSREVIL: I had previously done a Q&A for Juanito for '12 Days of Xmas', and this is a compendium for said piece. So read on, and enjoy the exciting reveals and his future plans!

/////////////////////////LOOKING FORWARD/////////////////////////

TOYSREVIL: What is that one single word you would use to describe what you expect in 2013? And what can we expect from you in 2013?


We have a ton of self-projects and commissioned customs lined up for the year. I'm also currently creating my first self-sculpted toy TEQ63 [Earth InfilTraitor], hoping to have it culminate as a set into this year's STGCC 2013. Collaborations with Ryuji Oguni, Egg Fiasco, 3TX, and many more are also in progress :) Last year's reception to my projects was great, so we are aiming to deliver even better and more awesome creations this year for people to own and enjoy.


TOYSREVIL: And what is that ONE word you hope to achieve for yourself by the end of 2013?

QUICCS: A FACTORY (with little elves) wishful thinking :)

[Sold Out GAIJIN Matte Black version for TOYSREVIL's Black Friday]

TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

QUICCS: The Shogun TK (3A) we recently pre-ordered. I'm not a 3A Collector myself as much as my design studio Burnwater is, but the Shogun TK is just too damn awesome to pass for some Bulletpunk customizing. Also looking forward to KIDROBOT's goodies, as I'm planning to be more involved with them this year since the commissioned pieces I'm working on use their toys. And of course MIGHTYJAXX, besides being one of their invited artists, I fully respect their efforts as really hard-working independent toy makers!


TOYSREVIL: Draw A Self Portrait With You As A "Snake" - interpret what you may!.


Stay tuned to QUICCS via these online venues:
W: www.quicccs.com | quiccs.deviantart.com | behance.net/quiccs
S: www.facebook.com/quiccs | www.twitter.com/quikijiki

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