#flashbackfriday: "Mind Your Mechtorians"

"MIND YOUR MECHTORIANS" was the name of a toy customization contest held by TOYSREVIL circa 2009, whereby folks were to submit their physical customs done on Mechtorians collectibles designed by Doktor A and produced by MINDstyle, who very kindly sponsored the prizes. Back then, the contest was to have been the start of a (possible) touring/traveling customs show, or at least that was the initial plan, but alas the dream ended with the contest deadline :p

Regardless, it was personally a cherished opportunity to see the number of submissions, for a genre I personally adored but had apprehensions about the support it would get, from the "art toy scene" focused on cuteness and irreverence, and far far away from this particular theme, much less a genre less travelled, IMHO. But my initial "fear" was unfounded, and we were treated to a sweet array of works, which to this day, remains one of the few proudest customization contests I have held on this humble little blog of mine.

Since "Mind Your Mechtorians", I have further held a few more steampunk-themed contests, and hope to one day do so again, because I would truly love to see folks' interpretation of this genre beyond the copper color palette and clockwork gears, and see something truly capturing the "Spirit of Steampunk", IMHO. All I need now are prize sponsors LOL

Regardless, you can CLICK HERE to view past entries on TOYSREVIL (montaged here) along with text description, or go direct to it's dedicated Flickr group (not much text description here tho ;p).

CONTEST TEXT: "From the creative mind of Doktor A came the creation of the Victorian-influenced MECHTORIANS populating the steam-punk city of Retropolis. And via MINDstyle, the Mechtorians were brought to three-dimensional toy-life in the form of The Mechtorians Mini Figures! And now, Retropolis needs more citizens to keep the town bustling, and that's where YOU come in!"