TOYSREVIL's Digital Footprint #toyhunt

March will see a start of a new weekly/bi-weekly serial feature on TOYSREVIL-Tuesdays, with "TOY HUNT" (#toyhunt), where we will feature WHERE folks can (physically) go hunt for their toys! From Singapore, to Hong Kong (with Guest "Toy Hunter" Josh Coldiron of Noritoy), to flea markets and wherever nooks-and-crannies travels take us!

BUT for the very first feature, I'll do a "cop out", and instead introduce you - my dear readers - where to FIND TOYSREVIL! (Geddit? "TOYS"-revil? C'mon, roll with me on this, thanks ;p) This started as a "Digital Footprint" notion on my Facebook, heavy on the side of "self-promotion", but has since been parlayed into "online venues" where folks can stalk find TOYSREVIL, and in turn a pseudo-self-promotion guide to where readers/collectors can find YOU; the artist / customizer, and your works. (I will address the angle of "toy collectors" in another post, thanks).

This is a compendium to my previous blogposts on Promoting Yourselves In The Internet Age, and Navigating The Networks :)


The Main Blog. The Mothership. Where all TOYSREVIL "cyber-spawn" return and point to. Also where TOYSREVIL.NET (a paid domain) points to. Where you are reading right now = YAY! for you!

And while traditional "blogs" work for sites like TOYSREVIL, they no longer fit the requirements of working artists/creators, who might in turn find the necessity of providing text along with the images, a tad troublesome. In turn, sites such as Tumblr and/or Instagram is the current go-to online platform to showcase your works, without the need to type a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo.

Where once folks can ramble on with nuggets of information both mundane and internationally-world shattering, is now a blanket term/name by which personal journals and news sites fall under. I now fill my travel / immigration documents, and even my own personal name card with my profession being: "Blogger", but I am not necessarily a "Reporter" nor "Journalist", much less a "Writer".


Shown here is a screengrab of my Statigram landing page instead, because I had not been able to access my Instagram page for weeks now (I needed to upgrade my browser apparently, which I haven't … longer story why not…). My default go-to online venue right now to do instantaneous "bloggery" by way of images!

A whole lot of my own personal life happens here, where the blog used to contain, but no longer do (a personal choice). My favorite online spot now, until when my mobile phoneline gets cut-off though!

Do pardon the multiple typos (I have been keying in one-eyed and "sometimes" spellcheck thwarts my attempts LOL), and don't worry, there are not a lot of selfies (but loads of #toyselfies) and tons of snaps of food, and cats, and dogs, and stuff not necessarily "toys" :)

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One-stop directory to (most) TOYSREVIL Online, with links pointing to multiple URLs.

This is one instance where I would recommend all artists/creators/customizers to have, and make use of. The platform is currently FREE to use, so if anyone does not have a individual domain name to himself/herself, this is the next better option.

Think of it this way; if any websites or any organization(s) needs to mention and provide a SINGLE URL LINK to yourself, a good option is either (A) your ow domain name, or (B) a singular landing page with a directory to ALL YOUR OTHER pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Also a single spot where an "official" write-up about yourself can be posted, and for anyone else who needs a description about you, can use.

If you choose to provide this option, consider a 60-word, or 90-word, or even 100-words self-description. Why? Because it can be used for print or event-listings which you would-be involved in, which has a specific word-count cap. Do this one time and you need not constantly do it again, unless you want to change/alter your own description from project to project.

This page was (obviously) done prior to my Stroke, hence the images (used also in "Art Hustle Series 2") of myself in long-hair, and the only few images of my workdesk in my bedroom which no longer exists. A reminder of times, for me personally ...


Also where points to. Yes, I rent/purchase my own domain name specifically for this. Looks nifty printed on namecards LOL

Although the rationale for the domain name was was before when it had numerous numbers in the URL address … now that I have chosen a shortened URL, it works more concise for recognition, and probably no longer need the individual rental-domain name. Folks should look into this on their own FB-page(s), and search under "Settings"

In this day and cybr-age where folks ned to PAY for bandwidth to store stuff, FB acts as a decent place to store FREE images (not necessarily of higher-resolution, of course), and as well acts decent as a one-stop-spot where folks ca come see your works, provided they do not have to wade thru tons of non-work-related stuff! THAT's what the dedicated "Artists Pages" are for! And it is not necessarily the amount of "LIKES" you have to worry about, compared to having a spot to post images of your work for free (for the time being?) in the first instance.

Facebook is essentially the "Multiply" of this age (folks in South East Asia would recognize Multiply hahaha), and hence the ability to provided multiple albums categorizing your work, is a nice resource to have again, IMHO :)

What folks choose not to recognize, is that Facebook was always a "social network" site, and not necessarily built for "business" - which I think FB in turn are harnessing / harvesting now with paid ads - so of course your biz-end will be affected. No pay? Limited exposure! hahahaha

I'll be contented with minimal exposure, than ZERO exposure, but that's just me hahahahaha



I remember being so utterly charmed by the advent of Twitter! Now it functions primarily as a "traffic-channeler", and somewhere where friends and folks can give me a shootout about the email they had just sent me LOL

Interaction is sparse, but it works sweet for folks who not necessarily into "interaction", but want links directed to interesting things online :)

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Buy my sh*t, yo! This shop is specifically catering to TOYSREVIL-exclusive offerings … and I will be opening yet another online shop soon to cater to "general" toys from my own collection I will be selling from … *gulp* … Hey! I need to feed myself somehow too, you know?


And while previously (mis)used as a URL-Feed for the main blog, this spot is now my virtual "bulletin-board". Like I mentioned above, the requirement of "minimal text" works perfect in this instance.

Most times a "traffic channeler" for the main TOYSREVIL-blog, but also a place where I can showcase and/or put a spotlight on cool imagery and or news nuggets I do not (or no longer) post on my main blog.

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Yet another virtual bulletin-board hahahaha and minimal descriptions necessary too :)

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I have been heavily into videos for sometime, and have plans to continue … although I really should spruce-up this page a little bit more tho ... ;p

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Been long since I uploaded hi-res videos, nor had a need to ... might have to clean the cobwebs out soon tho … *cough* ;p


This is an oft underrated wikipedia-site for art toys, and of the sub-culture we dwell in daily, IMHO. And while not maintained by myself, I really need to update this entry and soon, at the very least to rename "TOYSREVIL" (and not "Toys are Evil") LOL