TOYSREVIL @ Bangkok Comic Con 2014: "Bloody Bunny"

The "Bloody Bunny" display booth at Bangkok Comic Con 2014 last weekend was a virtual photo-op world where you can be surrounded by the enchanting world created by 2Spot studio! As well merchandize line the counters in a mixture of stationary and lifestyle goods, giant mascots and free giveaway bags! I actually forgot to snag their limited edition resin figure though gggrrrrr … maybe next time :)

And it was fab to meet you again too Hua Jarusilawong! And you're a real gent for remembering my health condition :)

"Bloody Bunny is a doll who comes to life to avenge its lost owner, Alice, who was abducted by a sinister gang known as Dollworks. The story is set in a dark gothic world where both good and evil dolls are living creatures. Bloody Bunny and its partner, Mumu, won't give up their search until Alice is safe." - "Bloody Bunny" is a Thai character creation! (info)

(Additional pics via BloodyBunny.2Spot)


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