Kidrobot @ ToyFair 2013


Thanks to Plastickitty's coverage, we get to peek at some upcoming releases from Kidrobot via their booth at ToyFair 2913, with the above showcasing a new colorway for Frank Koxik's MECHA DUNNY, a Big Bones Labbit (also from Kozik) and a new colorway of a Chuckboy Labbit.
"All in all, it’s pretty clear from Kidrobot that re-colors and licensed merchandise are apparently the future of vinyl to them, which just looks like a bunch more nails waiting to go into the coffin of designer vinyl. It was nice knowing ya." ~ commented Stephen Donaldson of Plastic Kitty.
As well PK has a look at Huck Gee's POST APOCALYPSE series here - featuring plenty of images, and commentary that frankly opened my eyes beyond my glossy-desires in my earlier postoh dear…


(Above "Post Apocalypse"-snap via @tenacioustoys)


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