#legostory: Big Joe

""Big Joe" works construction by day, and plays the sax by night.

By day, all Big Joe hears are drilling, hammering, pounding and yelling. Soulless, robotic and nothing but restrained aggression.

By night, Big Joe fills his ears with the crisp clear sounds of his own music, caressing the mouthpiece with his lips, filling the night skies with echoed tenderness, which embraces him and puts him at peace, pushing away the day's soundscape and grime. Nobody else knows about Big Joe's music and nobody has heard them, except for his wife who has since left him, as she "did not believe in his music", or so she tells him...

Big Joe wishes one day he could pay to sit in a classical concert, and listen to others play for him instead, so that he could close his eyes and let the music hold him lovingly … But for now, he needs to work to pay the bills and alimony, and listens to the memory of his own music every night, which carries him across dreamlands, before the drilling, hammering and yelling begins again the next day…"

This is a fictional #legostory written by Andy Heng #TOYSREVIL #toylife and is All Rights Reserved.

(Made from figures and accessories in the LEGO Minifigure of Series 11)