TOYSREVIL @ Bangkok Comic Con 2014: MAFIA Factory & Exclusive CEs

With a shelves-filled with event exclusive, production CEs and Baby CEs, and a front desk featuring custom-CEs and even indie toys co-produced with MAFIA Factory (I am looking at you, FapTrooper hahaha) and even the debut of Quiccs' TEQ63 ZERO1, this booth stood alone in the presentation of "art toy" in this media licensed saturated event, IMHO.

I still remember when CE was first introduced in 2010 at CLEA by Napat Phromphruk of MAFIA Factory, and how arduous it has been to promote the form even until today, and now seeing shelves filled with multiple designs and exclusives at Bangkok Comic Con 2014 = Congratulations, Napat!

And if you check the back of the blister-cards, you'll find them hand-numbered, AND with signature from all artists involved (with the exception of the late-MMKA) … Sadly I had run out of funds on my person at that point, and wished I could take home MORE … and the one I really wanted> MMKA's design? They were Sold Out by the last day! Maaaaan I shoulda snagged them the first time I laid eyes on them!

Featured below are non-event exclusive CEs but splendid designs too!

Adding to the proceedings, was a 10-foot blank CE at the side of the booth (along with an entire side panel) where folks could leave their mark (seen above is Jin Jo with his mural, and Narapon Jirattitigarnpong with his doodle on the CE) … I even attempted to leave a mark of TOYSREVIL, only to be covered by the end of the event …. I'll let the images speak for themselves, and a mental note that folks in Thailand like to doodle and no doubt leave their mark behind :)

(More images uploaded HERE on my Facebook album)

Above: Day 1 / Below: Day 3!