13 x 2013: Todd Robertson

WHAT: 13 Creators to Look Out for in 2013. The challenge was simple: Identify 13 x Artists / Creators / Designers who will be taking the year two thousand and thirteen by storm, and quiz them! Some of them were also nominated by their fellow practitioners in this endeavor, so it'll be a swell mix indeed! Read what they have to say, and check out the URL-links to their sites to check out more of their works!

Introducing: Todd Robertson aka MECHAVIRUS!
BIO: Born in Michigan and raised in Connecticut, Todd has surrounded his life with art from an early age. Mostly self taught, he has taken a background in music and transcribed his creations across the media platform. Focusing now on visual arts, Todd has begun the long road to establishing himself as a professional artist. Now residing in Massachusetts, Todd's art is a study of urban living.

He works with found objects, anything from paper to broken electronics, and different techniques employed by many street artists. His works are an attempt to translate and capture moments of urban life. Todd gains inspiration from the normality of everyday, looking for those simple connections that hold us all together.Todd Robertson lives and works in Boston, MA.Todd's ideas are summed up in the following statement,

"My works are heavily influenced and developed from my music background. I try to relate my compositions to improvisational jazz. Starting with a only a basic frame work, my creations take shape through the influence of my daily life and the found objects I incorporate into them. Each piece that I find comes with a past and story all of its own. These pieces are a direct reflection of the community I dilute myself in. Rather than recreation, using these real objects the viewer has an instantaneous connection and understanding to the art. This technique allows my art to be a kind of stepping stone in and out of what every abstract environment I wish to create. Trying to keep in touch with normality and focusing on what connects us together, I hope to inspire and provoke the human spirit." (via www.lotfgallery.com).
(Todd was also recommended by Javier Jiménez for 13 x 2013)

/////////////////////////FLASHBACK FIVE/////////////////////////

TOYSREVIL: Describe how 2012 has been for you, in thirteen words!

TODD ROBERTSON:  Busy, Challenging, Enlightening, Change, Travel, Collaborative, Friendships, Global, Productive, Exciting,  Coffee,  Curry, and Beer 

TOYSREVIL: What is the one thing folks might not know you did in 2012.

TODD ROBERTSON:  I quit smoking this year! It was a real accomplishment for me personally and all the money I'm saving has really helped me expand my work, something that I'm sure my fans appreciate.


TOYSREVIL: Share with us your most triumphant moment in 2012.

TODD ROBERTSON:  I would have to say my highlight moment of 2012 was painting with Mark Nagata and Will Long at Maxtoyco. HQ.  It was such an honor to be with both those guys as well being able to collaborate on a piece of art.  

IMG_20121104_142649 (1)

TOYSREVIL: What is your most favorite toy or piece of art you've seen in 2012?

TODD ROBERTSON:  I would have to say that my favorite toy of 2012 was Elegab's Supeigon. I have always loved space growing up and to find a space themed kaiju was the full circle.  How can you beat a black hole hand!!!

TOYSREVIL: Which is your single most favorite non-toy-related website in 2012.

TODD ROBERTSON:  netflix.com haha

/////////////////////////LOOKING FORWARD/////////////////////////

TOYSREVIL: What is that one single word you would use to describe what you expect in 2013?


TOYSREVIL: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

TODD ROBERTSON:  I'm always excited to see my top favorites (Maxtoyco, BlobPus, Plaseebo) create new characters or develop the art form in new ways, either through painting or sculpting.  There are many new artists getting into the toy scene and I think that these new guys are going to be bringing an array of new ideas to table. 2013 is going to be a great year for Independent makers, that's my prediction.


TOYSREVIL: Are You A Jedi Master or A Sith Lord?

TODD ROBERTSON/MECHAVIRUS:  Todd Robertson is definitely a Jedi Master, Mechavirus on the other hand is more of a Sith Lord.

TOYSREVIL: Better to Tweet It? or Instagram It? or Facebook It?

TODD ROBERTSON:  Instagram is my favorite but I also use Facebook and Twitter regularly. 

[I don't know about you folks, but I enjoy it when Todd instagrams food-pics lol]

TOYSREVIL: Describe your own work/art in thirteen words.

TODD ROBERTSON:  electronics, vacuum tubes, superglue, mecha, kaiju, vibrant, tedious, retro, robotic, organic, meticulous, evolving, and engaging.

PhotoGrid_1345213719380 - Copy

TOYSREVIL: What should folks look out from you in 2013? And why?

TODD ROBERTSON:  Got a bunch of things for fans to watch out for in 2013. For starters I am working on getting my first vinyl toy produced, a long time goal for me finally happening!  I also have a bunch of collaborative pieces coming out, projects with BlobPus, Butcherbrand, Guumon, Hints and Spices, Maxtoyco., and Rampage Toys.

There are also some great shows being planned that I will be involved in, one will be an all robot themed show at FOE Gallery in February.  I am very excited about the negora custom show "WATASHI NO IJITTA NEGORA TEN" at OneUp in Tokyo this February.  I will be in attendance along with kaiju master Mark Nagata. 

IMG_20121226_230111 - Copy

TOYSREVIL: What is that ONE word you hope to achieve for yourself by the end of 2013?

TODD ROBERTSON:  Growth, in the artist/business way not the waist line haha 

TOYSREVIL: Draw A Self Portrait With You As A "Snake" - interpret what you may!

2012-12-29_15-50-38_1 (1)

TOYSREVIL: What Can I say? As much as I am a huge fan of mecha, Todd's vision and intense choice of colors make him stand out from fellow practitioners and peers, and whose work is a joyous sight to behold!

Two important venues to check out Todd's work: his Twitter @mechavirus and Instagram @mechavirus, and folks interested for commissions are to hit up mechavirus@gmail.com (Tell him TOYSREVIL set-to!). And do not forget to CLICK HERE for continued coverage on Todd's work on TOYSREVIL!