TOYSREVIL Covers Bangkok Comic Con 2014

The inaugural Bangkok Comic Con 2014 happened between three days from July 4th thru to July 6th, 2014. Held at the 5th floor of Siam Paragon, inside the massive Royal Paragon Hall (the exact same venue for CLEA 2010, for when I was first invited to Bangkok too!), the event focused predominately on media licenses - both character and films & television - with a smattering of indie peeps around. A strong Cosplay component and a small aspect of "comics" rounded up this event, which saw a fantastically insane crowd on the weekends!

Organized by True Visions (a tv network / media company), the Bangkok Comic Con is now one of two annual events of this genre in Thailand (the other being the Thailand Comic Con). My sincere thanks to the organizers for inviting me over, and to Napat for the recommendations :)

TOYSREVIL was front and center in the middle of the festivities, Instagramming "live" from the floor (hashtag #toysrevilbkk), and as well subsequently via the blog, with this particular post the end of event-coverage posts to be had.

Click HERE to read all said-coverage on TOYSREVIL, or simply follow this simple directory list (also linked with Facebook album image support) for your reading pleasures. As well there is a dedicated Facebook album featuring highlights of the event :)

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On a personal front, this had been one of my most less-stressed trip overseas covering an event, actually! I was even pretty jazzed+keen to take pics of myself against sets and props, being touristy and all! But alas, not much I could do going about alone in the event, closest being selfies LOL

Best part about the trip - besides the toyhunt in the "Bootleg Market" (more on that in another post muahahahaha) - is meeting new friends and reconnecting with old buddies, a truly enriching and invigorating, and as well "enlightening" trip for me! Loads of emotions and impressions, an overall splendid and memorable half-work-half-play trip to be had!