AIBUDAO by Eric So

"As artists, we are destined to be challenged by persistence
and finding the true meaning of creativity
" - Eric So


So says Hong Kong designer Eric So, as he teases a figure-form with acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist Ai Wei Wei, to be presented by MAD Museum of Art & Design and debut at the coming Art Stage Singapore (Jan 24-27, 2013), the name for it is "AIBUDAO", and it possesses a roly-poly body, like a "Bu4 Tao3 Wong1" (I can't find an English equivalent to that phrase, likened to "a doll that can never fall down").

Interesting the name "AIBUDAO" which when casually read (in Chinese) says: "Ai4 Bu4 Dao4", which loosely translates to "Cannot Be Loved", or perhaps you need to grab at the figure to love it, but because it is a "Bu4 tao3 Wong1", you can hardly grasp it, to "love it"?

... or it could be "Ai4 Bu4 Dao3"? A phonetic change on the "Dao", which could also mean "fall", loosely translated to "Ai Cannot Fall"? hahaha interesting times!

Look for the full figure at Booth C2-02, Expo & Convention Centre Basement 2 - Hall D, E & F at Marina Bay Sands. Made with Papamamason, you can check in with the Facebook events page here.