Cute&Creepy Custom Toys by Rik

México based artist Ricardo Gonzalez AKA "Rik" shares with us snaps of his works - which features customized pieces-n-parts found in flea markets - some select images of which are shown here in this post. And while I do not know how Ricardo himself looks like, his creations remind me of the Frankenstein-stylings of "Sid" seen in the first "Toy Story" animated feature! SCHWEET!

UPDATED: Rik has since released his "PSYCHO series", with prices between USD $15 and $25. The first series is about 23 unique figures and some of them are still available.

Folks interested to see more can head on to his blog at, and Instagram @cute_and_creepy

This was what Rik had to share with us, when I asked him about his work and influences;
"I like vintage weird toys and spatial staff, but I do not have a direct influence in toys designs, maybe because the designs depends of materials found in fleamarkets. However, I have strong visual influence by comics, the nature and cosmos, then in my toys I try to join the minimalist beauty of childhood toys with terror and spatial fiction.

My skills in art are very basic because I am not an artist (I studied biology and a Ph.D. in Ecology), thats why I prefer to think my pieces not as art (or design toys), but as result of love to creative process and to freedom of expression. Cute And Creepy Toys are recycled toys, because as biologist, I am concerned about reuse of material in benefit of less energy consumption, but I do not like just to put together pieces of toys, I try to give them a unique identity."
(Unedited Text)