Funko @ Bangkok Comic Con 2014

Folks here LOVE Funko Pop! Vinyls, as I had to squeeze my post-Stroke-assed behind thru the thronging crowd to check out the products. The gigantic POP!s featuring Game of Thrones, How To Train Your Dragon 2 and a giant Rocket Raccoon certain appealed to the crowds (wished they were displayed somewhere where folks could have a better soak for photo-ops, IMO).

The dioramas showcasing The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones was completely adorable, methinks! Made me want to buy the entire set of figures too! I am such a "sucker" for vial promotion, aren't I? LOL

Check them out at Royal Paragon Hall exhibiting thru July 6th, and check out more "live" event pics from my Instagram @toysrevil and hashtags #toysrevilbkk + #bkkcomiccon.

(UPDATED: More Images has since been uploaded HERE on my Facebook album)


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