1/6 ZOMB from 3A Toys by Mintyfresh (for TOYSREVIL's 'Auction+Sale for Stroke')

UPDATED Feb 1st: All Auctions and Sales has since ended! Thank you for your considerations!

Via the generosity of Joël at Mintyfresh (http://www.mintyfresh.eu/), we have a 1/6-scaled ZOMB from 3A Toys up for 'Silent Auction' for the Auction+Sale For Stroke!

Up for you bidding pleasures is this 1/6th-scaled Retailer Edition ZOMB with a starting bid price of US$90 (shipping will be covered by Mintyfresh for free, and will not be inclusive of the figure price!). The sole winning bidder will have a choice of either a Bloodhood Zomb, Inky Lord Zomb or Pinkfeather Zomb! Yes, YOU decide which Zomb you want, well, as long as you win the bid, of course!


ITEM: 1/6 ZOMB from 3A Toys by Mintyfresh
ITEM STATUS: SILENT AUCTION with a starting bid price of US$90.00.
WHAT: Choose either one of three existing Zombs with your winning bid.

- Email me (or Direct Mail me on Facebook) at 'toysreviler [at] gmail [dot] com" with your desired *BID PRICE
- Subject Title: "Bid for ZOMB from Mintyfresh"

*BID PRICE is the one and "Final Price" you are willing to purchase the item for.

PAYMENT: I will personally email the Winning Bidder prompting your PayPal Address, whereby I will invoice you for PayPal payment (payable within 3 working days) - Thank you! for the support!

SHIPPING: Is FREE - courtesy of Item Sponsor!

ITEM SPONSORED BY: Joël of Mintyfresh @ http://www.mintyfresh.eu/

[1] Do note that I will not be updating you on daily bids.
[2] 100% of the Sale Proceeds of this item will be donated to The Day Rehab Center at St. Andrew's Community Hospital in Singapore.
[3] The shipping price would not be in the final tally of the donation sum
[4] All Auction and Sales End February 1st @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time / Singapore-clock: http://bit.ly/WZDJ2D).
[5] This item will ship out after the event ends from February 2013.

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